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A Multiplayer Survival Idea I had.

Discussion in 'General' started by PrioroftheOri, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    Space Engineers Survival Idea. By, Prior of the Ori.
    Short explanation version:
    You start off by picking 1 of 4 (possibly more) generic looking but slightly different in appearance to simulate different model ships. They will be large ships complete with all the essentials ie, refineries, assemblers, arc furnaces, storage, etc. They will also be equipped with standard defenses, 2-4 machine gun turrets and 1-2 missile turrets. Each ship will come with an abundance of supplies to ensure each player starting off doesn't have an unfair of an advantage to those who have been playing for awhile and to make sure their defenses are properly armed to fend off even some of the toughest foes. Each ship will come with one small attachable drone ship that doubles as a miner and grinder. Each player is only allowed to own their one starting ship and the miner but are allowed to build upon and modify their ship/drone to their own desires, as big and armed as they want (unless a limit is set which will most likely be a very high limit.)
    Long explanation version:
    Players and their ships-
    Each player must choose 1 of a select few model ships complete with everything they need to get started. Each ship will be relatively the same as far as overall purpose goes with only differences in appearance and maybe a small slight special starting trait.
    Each ship will come with an attached (small ship) mining/grinding drone through a merge block. Players are only allowed to own their starting ship and drone but are allowed to build upon said ships as much as desired. Players are NOT allowed to build additional ships or stations! Players can however change their ship into a station and back whenever they want. A mod will most likely be in place to do this automatically regularly to large ships that have been inactive for a time to help ensure server stability.
    Players are allowed to form factions and group up forming a sort of “fleet” as well as merging ships together. HOWEVER be warned, players merging ships together makes both of you responsible for that one ship only and are not allowed to get another starting ship. Unless you unmerge those ships both players are now considered like one player in possession of one ship.
    Every ship MUST have a beacon built into it (does not have to be active) to ensure it does not get removed on cleanups. They will come with these automatically.
    Center Trading Station-
    A safe zone will be in place around the center station located 0,0,0. The station is meant as a place for players to dock and trade with other players freely. It will also be equipped with 4 mining drones with separate assigned docking connectors with separate storage and refining/assembling arrays if players lose their ship and have to wait x amount of time for a new ship to become available to them, they can at least begin working on gathering resources to allow them to catch up.
    Remember all controls in the public station MUST be return to “owned to nobody” once done being used. Each control station for each mining drone will have it's own separate line of things to own for easier access.
    Any attempt to destroy the public station will result in an immediate ban from the server.
    Resources such as fuel will most likely be set to be more rarer as well as ammo. This forces players to be more active in flying around searching for these rare resources to use, sell, or fight over. Even build economy around. Bare in mind each starting ship would start with a huge amount of these resources so though you lose out on these resources being easily found, you do start with a decently sized well armed ship.
    Players may find that trying to find players in fresh starting ship may be harder to take down since the starting ships will have good defenses and ammo to keep up as apposed to someone who has been playing around awhile and may be running low. It may be easier to take on smaller NPC foes for supplies and salvage then newer players. (NPC mod is mentioned below.)
    Block Management:
    If in place will automatically control the number of blocks a player can place. Meaning that if a ship size limit and turret limit is set the server will automatically prevent you from placing anymore blocks that exceeds the limit. This will work with every block type in the game.
    Players can attack other players at any given time even when they are offline. Always ensure that your ship is safely hidden and well armed for times you are not on. Their is no perfect solution to protecting a players ship/stuff while offline, their for players will be responsible for setting up their own defenses before going offline. If you loose your ship while offline then you lose it for good and must wait for the re-spawn timer to get a new starter ship.
    Factions are encouraged and are allowed to have as many players as possible.
    PvE and Mods:
    We may test a particular mod that is designed for adding a PvE element. Mod can be located here:
    Sector 15 (AI faction war) A Workshop Item for Space Engineers By: Wartank This mod aims to make Space engineers a more combat orientated game. With this mod enabled on your world you will notice incursions popping up here and there.
    During the beginning of the server we will test this and would appreciate as much feed back as possible.
    All starting ships will be made entirely vanilla but several mods will be available for players to play with and use to add onto their ships.
    Players are more then welcome to suggest mods to the admins as long as they don't effect server stability.
    Losing your ship by accidental means:
    If you are flying your ship at max speeds with no inertial dampeners on and you disconnect from the game, you most likely just lost your ship either by it flying outside of the world boundary or lost it in general, in which case admins are not responsible for recovering your ship. If you accidentally fly your ship into an asteroid and completely destroy it, admins are not responsible for recovering your ship. Use caution while flying long distances.
    Dynamic Turret Management:
    This is part of the Server Extenders mod/addon for Space Engineers. This allows the server to take control of all turrets instead of players. Though you can still turn them off manually it is inadvisable. When no one is within a set specific range of turrets the server will turn them off however they still work as if turned on so if someone does approach your turrets the server will recognize this and turn them so they can respond. The set distance is usually set higher then the actual range the turrets register targets so they will always respond on time. This DRASTICALLY helps server stability.
    There will also be a mod the removes the laser lights turrets show, this relieves stress on CPU usage for servers as well as helping concealing a players ship.
    Insurance Policy:
    The server will of course have regular saves and backups to make sure when something bad happens data isn't lost. However encase of a catastrophic event does happen, please take blueprints of your ship at least once a day. Since the point of this server game mode is to limit a player to one ship it would be very easy to recover everything by simply pasting your ship into a new world if need be.
    Final statement:
    I thought this would be a really cool idea that not only would significantly help in making sure a server runs very smoothly since it wouldn't have to load multiple grids for one person and reduce debris as well but it would also allow for players to bring more creativity and individuality to the game for them. Players would have something to be much more proud of and play harder to protect. Also when factions fly together each person would have their own differently designed ship making everything feel more authentic and fun. Factions could even help one of their members with their ship turning it into a specific type for instance a dreadnaught while the other members design their ships to have functions that support said players ship like destroyers and frigates, etc. Becoming a real fleet with ships that can do all kinds of things that support each other in different ways in a much more immersive way while maintaining that every ship is actively being used and is just as important as the other, instead of having randomly built ships just floating in place until they can be used and discarded.
    Right now this is just an idea and I'm posting this because I want a lot of feed back and potential ideas that can support this. I may also set up a Steam group or something for people to join if they are really serious in actually wanting to play this and if enough people are REALLY serious I can start a server. I have run servers before and I'm very familiar with how to do it however if other people have extensive backgrounds in admining I may be willing to except help, but I tend to be very strict and rule out a lot of possibilities for admins to be able to admin abuse. For instance I won't allow admins to play on the server, they just help admin. In Space Engineers though I see no problem with this as the game doesn't have many opportunities for it.
    So please let me know how you feel and any ideas are welcome.
  2. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

  3. blizzerd Apprentice Engineer

    I feel im either not getting it Or this is completely possible already with 2 or 3 active admins and minor server side modding

    looks fun though

    this just moves the problem and actually worsens it.
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  4. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    Nope. It essentially removes the entity from the world so the server doesn't have to physically load it until it's needed and works with other grids as well instead of just turrets.

    You can find the info here about the mod that is used: http://forums.keenswh.com/post/mp-mod-dedicated-server-essentials-requires-seserverextender-7174455

    To be more specific-

    [SIZE= 1.5em]Dynamic Entity Management[/SIZE]This option, when turned on, automatically manages entities in the world. The biggest issue with Space Engineers currently is when a dedicated server gets a lot of entities, it's UPS drops due to GameLogic. This is almost always due to having too many entities in the world. This system manages them by removing / disabling entities in the world that no one can see, or are generally doing nothing. This helps improve UPS greatly as these entities no longer get processed. The system is complex and updates to it are ongoing, but many servers now use it with great success.
    Dynamic turret management is another dynamic setting that lets the server control all the turrets in the world. The server will turn off all turrets if no one is around, but if an enemy or neutral player comes close, it will turn them back on. This effectively rids the server of lag created by having active turrets always running.
    All conceals and reveals are logged in your C:/path/to/instance/Logs/ directory.
    • DynamicConcealEnabled - This enables / disables entity concealment. If you disable this after it being enabled, you must run the command /admin reveal force to forcefully show entities that have been concealed.
    • DynamicConcealDistance - This is the distance that a player must be from an entity before it reveals. If they get any closer than this distance (in meters) then the entity reveals itself. (default: 8000 meters)
    • DynamicConcealIgnoreSubTypeList - This is a list of block subtypes that. This allows administrators to make it so that grids that contain these subtypes never get concealed. Helpful for when blocks "warp" users around or require a "end point" like stargates.
    • DynamicConcealIncludeLargeGrids - When this is disabled, large grids and stations can not be concealed. This is the safest mode, as then only small ships get concealed. Once you enable this, large grids and stations without med bays can be concealed. This requires more checks and is a bit more intensive, but results in the biggest increase in UPS.
    • DynamicConcealIncludeMedBays - When this is disabled, large grids with medbays are not disabled. When enabled, large grids with med bays are concealed, but are revealed when a user logs in that can use that med bay. Please note that there is a very tiny chance that a spawn point won't be shown when a user logs in and a grid is concealed. All they need to do is hit "refresh" and it comes back. The chance of this happening is VERY small. (I've only ever seen it happen once)
    • DynamicShowMessages - When enabled, this shows when ships are concealed/revealed. Some people consider it a bit spammy, so you can turn it off if you don't like the messages.
    • DynamicTurretManagement - Enable / Disables turret management. This will allow the server to control the enabled state of turrets dynamically.
    • DynamicTurretTargetDistance - This is the distance turrets will scan in order to determine if there is an enemy. Obviously as you increase this option, so does the CPU usage, though that shouldn't effect things too badly. It's recommended to keep this value 2x the distance of the distance your turrets can shoot. For example most default turrets can fire at 800m, so setting it 1600m+ is best. (Default is 2000m)
    • DynamicTurretAllowExemption - Enable / Disable user exemptions. This allows users to exempt out of server controlled turrets. This isn't really recommended, but I added this option in case you want to allow users to opt out of server controlled turrets. They must add [ManualControl] to their turret name in order for that turret to be exempted from control.
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  7. Volfram Senior Engineer

    Don't do this.

    If your topic isn't interesting enough that regular chatter will keep it on the front page, then manually "bumping" it will only make people upset.

    Rated 1 star.
  8. PrioroftheOri Trainee Engineer

    You're the only person to ever complain.
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