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A noob's experience with the tutorials

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Beyogi, Jan 27, 2016.

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  1. Beyogi Trainee Engineer

    Hi everyone,

    I've just bought this game after getting hooked by lets play's on youtube. So I had a basic idea on what was actually possible, but no idea how it actually worked. So I decided why not, test the tutorials.

    Now I'm pretty much a noob with steam, never really bothered to learn its features. The game offers you to watch some videos before the tutorial stars. If you do that it opens the steam browser to show some introduction video (some like the Oxygen video aren't much of a tutorial and seem to be more about introducing a new feature to the alpha - really useless imho). The issue here is that in some cases the tutorial still begins to load. Resulting in a freeze in the last part of the loading process. The steam browser is also put into the background.

    Which is annoying since the Video continues to play, but I (noob that I am) didn't really know how to get it back into the foreground or close it. (In the end I just loaded a new steam browser page by using the recommed game button, but that isn't really a solution). I'd suggest two options. You could make sure the tutorial doesn't start to load while people are still watching the video, or you could smooth out the loading process to the point where the tutorial can just start in the background while people are still watching the video in the steam browser.

    Now getting to the start of the tutorial. I was pretty positively surprised that it didn't start immediately, but needed a manual confirmation. This is a good thing, as it allows you to go do something else during the loading scree, especially with energy and oxygen supplies being a thing in some tutorials. Though it probably couldn't hurt if you actually changed the screen to something like "start tutorial" instead of the respawn location list in the future.

    There's some stuff that bugged me basically all the time I played the tutorials: First, why do you need to press k to access inventories on crates and stuff? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to use the "t" key there? "K" seems to be more about configuring stuff, while "t" is about activating stuff.
    Can I actually change this manually?

    Secondly I'm curious if it's possible to put the crouch key on ctrl without affecting some other configurations? I mean it's used in the inventories, so I'm not sure if weird stuff would happen in spaceships if I'd also used it as the crouch key.

    Well, now that I've mentioned the general stuff, I've also come across some strange stuff in the tutorials, potentially missing instructions and stuff I plain didn't get.

    The first problem I came across was during the Oxygen tutorial. One station had some empty oxygen bottles, an oxygen generator and a full oxygen tank. Now I already knew how to fill an oxygen bottle with an oxygen generator, but the instruction also said something about filling oxygen bottles in an oxygen tank after unlocking something. I have no clue how to access that oxygen tank. The instructions don't explain it properly.

    The second thing I came across was during the ore/assembly tutorial. I was wondering wether it's possible to access to production tab of an assembler directly with a key or if you have to change tabs manually all the time. In case that it's directly accessible with a hotkey of sorts, it should probably be added to the instructions.

    I was also kinda surprised that the player character has no grip on sideways moving platforms. That was a big surprise and should probably be mentioned in the instructions of the moving platform in the assembly tutorial (until it's fixed).

    Just at the beginning of the conveyer tutorial a welder activates after the player provides the materials. It would probably be better if the player had to do that manually. I was rather confused what I needed to do next there as I kinda expected having to do it myself.

    It probably couldn't hurt if you added a few more "press button x to open the gate" signs. It wasn't particularily hard to get, but I imagine my father playing that tutorial...

    At Conveyor station 8 you might want to mention that the connector only draws ingots thanks to the previously (I think in station 7) established rules/whitelist. Some people are really bad with procedural logic, so some extra explanations likely couldn't hurt.

    There's a big drawbridge that activates after the player finishes the reactor. The issue is you can easily fall down. At which point you can't finish the tutorials as you're lost in space. Considering that the player won't have done the jetpack tutorial yet, they can't get out. (not sure if the jetpack is even enabled in the conveyor tutorial). You should either secure the bridges better or establish something that quickly kills and respawns the player after falling down.

    IIRC the instruction text is missing at station 12 of the conveyor tutorial. (IIRC it was something like press the button, but still)

    I had some weird screen flickering graphic bug going on during the "respawn" starting screen after I'd first loaded the jetpack tutorial. Not sure if that's a recurring issue, but something I figure should be mentioned.

    I didn't particularily like the instructions in the jetpack course. It wasn't always clear what the player was supposed to do. A few lines more text could make a big difference here.

    Furthermore there should really be a hint at jetpack station 4 that the player should activate their suit lights. Otherwise the next course has really horrible visibility which makes things a lot harder (I died the first time after entirely missing a turn due to low visibility).

    Talking about dying, you might want to tell the players to use the medic stations to move their respawn point, or do it automatically somehow.

    There were also some issues with the shipbuilding tutorial. The visibility of the main instructions was rather bad from the ground level. I needed to use the jetpack to get into a comfortable reading position.

    As far as I can tell the shipbuilding tutorial is also missing an instruction that explains how to color blocks. I know it's possible from the let's plays, but still have no idea how to do it.

    Building a ship is kinda fun, but I didn't like that tutorial very much. The other tutorials basically explained stuff step by step, but that one really didn't. It was too demanding for a tutorial imho. A tutorial should walk a player through the necessary steps.

    The last issue I stumbled across was in the Mergin tutorial station 3/4. I somehow managed to mess up the merge by accelerating the ship too fast. And there weren't any side thrusters to correct the problem, so I'd basically have to restart the tutorial.
    Which was the point where I decided I'd learned enough and could start a game on my own.

    Anyway, overall the tutorials were pretty good. They certainly tought me the necessary skills to play the game. And apart from the Oxygen tank problem, I didn't have any issues with understanding the instructions.

    I hope this little Review helps you with improving the experience further.

    Best wishes,
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  2. Jon Storm Trainee Engineer

    I agree that the shipbuilding tutorial is poor, it doesn't really teach you how to build ships. It needs more instructions. I only got through it by watching a basic-shipbuilding video on Youtube and building that instead of the one in the tutorial.

    There should also be a tutorial on how blueprints work, which isn't mentioned at all, since the "Easy starts" give you two blueprints already being projected, but no instructions on how to use them.

    On the whole though, the tutorials are good, they just need some development.
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  3. ModusPwnens Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, the ship building tutorial was confusing. I get that they have the ships in the glass cases that are supposed to serve as a guide for you, but that wasn't obvious at first. I eventually figured it out and started modeling my ship, step-by-step, after the ships in the glass cases. They could easily fix this with a signs on/next to each glass case that indicate the instruction step as well as the parts used in that step. It would also be nice if there were no glass cases so you could take a closer look; some of the parts look very similar to a new player.
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  4. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    ha yeah i remember doing that build your first ship thing....forgot the gyroscope and backwards thruster.....bonked right into the airtight hanger doors.
  5. Arthur Argote Trainee Engineer

    Hello All! My first post! I have an organizational question about tutorials: I start a tutorial, finish it,etc... If I want to do it again, it appears that the world saver saved my completed tutorial. There seems to be no way to load an untouched tutorial. How do I restore or reload all the tutorials so that I always have a "Fresh" one on World Loader. . In other words is there an Official Keen software version of the Tutorial workshops?
    I checked in the online workshops by searching for "Tutorial 01" and a foudn a bunch. Just not sure which is the official one.

    What I would like to do is subscribe to the tutorial worlds so that I can reload them when needed and
    either save them to my drive as in progress or discard that session and reload a fresh one.

    Sry that I don't understand the structure of the game regarding its organization. I thought the tutorials were like world
    scenarios that can always be loaded fresh and new. How do I create that with the tutorials.

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.