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A Sad Tale.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Forcedminer, Oct 25, 2016.

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  1. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    I'm at a work right now...........thats not the sad tale but its where im writing this from.

    Last time in a survival game,
    I built a ship like this but added in some hydrogen thrusters with a full tank of hydrogen.

    it was a fine enough small ship the black squares seen a from a mod that adds tiny assemblers and tiny refineries that work extremely slow but are dependable.

    anyway with a tank full of hydrogen and 3 hand fulls of mined ice I started to fly upwards attempting to leave the planet,
    10,000 feet up All the ice was used up and the tank was at 25% capacity remaining....
    my plan at least was to get into space and once free from gravity i'd search for some ice using my jet pack to continue on-wards.

    but the fuel was getting even lower.....we're at 10% still haven't left the planets gravitational pull yet.

    there was an asteroid spawned extremely close by..oh right that one update spawns them closer!
    may i could land on it!

    So i fly towards it carefully.....then the fuel runs out....

    im slowly drifting towards it still slightly effected by the gravity....

    hoping i can use the breaks to stop myself.....

    I touch off the asteroid.................and *bounce* off it.............

    I've completely missed the chance to land.....

    I float away from the asteroid and can already see im being pulled back from the planet I thought i just escaped from......

    I was so....damn close. :woot:

    and with no other thrusters the only thing i could look forward to on my plummet back to the planet is ether death on impact or eject and then a slow and painful death anyway because i'd be miles out from my 2 bases and without any machines to maintain my health,oxygen or hydrogen i'd be mauled by the local wolfs once i run out of ammo. :p

    I honestly did feel like crying once my ship touched off the asteroid bounced and showed the sign that it was bring pulled back to the planet.
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  2. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    Why would you use oxygen on an oxygen rich planet? Open the helmet. Also while your ship was coasting to the asteroid.. you should have gotten out and jetpacked over to it to look for ice.
  3. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    I like keeping the helmet on even on oxygen rich planets its not a huge drain on ice.

    before i did start falling i literally just grinded the ship into my pocket and flew back to that asteroid.
    the ship now has 2 hydrogen thrusters on each direction and a large one on the back.
  4. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    ahh good then. I was going to suggest grinding the ship and building on asteroid but, was not sure if you had the storage option set to reality or higher...
  5. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    I have given realistic carry amounts a try before.......

    but really it just means more back and forward trips between storage and machines, more dependance on machine storage and transporting
    and alot much more time spent walking back and forward
  6. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    so true, so damn true.
  7. splitsie Apprentice Engineer

    That was a great story, nice solution of grinding the ship to try to set up on the asteroid, nothing quite like engineering by the skin of your teeth.

    I love it that stories like this come out of survival sandbox games. While the feeling of crushing defeat is soo painful at the time it makes the achievement that much the sweeter when you finally manage to get where you were headed. I constantly irritate my friend I play most games with by setting the difficulty up higher because I want to force our hand to have disasters like this to try to avert.
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  8. Forcedminer Senior Engineer


    yeah you're absolutely right its great when faced with a tough situation and it makes things all the more interesting and mentally rewarding because you managed to over come it. :)
    ...so...erm...basically defeating a dark souls boss....
  9. System Error Message Trainee Engineer

    on planets with oxygen (even low oxygen) there is no need to use the helmet but using external air vents set to depressurise will eliminate the need for ice for oxygen or farms. since cockpits are airtight without oxygen even in an oxygen rich planet you will die if you take your helmet off in cockpits so that leads to oxygen in suit being used.
  10. dispair Apprentice Engineer

    Hydro thrusters get to max speed quickly and continue to burn fuel with no increase in speed. The solution is to pulse the thruster, slow down to 90 M/s and then thrust. You will save a ton of fuel. The other solution is a mod to remove the speed cap.
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  11. Forcedminer Senior Engineer


    Yeah i learned recently a small air vent set to depressurise on oxygen planets or even low oxygen planets is great for saving ice and filling up small ships with breathable air.

    all the time i attach an oxygen tank and air vent set to depressurise on my medicentres.
  12. Michael_6748967 Trainee Engineer

    In a high/low oxygen environment, you can put air an air vent (set to depressurize) on the ship, and it will pressurize the cockpit (if connected to the vent through the conveyor system), but it is a bit annoying to have to put the helmet back on when getting out into a low/no oxygen environment. For this reason, I usually just keep my helmet on and just carry an oxygen bottle or two.

    For ships that travel from planet to space, I set up thrust override buttons (one to decrease, one to increase) on the lifting thrusters, so I only have to hit a button every so often.

    For ships that fly on planets/moons, you can do the same thing with just the rear-firing thrusters to keep yourself at max speed without constantly firing the thrusters at max power (or pulsing the button). Can't remember for certain, but if the game supports this: disable inertial dampening on the front-firing thrusters (to prevent them trying to stop you). As long as you don't accidentally enable thrust override on the lift thrusters, their inertial dampening will keep you aloft.

    If you put thrust override buttons on your toolbars, it's a good idea to put them on a secondary toolbar so you don't accidentally hit the wrong button e.g. when landing/docking.
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  13. Calaban Junior Engineer

    ... when you skipped off the rock and drifted away.. did you happen to hear a Russian voice saying "''oooohhhkay now ve are drifting into oudter spess"

    honestly this movie clip fits this sad story a bit TOO well to leave unlinked

    As a rather badly dated example of action movie science, its corny and.. bad. BUT, as a Space engineer group survival skit.. its just about perfect. could you see SE players in a rover having exactly this problem- screaming and tantrums included?? :D
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2016
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  14. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    That's a good idea! I usually just pulse my thrusters manually like a pleeb.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.