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A suggestion for survival gameplay

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Sid_raptor, Mar 13, 2018.


Would you like to see more Classic Space Trader gameplay in SE?

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  1. Sid_raptor Trainee Engineer

    Hi all!

    First off, a bit of a disclaimer:

    While many folks post stuff like the game is broken and is no fun to play because there isn't much to do...game is buggy....yada yada yada....

    Well....having close to 500 hours spent in the game so far and getting giddy with excitement every time a new feature is teased or 'discovered', I can say that I love this game. I knew full well that early access means bugs and testing the game to breaking point and I think it was money well spent.

    Now, while bug fixing is of utmost importance and multiplayer improvements will be highly welcome, I want to make this thread to look at possibilities of adding more to the game play in both creative and survival modes, Not to worry about existing bugs and technical problems that need fixing.

    So with that out of the way, Let us start with survival and my thoughts on what can be added/improved.

    First thing to know, if you don't already, the current survival mode is more of a testing ground for stuff you built in creative mode.

    While adding food and hunger will provide good survival elements (or will turn the game into RUST in space for some players) these things will only affect early-mid game.

    What the game is lacking is more on the lines of Mid-End game content.

    While few games exist with SE's level of creativity, space games are nothing new and a few features from standard fare space trader games can really make SE shine.

    And While AI NPC engineers will be great, the technical limitations are understandable, therefore the below suggestion does not require AI engineer NPCs.

    Let us look at other space based games for instance, Some of the classics where building things in some form or the other plays an integral part while not on SE's level can be Eve and X3.

    Good examples for both single and multiplayer games.

    looking at EVE, it relies mostly on emergent gameplay as its endgame.
    Getting there is a complex grind and that turns a lot of people off, but once there, it can be spectacular.

    X3 on the other hand relies on a complex economy and faction based gameplay combined with a massive (for its time) star map.

    Both games involve 3 stages

    -Gathering resources/influence

    -Building and expanding

    -Annihilation of the opposing faction

    and from here we can easily see where SE currently falls short.

    SE already has the first two points down properly.

    In fact it is the biggest part of the game currently. Getting resources and building stuff.
    Then the game ends up into an existential crisis of "why am I building all this stuff?"
    in multiplayer it can be mitigated to a large degree but in single player mode, the current enemies do not provide much of a challenge.

    So finally we get to how we can improve the game a bit more.

    1) Create territorial control of some sort. Even AI factions should attempt to expand.
    Reduce the current amount if usable ores on random spawned asteroids and create a second tier of High Yield asteroids which will be much rarer. Then Get AI enemies to spawn near them. This will provide zones which will be worth fighting over in SP and in MP games.

    Once a faction has established a base on such an asteroid, it will become part of its territory. Friendly factions operating in the zone of influence will get buffs and enemy factions will get nerfs within these regions like slower assembler or refinery speeds, constant threat of attacks etc.

    Once a core station of a territory is destroyed, the faction looses control of the territory until someone else claims it.

    Also I don't know if this will be possible but it would be a great feature would be NPC factions expanding their territory, waging war on each other.

    2) Have Neutral factions for trading.
    Neutral AI factions will only attack hostile factions. Players can gain influence with neutral factions by trading with them or even with Freelancer style Rephacks or by doing missions (again like Freelancer or X3 which may be simple missions involving go to X area and destroy Y).

    Neutral factions will be able to trade one resource for an other or even sell parts for ores negating the need for players to build assemblers or refineries if they do not want to.

    They can also sell pre made ships for currency which can be obtained by selling ore/parts and running missions. While they will be limited in scope compared to player built ships, It gives players more options, Either build from scratch, Buy a ship and modify it to their liking later.

    Perhaps NPC factions can also sell part upgrades or better quality parts than can be built by mobile refineries/assemblers.

    Factions can have unique styles and designs too making the game even more vibrant and can even sell higher grade faction specific ammo, each effective against different aspects, from guns with higher rate of fire/low damage to high impact/ slow fire weapons making each faction unique and give different incentives for players to join them.

    There can also be faction specific buff granting parts, Like a module which makes resource harvesting/yield higher in the zone of influence of that faction if placed.

    However, each faction will have allies and enemies, Siding with one can lead to a loss of influence with the other.

    3)Have a Super refinery/ Assembler that can only be used on a static grid which is embedded to a voxel.
    This will encourage asteroid based stations for mass production, again leading to specific control points worth fighting over.
    This can also create high tier parts and upgrades using rare to find materials.
    We can even have Super O2H2 generators that can create higher grade fuel allowing engines to fire with more thrust,

    4) Allow players to create AI drones with similar abilities to enemy AI drones but on a friendly level, Simply they will not attack the player's faction but rather enemy factions. This can be accomplished with a new block which when placed converts the attached grid into a drone. Player drones will nt spawn automagically, they will need to be built. Restrictions can be placed on their size/maximum number of guns or even the maximum number of drones a player can have operational at the same time.

    For creative mode, I would like to see some quality of life improvements, while not gameplay related, It will be nice to be able to organise blueprints into folders.

    So this was just my 2 cents on what i think can make an amazing game even better.

    Any comments and discussions are welcome!
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    1.) There should also be some kind of a “point/rating system” with the factions. For exampe, some actions or missions will increase your rating with these factions. If you join one of these factions, it should also have a military style ranking system that comes with these point systems, as well as limited-edition skins, weapons, and blocks. I believe that Fallout 4 had a similar system. Maybe it’s just a copy of that (After all, I haven’t played Fallout 4) but I still think that it should be hand-in-hand with any faction system.

    2.) There needs to be a weapon and suit modding system. This would include different parts/components/modules for your tools and suit. Each part of your suit can hold a different mod. Examples:
    Backpack: Storage expansion module - what this does is obvious
    Boots: Anti-gravity clamps - enables the player to run faster
    Chestplate: Life support module - uses oxygen more efficiently, has its own O2 storage, and provides some extra suit power
    Legs: Hydraulic supports - reduces fall damage and allows jumping higher
    Arms: Tool extenders - enable players to have a farther weld, grind, and drill reach, and a longer “pickup” range
    Wrist Computer: Hacking module lets you hack a block without grinding it
    Helmet: Flashlight booster - Increases range or “power” of lights
    You could also replace each one of these with some kind of armor plate that increases health or decreases damage, take your pick.
    However, you should still put in some kind of “armor meter” that rests besides the health meter, regardless of armor plates. it would really be a “suit health” meter, that would lower the effectiveness of the suit when it gets gets damaged. This would be repaired in a Cryo Chamber-like block.

    Each faction would also have complete sets of their own armor that would have special bonuses when all used in sync. An example of this would be something like a “portable medical/armor station” that passively repairs damage.

    Weapons would have features like foregrips, lasers, barrel extenders, scopes, a reloading system, and maybe an underbarrel shotgun/grenade launcher attatchment. Tools would have something similar to the suit. This should be done in a “mod block” (can’t think of a better name for it) that acts like an assembler, but it only adds/removes mods on weapons and tools, as well as any special ammo that you might need.

    3.) I know COD killed this concept, and that it isn’t original at all, but space zombies, or something like the reavers in Serenity, would be really cool. (Then you could actually use the assault rifle for once!) It would be funny if they killed you, you respawn, but when you come back you’ve joined their numbers.
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  3. Sid_raptor Trainee Engineer

    If you've ever played Freelancer, It had something like this. Ofcourse so did a lot of other games but Freelancer was a good example of it done right.
    running missions for a faction would improve your rating with them and since most missions will involve blowing up someone else's stuff, your rating would fall with them.
    Each faction had unique weapons and tech that could suit your play style.

    I do not think that a mission system will be too hard to implement. since random drones spawn already, It will just be go to x co ordinates and fight the spawned enemies.
    Difficulty level would determine type and number of enemies and killing them would reward you with stuff, including faction specific skins, engines which may be a bit more powerful or even of a different color.

    Even a bare bones system in place like this will make the game so much more fun and of course, this can be built on by modders or even Keen themselves later on....
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.