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A Trick with Drills

Discussion in 'Survival' started by McHendrik, Mar 20, 2014.

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  1. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    I discovered this accidentally yesterday. I banged a drill too hard and it disappeared. The ore in it appeared in a couple of large boulders. That got me thinking: is this a bug or a feature?

    So, subsequently I have learned that:

    a) If your drill is full of stone that you don't want, grind the drill into your backpack (which IIRC will fit in one load) and the stone appears as one giant boulder. Push it aside and reassemble the drill. Done.

    b) If your drill is full of one type of ore and you have no place to put it yet, do the same thing. Just bump the boulder of ore onto your deck (if you have gravity) or otherwise make sure it doesn't drift away. When you have room in your refinery you can load it in without moving if you position it just so.

    It's not as easy to unload two types of ore at once, because they tend to bump off of each other when the drill pops. Unless you have a constrained space and/or gravity (0.05 or something) to get them to settle in once place this can be a problem.

    Either way, until conveyors or connected inventories are working, I'm finding this is the fastest way to "unload" a drill when I am not directly putting the load into another container.

    I'm especially happy doing this with stone I can't use. I turn off gravity, empty the boulders (with this trick) to space alongside the deck, move the drill ship, and turn gravity on... poof... no stone.

    (And for this a low object count is again, a risk or a feature, your pick. Low counts make those large boulders easy to get rid of (just do a little mining by hand until they FIFO) but that can also wipe out a large boulder of ore you want to keep... you've been warned.)
  2. Skeloton Master Engineer

    you mean drill.
  3. Jikanta Apprentice Engineer

    This sounds like your talking about small ship drills. Not the hand held grinder.

    This is clever for emptying the drill quickly of its ore, but the risk out weighs the benefit. Cool though.
  4. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    Drills, yes. I always get them confused.

    Dunno about "risk". It's pretty easy to push a boulder against the floor and then turn on the gravity to hold it in place. I do this from time-to-time because hitting T instead of K and then click-drag to pick up ore is faster.
  5. DrLucky Trainee Engineer

    For getting rid of stone from ship drills:

    I have a corner of my (asteroid interior) base near a hole that's aligned with the station grid. I put a grav generator mounted sideways near the hole, and narrowed its field to include just the edge of the landing platform. I labelled it 'disposal' and keep it turned off most of the time.

    When I need to empty my 4:woot:rill mining ship, I park it in the area of the disposal field and turn the field on.

    Then: Put your tools away and access the inventory of the drill while 3/4 facing the disposal chute.

    Drag the stone to your inventory (or double-click), then drag it to the "X-> " where you can drop things. Repeat, rapidly. No need to close the inventory screen.

    With 400L (1x) inventory, this works flawlessly. At 3x, you'll get little nudges because the boulder is larger. Not recommended at 10x. :)

    Anyway, you can empty the stone in seconds this way. Then just turn off the field and go back to mining.
  6. Unknown Squid Apprentice Engineer

    My brother and his friend were doing this just yesterday on our x10 sever. Just flinging a series of huge boulders off into space more or less horizontally from our platform. A problem arose when by a hilarious fluke all those boulders came shooting back at us just after they'd turned the grav gen off.

    They had shot off towards another asteroid where one of our other players had parked his "rescue" ship to do some mining, which then caught them and flung them back over our base, which pulled them down crashing onto the deck.

    Luckily only clipped a bit of in progress structural work, narrowly missing our solar panels though. Gave one guy the fright of their life when they landed without warning. : P
  7. Jikanta Apprentice Engineer

    It comes from dropping an ore rock and hoping the server does not delete it, while other mining activity may be in the area.
  8. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    That's a good point. I have only played on private servers or single-player. A boulder of ore you want to keep would not be safe in multiplayer, you're quite right.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.