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AAA SE Mods, Also New G-menu extension. (9-25-14)

Discussion in 'Released and WIP Mods' started by voicesdark, Jun 26, 2014.

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  1. DerFedus Trainee Engineer

    Sorry for taking too long to answer...

    About rotors... solved myself. It was all about mass between the piece attached to the rotor and the mass of the ship. So when I drove my ship little too fast or take a turn at high spped (or turning to violently) rotors exploded.

    Didn't thought that will be some kind of friction in outer space, but it seems that the rotor only can stand a relative amount of cross force over their axis when holding some mass.

    so when they didn't whitstand that force/friction they exploded.

    Just changed the heavy armor in the piece attached to the rotor to light armor, and then lowered the Gyro power to 70% to avoid damage at any speed.


    See you around space.
  2. Shaostoul Senior Engineer

    Yeah, it's because the rotors aren't exactly attached to the ship. There's a strong pull force between the rotor and the stator, but it isn't all powerful. A little bit of desync or rotation just wrecks things for it. I'm hoping the rotor I've devised will alleviate the issue, if it does, I might make a couple other variants of it.
  3. DerFedus Trainee Engineer

    Shao, that would be great!
    It means that I can design my ships without the "Cockpit" block, without problems. Actually I'm using the seat version, just to give it an immersion feel. In the other hand the shop lacks on immersion or decoration stuff to use in small ships (such as screens and displays), so I'm Using the AI Core from Darth Biomech.

    Im willing to test your rotors, (everything that you made so far, was great in my opinion).

    Thanks for your reply man!

    See you around Sapce!
  4. Draulor Trainee Engineer

    Is it possible to change the number of rows/columns available without the menu stretching out to compensate? Id like to have a longer list since 11 rows doesnt hold all of the mods that I have, and I changed it to 15 which had JUST the amount of space [with like 1-2 free], except it steched the menu to the point that it went off my screen, So I cant use 15 that I know of. Is there a work around?
  5. Cydramech Junior Engineer

    They've tried, to no avail.
  6. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    Unfortunately the way the g-menu was coded is VERY restrictive on what very little of it you can actually change. When Keen was discussing the new G-menu and taking suggestion on it especially the more serious conversations in the CTG (Closed Testing Group) potential issues like this were brought up, however they were not addressed in the actual implementation of the g-menu.

    Just like with the original g-menu and the expansion that was done at that time, this one was done to the maximum that was possible without it creating massive graphical overlay issues. Hopefully sometime down the road they'll give the g-menu another pass and fix these issues, but for now this is the best we can do.
  7. DarkS33d Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you Voices. As you know, even with the new mod tabs on the left, sometimes they don't always show every item in the mod for some reason. And if you have a healthy mod list like I do this expansion is absolutely necessary to see "everything" you have.
  8. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    the dedicated server I play on has 187 mods, would be totally infuriating to try to play without something like this, it's just unfortunate Keen didn't listen to all of us in the first place and make the new g-menu so issues like this wouldn't happen.
  9. DerFedus Trainee Engineer

    Hi There Guys!


    Shao, I'm needing your advise here. I'm getting this error

    What I'm doing wrong? (I think it started to show since last update, but not sure thought).

    Also I'm getting this

    But this one seems to be an error from the original content.

    I didn't modify anything by myself, just mod download and world and blueprint upload.

    Thanks in advance.
    See you Around Space!</div>
  10. anomalousreading Trainee Engineer

    Does this G-Menu Extension still work? This thread was started quite a while ago, and I apologize, but I don't have the patience to read 109 pages..

    What does it do exactly?
    Does it work?

    #PleaseExcuseMyIgnorance >.&lt;
  11. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    Yes it does still work as it was just created 9-25-2014 to work with the new g-menu system that Keen created with the tabs.

    What it does is it expands the amount of rows and columns each tab can have because Keen didn't take the advice of many of the players and modders and format the g-menu so that it was scaleable within the tabs. The best example of this is how quickly the "All Blocks" tab fills up and then no longer displays blocks after that point.
  12. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    Is there anyway to expand this further? I have managed to fill the current version up with mods on my DS. I was hoping there might be a way to make it bigger and better until Keen decides to fix this massive oversight.
  13. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    Unfortunately it's been expanded as much as it can be without running into huge graphical overlay issues. This was something several of us in the CTG group anticipated when Keen was originally brainstorming on the new G-menu system. Directly after the new g-menu was released several modders brought this design flaw to Keen's attention both inside of and outside of the CTG (Closed Testing Group) and we never got a response of any type back.

    Unfortunately we're either restricted to typing in the search bar or the extremely long and monotonous endeavor of creating a complete custom categories file that includes all off the mods you run, but you'd have to manually update it yourself every time you added and/or removed a mod.
  14. Fingersniffer Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the update Voices, it had been a while since the last time you had pointed that out, I was hoping maybe something had changes in that few months that would allow for something bigger. If you do have a moment feel free to PM me with some of these alternate idea details with custom category files (I'm not opposed to some extra effort, but I would need some initial guidance). I would be willing to help out if possible.
  15. Xakthos Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah finally ran out of space myself. Real pain knowing there are some blocks and they don't show up. For while I was wondering what was happening because each mod I added I suddenly didn't see older blocks. Makes browsing for blocks a real pain. Should be a flexible system that is dynamic given that mods can keep adding blocks indefinitely.
  16. Whiplash Trainee Engineer

    So it would appear that the latest patch has made this not work anymore, I logged into my server today and it is back to default.
  17. essexvibes Trainee Engineer


    I've just joined this forum and im struggling to find my way around a little!

    Thanks for the G-Menu, i managed to install that OK but i can find the download link for the AAA SE Mods could you send me a link please?

  18. soat7ch Junior Engineer

    You should use the workshop for mods. This was made in the olden days when modding was not fully integrated.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.