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Ability to draw/generate map of nearby area (ore deposits, mainly)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by waterlimon, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    I feel like looking at grass color too specifically pinpoints the location of ore deposits.
    There is not enough challenge and planning to it. Look around until you perceive color, then dig.

    I suggest two changes:
    1. Make the orange iron-indicating areas much more approximate. More like a biome, with iron deposits somewhere within the area (enough information to know theres iron for purposes of choosing castle location, not enough to know where the iron IS)
    2. Allow players to form a reasonably detailed map of local iron deposits and their shapes, depths, and other potentially relevant information.
    The map could be crafted, and then player can visit various locations in the area (either arbitrarily defined area, or a single map per large square region) to bring the map closer to completion (basically observe local geography, plants, whatever, and the map progresses toward completion). You dont manually draw the map. You dont need to visit every single spot, just a few sparsely distributed points that somewhat cover the region.

    Initially, the map shall contain approximate location, shape, and depth, of ore deposits. It shall also contain additional information to relate this information to the surrounding environment (and in the future any additional information that a map could have)

    The benefits of such a map are:
    • Increased challenge in locating ore deposits. You need to look at the map, look at the environment and landmarks, maybe count steps to find the exact location based on the map.
    • Allows long term planning and more systematic approach to mining ores, since you can better see the full picture of where the deposits are in the area, and what shape they are. You can then plan where to build mine entrances, where to build roads, what areas to claim, where to build defensive walls or outposts...
    • A map is a somewhat core feature that can support many other features.
    • The process of forming a map adds variety to gameplay, there could be progression regarding map drawing ability, maybe you can pay an NPC or another player to survey the region for you, etc.
    • If height is made to improve map quality, this adds an incentive to build towers all over the place. Towers are cool.
    • The uncertainty in location of iron, and the process of resolving that uncertainty through mapping and using the maps with skill, gives the player more emotionally memorable gameplay experiences.

    Add mapping as a gameplay activity, that enables players to find and exploit iron deposits in a more challenging way (incentivizing planning, decision making, long term thinking...), instead of just finding the color orange and digging for guaranteed iron (which is not interesting gameplay in any sense).

    (IMO this shouldnt cover the rich iron deposits - I view those as strategic locations that should be visible on world map by default)
  2. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Map needs a shroud to cover all but massive terrain features (Mountain or Not). Also Regions should show when a Player claim exists, but not on the area map until one clears the shroud. Fast travel could be limited to shroud.
    'Open the map', many players enjoy this exploration.
    All this adds a reason for map making. This could be as simple as interface block for players to place icons (Ore, houses, farms, castles, caves, ect.) on the area maps (in shroud) and these can be shared with House, Key or Player and would display on their maps (filter for bonus).
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.