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Absolute Minimum needed for survival?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Geneticus, Jul 30, 2014.

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  1. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    Small ship landing gear(stuck to asteroid)
    Small ship solar panel positioned to barely get any power (1 dot)
    Passenger Seat(Spawn Point)

    Resources to make 1 LG/Station solar panel
    Resources to make either a Refinery OR an Assembler but not both.

    Might need some extra plates for connecting cubes.

    Make Station Block
    Make refinery
    Refine enough Ores to make an assembler
    Tear down Refinery to make assembler
    Make missing refinery parts to re-assemble the refinery

    Am I missing anything here? Anything else I can cut?
  2. GotLag Senior Engineer

    How about this:
    The same small ship as yours (1 x landing gear, 1 x solar panel, 1 x passenger seat, 1 x medium container), and the following components:
    1 x small ship connector
    1 x large ship/station connector
    1 x refinery OR assembler
    Extra plates shouldn't be required, just use some of the refinery plates for temporary scaffolding. You could also be really mean and only give the absolute minimum parts required to make the refinery and connectors functional, rather than 100% complete.

    1. Build the refinery (as a station so it doesn't drift)
    2. Build the large connector on one of the hatches
    3. Grind the landing gear off the small ship
    4. Use armour blocks and the landing gear to build the small connector attached to the large one (http://imgur.com/a/lwBhh#0)
    5. Grind down the small solar panel and seat and rebuild them attached to the small connector
    I'll need to double-check the storage space requirements but you might be able to subtract the storage container materials from the starting resources. The two connector inventories might be large enough to hold the ingots to complete the refinery/assembler pair and the components while you're juggling the two.
  3. Chris Keena Apprentice Engineer

    What deliciously savage starting conditions. Perfect for Sado-masochists.
  4. Rosenkranz Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, I hear ya Chris. I've tried starting truly minimalist and it's harsh. I like minimal starts but not one that will take 8-16 hours to set up a simple starter area. That sucked bad.

    1st go: Small ship (Cockpit, 1 battery (full charge), 2 panels, 1 connector, 1 gyro, 6 thrusters, 1 med container (comps for an assembler and a connector, mats for a refinery) and almost no armor) The the extra was ground off (blocks were just functional). No uranium, no reactors.

    Put down a station block in the shadow of a asteroid and set up the assembler aaaannnd didn't have enough power to finish assembling the comps for the refinery. Was looking at 8 hours of dodging meteors to recharge the battery to finish the refinery comps. Thought maybe I could park it in shadow with just the panels peeking out in the sun but no dice. Second shower after i parked it got one of the panels. Those meteors have some mad sniper skillz! Sooooooooooo, phelgercarb. Now I'm looking at 16 hours now to recharge that battery. Aint happing. I like this game and I like a challange...... but not that much.

    2nd go: Same ship but nixed the panels in favor of two reactors. Still took about 2 hours to set up shop but that is acceptable. You really appreciate the first station reactor after you've been nursing an assembler and refinery along on just two small ship reactors, let me tell ya!

    I thought the batteries would make the buffed panels viable... No, not unless you're in to pain (or you play without meteors). Even in the second go, the battery was done inside of 10 minutes with the assembler going and was nothing more than dead weight after that. I should have ground it down for comps and disassembled the power cells for the mats. Uranium is just too plentiful to muck about with panels and batteries.

    Could it be done with less? Maybe if the map as abandoned equipment on it that could be salvaged for comps. But if you play with meteors, you have to start in shadow or in a ship that can move. You need a power source. You need an assembler (or the comps for one). You need a way to get the assembler power (connectors at a minimum or a reactor if you're feeling generous). You need at least the mats to assemble the comps for a refinery.

    Without a refinery, mining ore is useless. Without an assembler, a refinery is useless. Without a power source for these things, it's all useless.
  5. Knsgf Junior Engineer

    Not exactly minimalistic scenario, but still pretty scarce:

    "Lone Survivor" platform (an old version) with almost empty machinery "husks" and a completely broken, non-functional small ship with a cargo box containing just enough electronic parts to get assembler working. The cargo box is partially dismantled as well, so it cannot be accessed immediately.
  6. Spacedweller Trainee Engineer

    Empty world, floating in space and NPC ships? Success rate to survive is pretty high, private sail are prone to spawn quite often.
  7. Jacmac Apprentice Engineer

    For a solo scenario, you could get extremely complex, requiring a very specific set of actions to survive. The problem is that the more freedom you take a way, the less fun the scenario will be. You can make a scenario that is a Roguelike, but how many will be interested in such a challenge?
  8. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    I'm only looking for a baseline here to make sure the scenario is possible if the player decides to not explore nearby asteroids and discover Goodies I've left.

    I've also considered it as an anti-griefing start kit.
  9. ProfessorFalken Apprentice Engineer

    You could start the player in a small ship drop pod with only a seat, beacon, and solar panel. Then have scattered around the asteroid field the remains of a old mining outpost that had been salvaged. The player would have a single charge point and would have to constantly come back to the drop pod to recharge. None of the ships/stations in the field would be functional or have all of its parts, but if the player explored and scavenged enough, they would find the parts they need to make a single refinery, assembler, and large solar panel. Much of the useful parts would be in the form of destroyed miners in inside of the asteroids. To add to the old mining operation feeling, you could import modified asteroids that has most (but not all) of the Uranium, platinum, Gold, and Silicon mined out. That would continue the difficulty of the situation that the astronaut is forced to deal with for a long time.

    To be honest, once a player get a functioning refinery, assembler, and powers supply, the game looses all difficulty. By making the valuable resources even rarer, it would make surviving even harder.
  10. Jacmac Apprentice Engineer

    The smallest start would be components for an assembler and reactor, plus enough refined metals to build a refinery and power the reactor. You could make it really hard by only giving components to build a single solar panel instead of a reactor, but I think that would be punishing. That would fit in several small containers or one medium container. The player would have to know to build the assembler, power source, and immediately build components for the refinery with the refined metals on hand. After that it would be a quest to build storage and medical, maybe a cockpit. It would probably slow the start process for a solo player by an hour at least.
  11. Chris Keena Apprentice Engineer

    One of the Mod projects almost ready for publishing includes a mini refinery and assembler. Less efficient than the full sized one but also less damaging if a greifer decides to hurl it at your base. The idea being to give the player a very minimalist start with the tools needed to grow into a full base.
  12. Shaostoul Senior Engineer

    You need:
    Hand Drill
    Solar panel or small reactor to power the refinery/assembler. Ideally you'd want a battery/solar panel, just to prevent the user from farming up a crap ton of uranium and just plopping it into the reactor.

    My mod (if you're into mods), is adding a smaller, less resource intensive version of the assembler/refinery, that is also available on small ships (it's 5x5x10 on a small ship).
  13. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    Absolute minimum - 1 solar panel, 1 cockpit, 1 assembler, 1 refinery and 1 hand drill. Everything else can be made from that. The refinery and assembler will run on insufficient power, although it will take longer and make a lot of noise. You will need the cockpit to recharge your suit. Everything else is gravy. As for actual starting situations, a lot of people will give just the components to built the above, in a cargo container, with maybe a semi-charged battery instead of a solar panel.
  14. kittle Senior Engineer

    Started a world with 1 medbay, 1 solar panel and enough station blocks to connect them together.
    NO Asteroids
    Cargo ships enabled

    We had great fun until cargo ships bugged out.

    With recent changes, we can replace the medbay with a cockpit on a single station block connected to a single solar panel.
    Enable cargo ships and your off and running.
  15. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Too bad we cant change the default starting gear. All the tools are easily made with an assembler, but there seems no point to this function.
  16. Aurenian Apprentice Engineer

    Technically you just need a solar panel to power the refinery and assembler. But if you are playing on x1 that's a lot of time spent waiting for silver to refine before you can really get started.

    I think you really need a reactor to start with, or easy access to some silver bars. There is a difference between challenging and tedious.
  17. Chris Keena Apprentice Engineer

    You don't even need a cockpit. The passenger seat is enough for suit charging.

    Some of the really restricted starts only give you enough parts for a refinery. You're expected to then refine a few ingots, tear down the refinery, rebuild as assembler and start fabbing parts for the refinery again. With that amount of work to get any mass a greifer would just give up and go bug another server.
  18. Jacmac Apprentice Engineer

    Not saying that this is bad, but to give a griefer less to throw, just create a small ship with storage of the basic components instead of an actual assembler, refinery, reactor, etc. Also, give the small ship only one thruster in each direction, and no components on board to add thrusters. So if the griefer builds mass on to the ship to help it cause damage, it will be progressively harder to maneuver and slower to accelerate. They also have no easy way to just start building a large ship to grief with because of the lack of critical components.

    I created a battery powered "lifeboat" with enough components to start a station and build a reactor and assembler. I also put in enough refined metals to build a refinery and a medical unit. One thing I discovered in the process is that, when designing for 1x cargo playability, refined metals take far less volume for some components (like the medical component which is just huge). So with that in mind it's not too hard to build a very minimalist start.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.