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Advice needed for my future

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by howardxu23, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. howardxu23 Trainee Engineer

    currently I’m thinking of attending a games design course at a university, but I got word of that it may be rather risky for me to do so, so I’m asking if something goes wrong and cannot find a job as a games programmer, how transferable are the skills for the said course? As in can I still find other jobs even with this kind of degree?

    Course in quetion:
  2. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    I don't know if it works differently in the UK, but I can give you advice based on what I know from US colleges.

    The first thing you want to know is whether this is specific trade training exclusively meant to get you into a job in the industry, or if these are transferable credits that you could take to another university and work towards other degrees. If they're not transferable, then changing your mind later on or if you have trouble finding satisfying employment, it could make the school less useful than you'd hoped.

    If they are transferable, then changing your mind later on could still lead to other software development/ computer science jobs that you might find more satisfying. The other advantage of transferable credits is that you can continue your education while working. If the field is highly competitive, then more knowledge is usually the best way to have the competitive edge required to advance.

    I'm certain that others could give better and more specific advice, but that's definitely the first question I would ask.
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  3. ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

    you have to take the risk imho -- if i meet someone whom is a game designer i always know then that they can do simple programming, understand hard stop project dates, and work with a team. those skills translate down into other programming jobs as well. so if you are asking if its risky to specialize i would suggest the opposite - to a job interviewer it shows your commitment and vision which should be welcome, if your entrepreneurial spirit does not attract you then after school keep shopping employers as the problem will be theirs not yours! you can always for example do project jobs in C++ and other related languages... dont deny what you love for fear of the unknown. go for it.
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