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Airships: Are they possible?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by nubeees, Mar 25, 2015.

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  1. nubeees Trainee Engineer

    What I'm currently thinking is a block which generates a constant upwards force. If Medieval Engineers is based off Space Engineers' engine, then this should be possible. Maybe not with the game in its current state, but its nice to start thinking about this.
    The only problem I could see is that if it behaves more like a thruster, it would generate a force 'up' based on the block, and not based on the world.
  2. Bullethead Apprentice Engineer

    At present it does not appear that the "air" in ME has any volumetric properties that would enable things like hot-air balloons to rise or for gliders to create lift. I think the apparent air resistance to flying projectiles is simply faked by adding an extra term to their equations of motion, not by doing any real aerodynamic calculations.

    So, to make any sort of flying machine, it would appear that you'd have to make it a VTOL held up by some sort of thruster. I don't know if that's possible but if it is, I suggest making the thruster be some huge balloon-shaped part complete with a fire burning under it, so that it at least looks plausible even if the limitations of the game prevent it functioning realistically.
  3. DeeSnow97 Apprentice Engineer

    Well, it's dead easy to write the script, we only need a few blocks to work like a balloon (or a bit, but not so much harder if you would like to use hot air)... I'm currently observing the game's behavior with intent to start modding it, and that's a really cool idea, if I have a bit of time, I'm sure I'll try it
  4. Bombenlejher Trainee Engineer

    medieval airships ... i guess the physics inquisition should hire some historians, this way the could inquisite much more :D
  5. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    If the devs exposed a method to apply force/impulse to a block, this and many other things (like aerodynamics with wings and stuff) would be pretty easy to do.

    It would probably take just 1 simple line of code and youd have a functional magic floaty block.

    Then if you would like something like a hot air balloon block that lifts only if there is a fire underneath, things get more complicated (would have to code something to modify some variable in hot air balloon block if fire is detected underneath).

    One could always integrate fire and hot air balloon into a single block of course.

    Exposing low level physics methods to apply forces and stuff might be impossible though, getting it to work in multiplayer could present issues (because often some kind of prediction or something is involved, and if devs dont control where and when forces are applied, they cant easily hide network issues like latency and your hot air balloon will be glitchier than rotors).
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  6. Vdragon Apprentice Engineer

    I tried this today, couldn't manage to hook a script as in SE anywhere (i tested the MyGameLogicComponent hooking, and the MySessionComponentBase hooking).
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  7. goduranus Junior Engineer

    Could you do it by giving the balloon negative mass?
  8. Dan2D3D Moderator

  9. TarosD Trainee Engineer

    I would also really like to see this happen.

    Seems to me proper airship operation would require more than just a Balloon.
    It would need the following to get going:
    • Balloon (might need some variable bouyancy mechanism and custom scripts)
    • Yaw Steering mechanism (rudder?)
    • Pitch Steering mechanism
    • Forward thrust mechanism (possible alternatives: Sails, propellers, Windmill blades)
    I'd be happy to make models for this but i am not confident enough with the modding system to set it up on my own, Is anyone working out the code for this? I'd be happy to colaborate.

    EDIT: had forgotten about forward thrust.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.