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Airtight doors cause large ships to move if they're opened

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Napi1996, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. Napi1996 Trainee Engineer

    Airtight doors cause large ships to move if they're opened.

    They do not cause them to high speeds (only 2-3 m/s), but it's quite annoying when you open your ship's hangar door and it starts moving while you're outside, mining or exploring. :D

    Found this bug in MP mode on a dedicated server (maybe it only happens there^^), so glady, my friend managed to close the doors.

    I hope you can fix this bug soon... Well... I know you can. ;)
  2. Haunty Apprentice Engineer

    Actually that is impressively realistic
  3. lyle sonders Apprentice Engineer

    Sounds like an air leak acting like a jet.

    I Have my doors on a sensor and a timer, once my ship leaves the 50 meter range the doors close automatically, also if i let it set in range for 3 minutes... any amount of time will do... I like longer so that I can dock while the ship is moving so it takes longer to enter the bay...but the doors will close by themselves. Also if dampeners are on, they should counter any force from the doors. I haven't had any problems with my ship moving due to open doors.
    My entire launch and recovery is controlled by 4 timers per bay. One turns on the exterior bay nav lights and depressurizes the bay then starts the timer for the door to open. once this timer is tripped it opens the door and starts the third timer which has a 3 minute delay. this timer closes the door and starts the fourth. this one pressurizes the bay and shuts the nav lights off. its works great, never have to worry about opening and closing the bay doors or depressurizing and pressurizing the bay.
  4. BANDIT Apprentice Engineer

    well have to check that out. but its realism. if you dont want that just let the air be gone before you open^^
  5. Xerstorm Trainee Engineer

    Same for me, and I have no oxygen behind this doors :(
  6. Tajin Apprentice Engineer

    That really sounds like a feature, albeit a buggy one.

    Would be cool if it worked properly.
  7. Napi1996 Trainee Engineer

    The point is that there is no air in my ship. :woot: We haven't found ice yet. :woot:
  8. Cassey Apprentice Engineer

    Worse... it appears to be a constant force. At least I had a large ship with airlock doors open overnight on a DS and it was destroyed due to this bug.

    Went back into my save files and could watch it happen: Immediately after connecting, the thrusters would come on to counteract the force, and the wall around the airlock parts would collapse. That would take out the adjoining cargo hold (brittle little guys!), which would release ore inside my ship. Bouncing ore would take most of it out.

    No Oxygen on board. Note this symptoms take some time to develop, kind of like the landing gear bug.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.