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Allow an option to only force respawn on death

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by dunka, Jul 27, 2014.

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  1. dunka Trainee Engineer

    Having to respawn every time you leave a multiplayer server can be devastating to game-play. This is especially true if the respawn is the result of a disconnect, leading to loss of all inventory of the player. While you can sometimes recover your body, if you were moving good luck.

    If the player logs out in space, they should die when their energy runs out. If they are in a safe place (cockpit type), then remain alive as long as they have power.

    This of course leads into further possible options, do you leave the player body visible for others to kill if they find them, or despawn the player until they log back in, maybe a timer where they stay in the world for 5 minutes then despawn.

    Dying to a random internet hiccup is horrible though. Especially before you have a medical bay up, or if you are in a ship in without a medical bay in the middle of the void. That ship may be lost forever.
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  2. HexZyle Trainee Engineer

    Wow, that's brutal. I never knew the game did that. Is that because player inventories aren't saved by the server on logout?
  3. Big Zunnin Trainee Engineer

    Killing the player every time they disconnect makes survival multiplayer impractical. However, if I was designing it the following ideas is what I would base it on.

    1) Logout timer (5 min is standard for disconnects and remaining in game)
    2) Everything on the player and the location is retained
    3) While offline no harm or resource drain will effect the player (allowing them to logout in a station seat but still let the station be offline to save power)
    4) On death all owned resources are still owned (disconnect or other death like single player)

    If number 4 is implemented, I'm even OK with having to respawn ever time you login. it just encourages players to use stations and ships rather then personal inventory.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.