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Ambient howling sound on planets is back

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by CPTSavarus, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. CPTSavarus Trainee Engineer

    Reported this some time ago & it got fixed.
    Haven't played on planets for quite a while, so can't say for sure when the sound returned.

    On the Earth-like planet (possibly the others too - I haven't checked) there's an ambient sound like an electronic howl that repeats approximately every 45 seconds (just after the thing that sounds like a woodpecker).

    My guess is that it was supposed to sound like a cyber-hound off in the distance (back when wolves were clad in metal & called cyber-hounds)...
    Except I'm playing with wolves turned off...
    And in any case they're not cyber any more.

    Please can we have rid of this sound again? It makes no sense & really grates on the ears after a while. The Woodpecker is fine - he fits in - but the howling is very irritating.
    My sanity & I thank you in advance!
  2. wolfgamer6416 Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, it's really annoying I think they should just remove it. maybe they should have an updated howling sounds so it can act like a warning for when the wolves are about to attack.
  3. Malware Master Engineer

    @CPTSavarus It's a compression glitch. It's not intentional. Well, I haven't heard this one specifically but that's what it was the last time :p
  4. CPTSavarus Trainee Engineer

    I could believe that the file might glitch out when it loops but this doesn't sound like a glitch to me - more like part of the ambient track. Without knowing where the start & end of the track are I can't say for sure but this definitely sounds like a noise that was created to sound like something, not one that a track makes when it gets stuck or stretched. It's a very clean, manicured sound.

    In any case it's reported now, so whatever it is, hopefully it'll get fixed for the next update.
    Cheers for the reply
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.