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And, time to put this game back on the shelf yet again.

Discussion in 'General' started by Fengist, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Fengist Trainee Engineer

    Been trying to play on officials since the latest big update and, once again, I'm done with this game till it's fixed. As far as I'm concerned, it's still in pre-alpha.


    1. Server sim speed. Just lost a really nice ship trying to land on a planet with a 0.7 official server sim speed. Since the wipe I've seen nothing but degradations in server performance to the point that lag wins. I have lost FAR more ships to lag and server authority than pvp on ANY SE server.

    2. View range: On officials... wtf? 4k view range? There are literally THOUSANDS of asteroids and with a stoopid 4k view range you have to inspect every single one just to have a hope of finding someone to pvp or raid. Not only is that bullshit, that's one of the reason the sim speed sucks. Nobody can find shit to remove it.

    3. Your automatic cleanup is bullshit too. I've seen noob bases with windmills perpetually running providing power to a base for a player who hasn't been on in months while seeing ships get wiped in a matter of 5 minutes because the power got shut off and the player was standing right beside them.

    4. Programmable blocks: Again, wtf? One of the greatest features of the game and you can't even run it on official servers? That alone says a lot about either
    a. the server's ability to perform while PG blocks are active or
    b. your fear of losing players by those who do know how to use PB's.

    But hey, who gives two shits about MP right? You had your little poll and everyone wants survivability. So you just crank up the bullshit that makes it almost impossible for a noob to get a start on MP servers and see how much fun they have. And while you're at it, why not crank down the settings so that once they do manage to survive it becomes terminally boring running around trying to find someone to fight against.

    Yea, your little background movies show all this cool shit, massive stations, a dozen ships and players working, fighting, blowing things up, all of which is impossible on officials.

    Nice bait and switch.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
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  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Wow. Much anger. Very quit. :munch:
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  3. Fengist Trainee Engineer

    Wow, much fanboy. Thinks his game is perfect and has no issues. Go play your little single player game and leave the bitching to those of us who actually give a damn.
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  4. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

  5. Fengist Trainee Engineer

    Like I said fanboy. Go play your little SP game where you're all nice and safe. Come comment on MP bitching when you grow some balls.
  6. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re complaining or, when their complaints are hollow, abusive. Get over it. The world does not revolve around your pitiful existence.
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  7. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Why do you play on the official servers, anyway? They suck and everyone knows it. Or so I thought :D
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  8. Fengist Trainee Engineer

    And some people aren't happy unless they're trolling forums trying to lessen the pains of their meager existence by inflicting it on others. Grow up little boy. Life is a bitch. Deal with it.
    --- Automerge ---
    I don't any more, obviously. Not that unofficials are that much better. Seriously, who the hell wants to download 120 mods to a server that runs like shit when it's stock anyway?
  9. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    One should also know that Keen doesn't follow these forums for complaints/bugs. They should know that they go to the support site now.
  10. Thrak Junior Engineer

    @Fengist - having played on some of the same servers as you, I understand some of your frustrations, although not necessarily how you choose to express them.

    1) Agreed. Sim speed is an issue. The whole point of Keen having "official" servers was, as stated by Marek, to provide an optimal SE multiplayer experience, especially for new players. Obviously, that hasn't happened yet.

    2) I too would like a greater view range, though no necessarily for the reasons you state. The existing limits are related to the above, we've always been told.

    3) The volunteer server admins say they have discussed cleanup of inactive players (and for that matter, preventing campers from hogging server slots) with the devs. I suspect they're moving in that direction.

    4) There have been several other threads discussing PB and their impact on performance in this very forum.
  11. Dan2D3D Moderator


    said right, it's ONE bug per report on the Support Portal, if you want to do thing right.

    Tho community Testers have reported some already so I recommend to go vote on those report and add a comment to push the fixing priority. :tu:
  12. ThisIsADogHello Apprentice Engineer

    Did you reply to the wrong thread or something? Don't really see how this is remotely relevant to anything else here.
  13. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Maybe a typo, he meant to say ONE shitpost.
  14. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    I don't know too much about other servers, but I think you may just be looking at the wrong ones. I play on se.fountaincore.com:27016. That server fixes three of the four issues you mention as follows:

    1. Server always runs at 1.0 (except for brief slow downs if large grids collide at high speed) with up to 30 people. While there are still weird glitches, they tend to be predictable. This is accomplished with limits on certain blocks, PCU limits, Torch mod, and frequent PvP thinning the grid population.

    2. View range is set to 12k and world size is 400k. Finding people is still laborious, but not impossible. But, more importantly, a central asteroid cluster with a modded resource draws people into PvP regularly.

    3. The server runs a cleanup script that removes grids whose owners have not played in 14 days. Otherwise, cleanup does not check for power, just a beacon and 10 or more blocks.

    4. You got me on programmable blocks. There is not sufficient security on these blocks--they can be used to turn off damage, run a lag machine, and otherwise break the game.

    And the server I play uses about 14 mods, most of which are pretty tiny downloads (I think only 4 or 5 new models are added).

    Based on the number of experienced server admins out there, I would be stunned if you cannot find a similar experience on many other servers. No, it doesn't often look like a cinematic, but people do have real multiplayer experiences in survival. A few on Fountaincore were recorded, e.g.

    These were both emergent team fights.

    So the game can work, but I don't think Keen knows how to run a server.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  15. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Man, I've not played on Fountain Core for a few years, mainly because of my current poor route to it, but it's always been an awesome well-maintained server for pvp antics... so much fun there in the past.
  16. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Gee, if I had any balls I’d play on the Fountain Core server, but according to Trainee @Fengist I’m just a single player fanboy.
  17. NoThanks Apprentice Engineer

  18. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    A server no one cleans up regularly has a 0.7 sim speed? Players who haven't been on in months still have assets? Servers have to be maintained daily. You need to find an unofficial server with an active admin or admin team. There are a few good ones out there that do allow for programmable blocks.

    I understand your point. But you have to take into consideration that a server is only as good as the admin(s) behind it.
  19. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    Watching the video you can see clear stutters/warping sporadically throughout the fight, and the chat is talking about bugged out conveyors...

    Great example of the best SE can offer. I'm not being sarcastic. The video shows what can be good and bad about the game, and for a lot of people the good just isn't enough.
  20. Keten Kennek Trainee Engineer

    @Fengist ,
    You can't win an argument here that involves any critique of SE. The social tyranny here will applaud any Keen decision, regardless of the consequences. Just look at the happy smiling faces about the new DLC.
    Take it to the Steam forums. Far less deluded, and you can make an impact there.
    Here: Nothing but Kool-Aid drinkers.
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  21. Einharjar Junior Engineer

    I swear, I've never seen such a generation of people who would get upset over an ENTIRE GAME just because ONE particular multiplayer lobby isn't to their liking. One. One lobby or server. Just one. FUCK all the OTHER choices out there, let's just act like this ONE experience is the ONLY ONE, EVER.

    *face palms*

    Your complaint is about as absurd as me calling out Blizzard Ent as a crap show developer back in the 90s or early 2000s, simply because I did not like the local game of Hydra-D or Cat&Mouse I played.

    I mean imagine if people voted on Starcraft 1 today, butt hurt that the free, downloaded in a patch micro campaigns (Like Insurrection or Retribution) wasn't to their liking.

    And the judge the entire developer off of those free micro campaigns.

    Just those.

    Nothing else, not the Ladder modes, not the UMS and community maps, not the primary campaign itself - but just the micro campaigns.

    You know what, in fact I'll hop on this trend... Bungie has always sucked because they allowed this game mode called Odd Ball in HALO MP and I dislike that particular mod and any lobby with it elected.
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  22. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    You tell 'em!!! I'm so mad I can't talk!!! :mad:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Finally, a voice of reason.
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  23. Fengist Trainee Engineer

    This is not about just one server. It's about an official server. Of which there are around a dozen, NOT JUST ONE. That clarify things for you or did you miss that word 'official?'

    And kiss Keene's ass as much as you like but here's the facts. Sim speed on a daily basis 0.7. Shitty 4k view range and disabled PG blocks.

    I run a business and if I put something out the door with my name on it, it's going to work as advertised, as promised or I don't do it. Period. Keene official servers should be the spotlight for their MP game and not the community's cesspit that everyone suggests leaving.

    And yea smart guy, there's a damned good reason why I don't play Blizzard's crap any more either.
  24. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    The problem with having a "kids these days" diatribe on this forum is that many of SE's fans are above the median age of gamers. If you don't know them personally, you might be complaining about someone around your own age.

    I have to agree with this. Official servers should be more stable and functional than your average private server. If a new player gets the game and runs straight to MP, they're probably going to an official server to make a judgment about the game. It's just common sense that those should be the most stable experience instead of the awful experience they are now. Any new player that goes to an official server is probably going to end up talking ill of the game, which hurts Keen's sales potential. Positive "word of mouth" advertisement is still the best way for a small business to grow.

    I am an SE "fanboy", I'm at about 6500 hours played and still playing, but reasonable criticisms are necessary if Keen is going to improve its products and expand it's player base.
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  25. warpig2255 Trainee Engineer


    Thankful sayd i agree in evrey point :)
  26. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    @Fengist, it's "Keen", not "Keene". I'm just saying...
  27. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    You sure about that?
  28. Einharjar Junior Engineer

    I refer to "generation" as in the generation of gamers. People start gaming at different ages, so it's not worth it to single out via age. I'm probably a youngin' around here but I've been gaming since the 90s and grew up in that era. I was spoiled by gaming at such a time. I never had to come up with an excuse as to why I blew tons of money at an arcade before the gaming crash in the 80s and I have enough common sense to know games that fuel 51% of the total industry revenue via mobile platforms are complete shit and are fleecing easily suckered people just like they did in the 80s.

    Now despite my comment about age, statistics are unfortunately showing that it's the 45 year old group who's bringing on the MTX and crap-tastic mobile game cancer we have.

    So, we could yell at 'dem whipper snappers' for being entitled brats, but it's often my "age group" and HIGHER that the actual source of the game industry's terrible direction. They're the demographic publishers and devs point at now, not the kids, Not the brats. It's the old farts. Man I'm glad I gamed through the whole 90s era.

    I have a refined sense of taste... if you will (more like patience)
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  29. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    I like when people bring up age and hours played in order to make a point. I also like it when people make a thread to say they are going to stop playing the game.

    I just turned 65. I'm a Great-Grandfather. I have over 8300 hours playing Space Engineers.

    I really, really do not care who keeps playing and who quits. Really. You quitting the game? I don't care. I'm not. If I ever do, I won't make a thread about it. You won't care. You shouldn't.

    The folks at Keen, they're all grownups. They know that not everyone will like their game, and that people that used to like it may stop liking it. The game continues to be compelling enough to more than replace the players that quit with new players. In fact, they probably listen to and get better information from the new players than from the players that bought the game in 2013 and feel entitled.

    If you quitting results in a trend that leads to the end of Space Engineers, I would still play the game. because I still like it.

    This isn't about defending Keen. This is just me being tired of these drama threads where someone says they're quitting and attacks anyone that questions their decision. When you say you quit you cease to matter. How you feel is irrelevant. Go ahead and play something else. We're no longer paying any attention.

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  30. NoThanks Apprentice Engineer

    Are you positive that you know what that combination of words means? I'm just curious because to the casual observer it might appear like you are indeed paying attention.

    I just picked up the game again last night and had to do breathing excercises to stop from rage quitting over the destruction of a newly created grid from the "grid anchored to location" bug that's existed forever and has never been properly addressed. I get the rage quits. I even get the present day social media necessity to ensure that EVERYBODY knows how righteous your anger is. It's impossible for me to hate this game... on the same spectrum it's impossible for me to give KSH the credit they (might) deserve because of all of the ways in which they have let people down (or catered to the whims of morons who may or may not be members of the development team).

    I for one love when these threads pop up, even though I haven't given up hope on this "game", I feel sense of solidarity and comfort at knowing the rage this game inspires isn't just me and in some cases might even be justified.

    I do wholeheartedly agree with the OP about the intro videos... They are incredibly misleading as to what you can expect from this software and undoubtedly leave more than a few people that are trying to reach that ideal feeling like they've been cheated.
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