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Antagonists, hazards and other obstacles

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Hopeful_monster, Oct 31, 2013.

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  1. Hopeful_monster Trainee Engineer

    Having fun. In the game , but now that I've built all I want to build looking for a challenge while playing, now I know a survival mode is on the way, where you have to mine and refine ore, and atmosphere in ships is also widely talked about on this forum, but here are some ideas I had about threats to life and property.

    Flying rocks through space hitting your ship/stations could be used like creepers in mine craft as a hazard to you and your stuff. They can come in different sizes, small medium and large each causing damage to different size stuff. Protection can be in the form of point defence cannons

    Other npc's raiding ships and stations. They can be human or robot drones that steal random bits, and if killed you can get it back you stuff and random stuff as well. They can also have spawning points in the form of bases which can be raided.

    Mynocks, space slugs, other ailen animals
    Like bandits, but non sentient alien creatures.

    Post your own ideas
  2. Skream11 Trainee Engineer

    i have to say no to space aliens
  3. Hopeful_monster Trainee Engineer

    Not Keen on the myself, but threw it in as it is an idea.
  4. malcheus Trainee Engineer

    What about radiation?
    You need a detector to identify it, and when it occurs you have to find cover before you are burned into a crisp.

    And also: Kerbals crashing oversized contraptions into your beautiful creations...
  5. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    That would depend on the type of radiation.
    Besides, we go out in space in just our spacesuits in the game. We'd be taking large amounts of unfiltered radiation from the sun. Direct exposure to sunlight can raise the temperature well above boiling point. Likewise, in the shadow of an Asteroid or ship, the temperature without the sun is a couple of hundred degrees below freezing.
    Needless to say, radiation most likely isn't a threat to the player.
  6. Fox Apprentice Engineer

    I like the idea of a random asteroid storm. Maybe a cluster of 10 rocks hurtling through your base - some hitting - some missing ...
  7. Oselotti Junior Engineer

    Micrometeors would be fun. Noting too serious but gives more feeling of the hostile enviroment. Also radiation. Mostly it's mild but sometimes rarely there could be strong radiation bursts.
  8. kuro11 Apprentice Engineer

    Ionizing radiation would likely bypass current or near future space-suits. So I can imagine areas where it is unsafe to leave the confines of your ship for longer periods of time.
  9. philthy mcnasty Trainee Engineer

    the sun, despite being the source of dangerous radiation, protects the whole solar system from even nastier deep space radiation.

    So, maybe either a deep space suit, or robotic drones/ robotic arms on a small ship could be used to mine in the more dangerous parts of space.

    Also, what about radioactive metals? the "good" stuff that we would need for crafting generators? That would probably be dangerous to mine by itself i would think.
  10. crazyrobban Apprentice Engineer

    What about gas pockets inside asteroids, making mining a bit of a gamble?
    Perhaps having a scanner that can be placed on ships that can check % of gas inside an asteroid?
  11. Hopeful_monster Trainee Engineer

    I like both the radiation and gas pockets, especially if they make the gas a harvest-able resource.
  12. Thenerdylord Apprentice Engineer

    Um we don't take straight radiation from the sun. When astronughts are in space suits they still have the earths magnetic field stopping most of the harmful radiation. While it may be true that we take more in space that on earth we still don't take the full brunt of the sun.
  13. pmcd124 Trainee Engineer

    I agree with this, both within reason.
  14. mitchismellon Trainee Engineer

    some other hazards could be funding cuts from your engineering firm, disease, genetic mutations, power surges (solar panels and solar flares), computer viruses.
  15. Hopeful_monster Trainee Engineer

    I can't see how these (bar the power surges maybe) could be implimented in the game. What is the funding that gets cut (unless that is just the starting difficulty). Disease, genetic mutation an computer viruses seem a little out of the range of the game
  16. Blackanimal Trainee Engineer

    What about an arm for you ships to transport smaller asteroids as a more efficient mining feature something like you cut a piece of an big asteroid, grab it with a ship and transport it to an special big refinery

    Or a feature to build cruise missile like a button instead of a cockpit that starts the thrusters until it hits something
  17. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    I say yes to all the above

    meteor storms
    Hostile NPC's including pirates, rogue AI's, aliens...(and you also can't forget friendly NPC's)
    mining hazards

    and so on and so on
  18. Giftiger Gockel Trainee Engineer

    I would like to see hazards like asteroids and radiation in the game. There could be ways to protect yourself against it, like special materials that radiation can't pass or that reduce it's intensity. Also you could build big walls of heavy armor around your space station to stop asteroids.

    Another idea are nebulas in some areas in space. They would make navigation harder because they shorten your sight and could damage or interfere your navigation/communication/power/etc. -systems. They also could bring some color into dark space and contain special minerals to harvest.
  19. dragon boy Apprentice Engineer


    About solar flares...

    In miner wars, there were solar flare all the time. Though they were annoying as ****. I can see some use for them in this game(knowing all the computers and stuff). As they may be useful for upcoming multiplayer. A single solar flare could temperately disable big destroyers, who cant move out of the way in time.
    This could make (small ships > big ships) in the terms of combat.
  20. YoungMoriarty Trainee Engineer

    I'm pretty sure the devs won't implement, but I actually think they could add something.
    I mean, 3 different types of threat seem like an interesting idea:
    *Mobile threats, ie Bandits scooting around in ships and normally only attacking you when you venture out.
    *Stationary threats, some less plausible but interesting aliens hiding in asteroids/ derelict ships
    *Enviromental threats, Things that can ruin your entire base, such as meteors. These would give you active reason to go out and encounter the other two threats while gathering resources to protect against the game enders.

    Ideally, you could turn off each of these different types of threats to play the kind of survival game you want. Aliens are less plausible, admittedly, but they could make mining/ salvaging a bit more hair-raising.
  21. akuseru Trainee Engineer

    Abandoned and/or wrecked ships, stations, etc. If it can be procedurally generated, it is even better.
  22. Gentry Senior Engineer

    I do like the idea of the odd rogue rock flying about in space of varying sizes.

    But nothing that will suddenly creep up out of no where and completely ruin your shit.

    Just like the odd little impact that'll force you to keep maintaining your stuff like the good little space engineer you are.
  23. Richee Trainee Engineer

    solar ejections could destroy structures and ship that couldn't get out of the way in time. also, solar flares could have an emp effect and temporarily disable reactors or certain computer systems
  24. Gentry Senior Engineer

    I'm pretty sure ships would be shielded against solar flares.
  25. Venatacia Trainee Engineer

    Voted for the top three, a good mix would be exciting.

    - Gas clouds that damage over time or mess up electronics.
    - Asteroid belt / Ice Fields. Asteroid could have bandit weapon system set in place for when you arrive - don't want to hand them resources over easily.
    - Gravity well.
    - Worm hole - takes you through and places you elsewhere - ships only.
    - Some kind of space entity, may just freeze you in place while it checks you out. May attack you and nibble your leg off, have to heal up back at a med bay. May melt/shatter your ship/ part of it. Heck, could even download you some info or deposit some resources. Many possibilities.
    - Alien structures - could harm you, send you somewhere, give you something, info/new weapon. Many possibilities again.

    just throwing out some ideas.
  26. Sims_doc Junior Engineer

    i wouldn't mind radiation and asteroid storms among with other toxic liquids and gas, solids.
  27. Vrmithrax Senior Engineer

    I'd like to bump this for providing a few potential alternatives to just adding some kind of "me too" alien horde or similar danger/antagonist into the game... A good meteor storm could wreak a little havoc and force you to do some repairs... Maybe a rogue comet slowly pushing through, that could be mined for exotics if you have a ship that can get to it and drill. Or comets blasting into asteroids and creating a field of mineable debris. Sometimes the natural disaster variety of opponents can be helpful to keep the gameplay tense and gripping.
  28. davesoft Apprentice Engineer

    I really hope solar flares to come into Space Engineers :D
  29. Evilman666 Trainee Engineer

    I think I would like to have unstable Asteroids. You could build and drill on them as per usual but as time goes by the asteroid would become more and more unstable eventually leading to the asteroids destruction. Now, obviously if you had a base on one of these asteroids the result could be horrendous. I'd put the odds of an asteroid being unstable at around 1/5. Maybe there could be an option to increase/decrease the percentage of unstable asteroids. I think maybe different types would be nice to have as well. Maybe Hollow Asteroids? As soon as you punch through to the center they slowly fracture. Others ideas could include radioactive and debris. Man... I should learn to mod. What do you guys think? Good or Bad? Any other variations? hmmm....
  30. Pikas Pilate Trainee Engineer

    I gotta say, all of the above. But at the start of the game in options you should be able to select what you do and don't want to generate. POSSIBLY but not necessary: how much OF that you want to generate in ratios. ie: Generate pirates - yes, percent chance: 60% chance spawn per zone/entity/time or whatever they want to use.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.