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Anybody interested in create a Life Mod / Server?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by amarillo, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. amarillo Trainee Engineer

    Since a lot of time I'm interested on a Life like mod for SE. The game has almost everything the necesary for a nice Roleplaying experience. The only thing that has pushed me back with the developing of this idea is my empty knowledge of programing and developing mods. I'm a Multimedia Designer and Digital Animator, I can handle 2D and 3D art but I'm very noob on coding.

    I have some ideas in mind since a couple of years so i will post it here for anyone that seems interested and want to colaborate in make this real (the list of ideas has not any kind of order):

    1. The game mode is not focused on PVP but on generate a well driven economy with diferent kind of jobs.

    2. Players start in a public protected city whit nothing more that a couple of Space credits (now with economy update no mod will be needed). With out tools and with out respawn ships

    3. On this city will be shops, public hospital, public refineries and assemblers and some public info from server and jobs.

    4. It should be available a Job center (Maybe Contracts block of new update can handle this) where new players can seek for task to win money, but also a employee system where other players / corporate entities / other cities / factions/ etc, can employ unemployed players with offer like: Builder, pilot, miner, soldier, medic, etc.

    5. Disable any kind of shop that unbalance economy with infinite disposal of items, every single item should be player generated to maintain a good economy

    6. Admins can give to a faction, that meets requirements, the title of "Police Faction" with this title a faction will receive periodically money, ships (
    police vehicles) or components to respond to any police needs of other players. If the faction misuse the resources and power gived the title of Faction police is revoked and joins a blacklist to disalowing to be Police again. The title could has an expire date and other Faction can try to aquire the title. This way Admins give a roleplaying authority to players and they will try their best to do it right to avoid geting blacklisted.

    7. players can apply to found a new city and if the apply is accepted, they will receive every often money, components, safe area chips, or any stuff to maintain that city secure only if the city meets the requirements

    8. Any public safe area could be disabled if the factions involved that govern that area start a war against other factions. This way, the diplomacy between factions is taking more seriously and forces players to avoid unnecessary combat

    9. I have in mind only one big planet and the posibility to players / factions to control areas with cities (mentioned before) or outpost (mining, military, or other operations)

    10. Its ideal to avoid players to freely create factions, this way the list of factions wont be absurdy long with almost empty factions, and this way the factions fulfill the role of corporations, countries, etc. That a player can create applying anf meeting requirements, maybe paying some money too. (like an enterprise)

    11. It could be cool a way to disable some blocks from G list / assembler and create a license system to unlock them. This way some players will be experts on some areas and other players will be expert in other areas. For example: Acquiring the miner's license enables the player to manipulate or buy a drill. A mineral process license enables you to build and handle refineries. A weapons license allows you to buy, create and use weapons. And so on.

    12. Create a Prison system. I had thinked on this a lot because players can comit suicide and respawn on their spawn points. So I have thought that one way to achieve this would be to temporarily disable a player's respawn options (only for that player) and that the only respawn option is that of his cell. Convictions would apply for breaking in-game laws,not for server rules, which in that case would be a regular ban.
    Convictions should be short but exemplifying to avoid players taking up server space without doing anything. A conviction for example could last 15 minutes or so.

    13. A criminal record of every player should be maintained, so that someone who decided to keep a clean profile can prove it.

    14. For players that need a place to store things and private places on public cities, i think that players can buy or rent apartments or house within the city limits just by owning the doors and stuff that is inside.

    Well i think thats all the stuff that i have in mind, if you like the idea and can help it make it reality or have opinions or comments can help reply.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  2. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I really like your ideas, and wonderfully, the upcoming update will support a good 75% of them
    I am certain a few already existing mods can complete the dream.
    Replies by the numbers:

    1- The Reputation system coming with the update will deter pvp and even npc raiding/grinding. Those that insist on shooting/grinding property-not-theirs will join the Pirate factions' "friendlyness" and will then have bounty contracts placed on them for being official "criminals". Those that do not want that criminality denying them the economy of the other factions would have to play the "fit into the society" method of play with npcs and other players. [semi check]

    2- There are mods and server settings to "disable spawn ship", resulting in the only place for a player to begin is in an open medbay of server admins' choice. "Spawn with tools" is another setting that is select-able. [check]

    3- Open to all refineries, assemblers, store and contract blocks within the city with a safe zone all around it. Player/admin generated bulletin boards and adds for player-player deals [check]

    4- Search contracts will be the best way to earn money with no tools at start. Player to player agreements can be done with the new player trade system (join his faction, do the job with share with faction stuff, get kicked from faction after complete and paid, have a nice day) [check]

    5- The store terminal upcoming does not allow infinite sells. (For example, gravity gens were 300-400k each, but stations only would buy 10 or so at a time, not 1000). player made stores have limits that they set themselves. [check]

    6- Admins should be able to "hack" reputation levels of said police/privateers- let them shoot up what they need to, and "forgive" the reputation hits. or just make them a 1 * sub admin as an "authority" privilege[most likely check]

    7- player made stores and contracts, with power/refinery/assembly of their own would constitute a "new city" Beds and cryopods and lockers optional. A way to prevent building a base/city is to have global permission to place blocks OFF, and then set up a safe zone area that turns it back on within its area. [check]

    8- admins can simply delete/change ownership of safe zone to disable it, or more appropriately reprogram it to allow incoming fire and damage, but no grinding/hacking of the base (ouch) sub-admins can be "deputized" to have this ability, and to ignore safe zones as well. (why there are 1-5 * admin ranks)

    9- mod to use a single super Earth exists out there, regional territories enforced would be tricky and need work [mod needed]

    10- mod needed to deny ability to create faction- you then have to chose a patron NPC faction, and earn reputation with them to be accepted. Player to player/faction trades will be a thing [semi-check]

    11- Escape From mars has a mod that is "grind to learn". but if Grinding is a global permission that is OFF, then there ya go- have to buy the blueprints to "learn" how to place refinery [mod-with a support check]

    12- Just set the respawn timer to 15 min. If they suicide, their prison is the spawn in screen for 15 minutes. [semi-check]

    13- Reputation system. Its going to be huge, and faction/alliance specific. A simple glance at another players reputation will reveal their long term character [check]

    14- a pretty simple seeming mod that allows ownership of an apartment/cargo container to be assigned to the player with a consumable "key" use. [mod needed]

    wow make that 90% of it all, with a few tweaks here and there.

    The biggest things as yet unrealized (as no one has been an admin with the update-yet) is the global permisions that are server wide, and safe zone permissions/admin tweaking those global settings in local areas.
  3. amarillo Trainee Engineer

    wow, you did an amazing break down of my ideas!!

    i had testing some mods that allows better player inmersion on civilian jobs and those are:

    1- concrete tool mod: This way cities can have "streets" that generate less lag than streets made from blocks, also a good way to patch holes on ground in survival. This could be one of the public jobs that cities can offer with a low but secure income (perfect for starter players). The idea 11 applies here, disalowing to players to craft this tool and the cement mix unless they have the apropiate license.

    2- "AwwScrap" and "Advanced Welding": To give more importance to shops, player relations and economy it would be cool to add this 2 mods that works together pretty well. The first one "AwwScrap" It generates that when you disasemble a block, you only get Scraps of the components. This way players should be more careful and they need to choose if disasembling a block or recycle it. There is when the second more is relevant. "Advanced Welding Mod" allows players to attach (or detach) an already builded block to a grid.