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Anyone working on a campaign/mission/world that needs content?

Discussion in 'General' started by Calaban, Feb 2, 2017.

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  1. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Beta has been out for a while, and I still notice very few missions/campaigns like the tutorial, using triggers, cinematic cutscenes and scripting and all that.

    While I myself find such coding waaay over my head, I wonder if anyone is actually working on one?

    Is it that difficult/buggy to get one finished? or is it just too much work for one person?

    This got me thinking: we could collaborate. If a ship is needed, or a rover, or a land base or gas station or whatever that needs to be made, but the coder is burned out on that aspect of it all... they could put out "make for me" lists, that readers on these forums could take on and submit for their use as they see fit.

    You know, "Crowdsourcing"

    I find making a building or ship with a specific purpose, rather than "general survival" makes for much more interesting builds, and would be interesting in doing it, personally.

    I'll give an example (i dont really need this thing, but have fun making one)

    Please MFM "Make For Me"
    now, with that specific goal to achieve, for some scripted event or encounter on some world or scenario.. doesn't that sound like an interesting project to get to work on?

    So, creators out there, take note. This could be a major resource. :)
  2. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    Like if there was a generic npc with a gun that tries to shoot the player im sure there'd be tons of missions.

    for example.
    I would totally make a mission based around raiding a bank.....like payday 2 style but in space.
    disabling the outer defenses
    constructing a grinder to "Drill" though heavy armored doors......during this time the player would be attacked by some generic npc gunners while the player waits for the grinder to do its thing

    the player gets in to find a massive voxel of solid gold.
    he then has finds a drill inside the vault and starts mining it collect enough gold until fill then returning to the escape ship.

    but without any generic npc we have to depend on turrets that will massacre the player within a matter of seconds.

    Suppose......Suppose....could do something similar but like a stealth mission....bunch of sensors and floodlights showing the sensor range.
    the player has to time his movements around a base or something.

    Eh....I feel like if there was a generic npc engineer that could be programmed people could would be more included to make missions.
    sure 90% of them would be FPS missions....but it'd still be something
    [remakes red faction 1 but in space engineers]
  3. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    +1 to a "Constructs Request Thread" (like the "Scripts Request Thread" in the PB section). I'm not saying I'd avail myself of such an offer, but I support having the option.

    @Forcedminer patrol bots with forward looking scanners are sooo very doable, with or without guns.
  4. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Ive downloaded a couple of NPC drones that act as little soldiers, and there are some to be blueprinted in the campaign.

    How you get them to start idle and activate/spawn after a certain trigger.. ya got me on that one.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.