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Anyway to make sensors detect hangar doors?

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by Fenris, Jun 27, 2018.

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  1. Fenris Apprentice Engineer

    I'm building a large ship that has several rows of cannons in the bow. In front of those cannons I have placed hangar doors. What I'm trying to do is set up a system with a sensor that wont allow the cannons to fire when it detects the hangar doors are closed. I have a gun camera placed in with the cannons for aiming, so technically I'd probably never fire those cannons with the doors closed as I would see them. Still RP wise I'd like the cannons disabled when the doors are closed, and I like adding needless extras to my ships.

    Mods and/or scripts are fine, if there are any that will do what I'm looking for.

    Well, after thinking about it, if the cannons are off because the doors are closed then they wont reload either. Still, I'll leave this here in case anyone has any ideas.

  2. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    if you dont want to write a script, you can set this up with timers. trigger a timer to open the doors and start a second timer. second timer counts how long it takes for the doors to fully open before it triggers. second timer sets the "fire at large grid" "fire at small grid" etc on the turrets to true, enabling them to fire. third timer sets those fire options to false and closes the doors. turrets stay on so they can reload, but all the things they are allowed to aim at are set to false, so they don't try to shoot.
    you can control the whole thing with hotbar or button panel access to the first and third timer.

    if you only want one timer to activate, set up a fourth timer to trigger timer one and timer three. but also have timer one turn itself off when triggered, have timer two turn on timer three when triggered, and have timer three turn itself off and timer one on when triggered.
    trigger on timer four triggers one and three: timer three is off, so does nothing. timer one triggers, starts doors opening, starts timer two, and turns itself off.
    the doors cannot receive another open command until timer one is switched on again, allowing it to be triggered. the doors cannot be closed until they are fully opened, as timer three is still off and cannot be triggered.
    timer two waits two or three seconds, then changes the turret's allowed targets, and turns on timer three.
    second trigger on timer four triggers timer one and three. one is off, and cannot be triggered. three is on, and can be triggered. timer three changes the turrets allowed targets back to none, disabling the turret firing. also starts the doors closing, turns itself off, and timer one on again.
    *another press while the doors are closing will open the doors again, but the turrets wont fire until the entire normal opening time has passed.
    the cycle is ready to start again.
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  3. radam Senior Engineer

    Might not be as durable but sliding door opens fast. And is one block in aize.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.