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Are wheels possible?

Discussion in 'General' started by ertoereborn, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. ertoereborn Trainee Engineer

    I have about 0 experience w/ game design so 2 questions to all you technological masterminds out there:
    1.Is it possible to have wheels in this game?
    2.How hard would it be to make/add to the game whether it be through modding, dev. updates, etc.
  2. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    You cant really make wheels .. but you can fake them to some degree.

    Here is a small clip that has the car in movement aswell, its actually a ship with thrusters and wheels only for style purpose.

    They however dont really work as mean to move around as you would have to attach a floating item with landing gear to the "car" in order to pull it down with gravity generators so the wheels COULD work and even then the friction isnt ideal i think.

    So no, proper working wheels arent there.
  3. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    But why would you need them in a Zero-G environment, even with grav gens, especially when you have a jetpack, or can make a ship the same size as a wheeled vehicle that can fly with no effort?

    The only practical reasoning would be for use of rails of some sort (this was already discussed before).
  4. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Because ships with artificial gravity arent, as the description said, zeroG ... and wheels still are the most energy efficient and effective mean to move on a flat surface with gravity.
  5. Willhu Trainee Engineer


  6. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    but when you activate your jetpack/another vehicle, grav gens don't do shit. What's the point in getting in a cumbersome vehicle that would take up more room than its worth when you can press a button and have your jetpack on? no point. and it's a game, "energy efficiency" is hardly relevant.
  7. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Yeah right, the point about a creative game is to not be creative at all and dont do things you cant image. Point taken.
    Lets just float around in cubes with lots of attached guns because they are very easy and efficient to build and crush things, dont build chains because they wouldnt make sense aswell ... or toy around with the game in any other way. Totally the way to go.

    The astronauts dont need living quarters, nor do we actually need ships as we could fly with the jetpack at max speed aswell with very good acceleration .. yet we build those weird things.

    Ohh, very nice videos .. i shall watch them as soon as possible C:
  8. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    That's not what I said AT ALL. I was asking from a logistic standpoint. In space, why would you need wheeled vehicles? I didn't say you shouldn't build them, never even mentioned that. You and anyone who has the game can build as many wheels and as many wheeled vehicles as they like. I was asking of the logistics of it. For example; even if the "crew quarters" we build are technically without function, but the point of them is to provide quarters for the crew. We don't need to build ships to survive because we don't eat in the game, but the point is to roleplay that. Besides, there's a limit to how much we can carry, there's a limit to how much protection we have, there's a limit to the offense we have... But a wheeled vehicle? Even if they work, there's no... reason to have them even in a roleplay standpoint, for example.

    Basically, I'm not asking why build wheeled vehicles in the game, I'm asking why would you need wheeled vehicles in space, period? (Especially when gravity doesn't effect vehicles... Unless you make like a box and fill it with rocks to give the vehicle traction)
  9. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

  10. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Because in a semi-realistic roleplay aspect, any object is affected by gravity and not astronauts without jetpack and floating items like the game tells us. Thus small ships would be affected by gravity aswell and had to continuously use energy in order to hover over ground as it moves forward. So considering that, wheels would be more useful as already said, yet you made clear that you dont consider that relevant ... so i dont see what is left to explain.

    The same way astronauts dont need food and sleep, yet they get it for the sake of "realism", the same way wheels got a practical use in a realistic roleplay aspect as they would be more practical. We dont have flying cars on earth even though some predicted it in the 50s.

    Also almost any bigger structure tht is inhabited by humans would/should use artificial gravity for the astronauts health as zeroG is known to cause negative side effects. Thus tools would be under the influence of those artificial gravity effects aswell.
  11. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    If this is true, then that makes fine sense. I was under the impression that all ships are unaffected by grav gens.
  12. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    It isnt true yet but might become reality in a patch soonTM. You sure can use landing gear + floating items to simulate a gravity effect right now which i said in the first post, but lets see how it turns out :3
    So i was much more talking about the roleplay realism reason that motivates such a setup.
    Small/large ships being affected by gravity effects ... that would give GGs as shields "a pretty new use".
  13. meatloaf Trainee Engineer

    Official support for wheels will be added down the game at some point. There's an old poll in the "Questions by the developers" forum which lists some features, one of them was wheels. While a ground vehicle won't have much use, I think a skid loader would look pretty cool in my hangar.
  14. iron_dinges Apprentice Engineer

    Wheeled vehicles are more energy efficient.
    If using some sort of magnetic wheel, it can still drive around the ship while the ship is manouvering. You can't do that with a small ship - it'll bounce around on the walls unless if you're a really, really good pilot.

    I still thinking a rail system is best for moving around inside the ship, but I see no reason why we shouldn't have wheels as well.
  15. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Or any station with large and relatively flat surfaces for that matter.
  16. TheLightLOD Trainee Engineer

    Wheels can work pretty well: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=236086481

    Just made that after the inspiration from Willhu's post, earlier version that i made last night was more awesome bat had a selfdestruct after load issue -.-

    The main issues though are:
    -vehicles doesn't stick to surfaces, they push themselves against them...
    -vehicles are quite slow.
    -braking is either unwieldy or downright impossible...

    Which in term leads me to conclude that although fun and challenging to built wheeled vehicles are not very functional at the moment.
  17. Rizzitoni Apprentice Engineer

    Still, I am impressed with what you DID manage to do in the direction of wheels. Would loading the back of a pickup-truck style vehicle pull it down to the ground? I was thinking that we have gravity cannons made with rocks that you might be able to load up a compartment of a vehicle with rocks and "pull it down" with the gravity/rock combo instead of thrusters. I only ever build, so I haven't played around with gravity and rocks too much to even know if this theory is already crap, but just a thought.
  18. TheLightLOD Trainee Engineer

    @Rizzitoni with stones would work, as in this one from sporegod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=233394617

    The main reason for me to use thrusters however is due to the incredible instability the rock system brings, as you'll find out if you try the one from the link ;)

    Obviously increasing the length of the vehicle will improve stability, but still...
  19. tharkus Junior Engineer

    wheels could be a nice options to magnetic landing pad.
    also it could be other option for moving in gravity surfaces.

    the thing is.. the astronaut suit is TOO FAST so it makes no need to build any thing just fly where you want to go. i really think the space engineer suit should be realistic, slow . that way it encourages players to build stuff.
  20. sketch424 Trainee Engineer

    I agree with you on that one Tharkus :) if the suit was slower it would be more of a requirement to make ships. the suit may be fine for navigating the ship but not so good for travelling long distances :)
  21. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Whats funny tho, the astronaut was slow, max speed was around 4-5 m/s. It was changed cause the community asked. Personally I miss the slow moving times. Hopefully when we get out of creative the speed is slowed down. The argument for moving fast in 'creative mode' were/are solid.

    You can actually use 2 gravity points to control the 'ship' car better. I've used (successfully) this design on many things. Gravity landing, gravity racers, gravity torpedoes, etc ,etc. Feel free to check my workshop for something to tear down how I did it. (workshop link in the signature below) Or search the forums for some of them.

    I never managed to get my car working when the motor (now rotor) came out. It was way too top heavy. I think Its time to visit this idea. :cool:

    To sporegod: (In case your reading) Your little racers and track is awesome!
  22. Unknown Squid Apprentice Engineer

    Since we're on the topic of wheels, I guess this is as good a place as any to link to the "Roller Derby" that I happened to finish yesterday. http://forums.keenswh.com/post/super-roller-derby-6798766?pid=1281901654#post1281901654

    Created this after seeing SporeGods rovers. Managed to make the racers fairly stable and easily controllable overall. Far from proper wheeled transport that would be practical for anything, but still loads of fun. I'd love to see the kind of tracks that could be come up with if people got creative with gravity.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.