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Asteroid mining Hazard: is such a mod possible?

Discussion in 'Programming Questions and Suggestions' started by Killtech, Dec 3, 2017.

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  1. Killtech Trainee Engineer

    i've been playing SE for a little and as i have mentioned here the game has a great engine but not much game. so i have been thinking of adding some hazards to mining in order to add some challenges such that building a huge star-destroyer sized mining rig isn't the end of the game because it leaves you nothing else do do (from a survival perspective that is).

    i am considering trying to do some modding myself and i wonder if the following road map for a asteroid mining hazard is currently feasible:
    1. Modify the existing drill blocks. add following (pseudo-)code whenever they mine some voxels (i.e. inventory gets filled with some ore):
      if (RNG>chance1) {
      if(RNG<=chance2) StartWarningEvent();
      else StartAseroidBreakupEvent();
    2. both of the following functions would first find a random point on the surface of the asterioid in the vicinity of the drill block.
    3. StartWarningEvent would just place some sound and particle effects.
    4. StartAseroidBreakupEvent would begin by placing a new "Stone" block (as a static grid) on the surface of the asteroid. from there further blocks would be spawned attached to the already existing blocks randomly yet along the surface. then they would use the same method the drills use to destroy voxels around them to free the entire created grid from the asteroid - also with some effects. after that change the grid needs to be converted to a non-static one and give it some random velocity and torque (some stone blocks might need to work as gyroscopes for that?).
    these stone blocks would need to have very high durability (like heavy armor?) and mass such that they could cause some real damage upon impact.
    another question i have is how could the stone blocks be made to look adequate using a irregular shape like terrain voxels do yet still retain the ability to attach to other stone blocks without graphics issues/clipping/invisible connections?

    the idea of the mod is based on the fact that some asteroids are only loosely hold together - considering that there is barely any gravity to help in this regard. huge mining drills are a very crude approach to mining and could cause a lot stress for an unstable asteroid making large parts break up. since a core feature of SE is collision mechanics of ship grids it seems natural to create asteroids out of blocks (instead of voxels) to allow them to fully use physics and make them into an actual hazard for mining. larger ships would have a harder time evading and more drills would also increase the chance of asteroid breakup. besides, such asteroid ship grids could be spawned randomly in space (instead of the pointless meteor storms) to create hazards to large space ships/stations and motivate to build ships with a hull in survival.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.