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Atmospheric thrusters randomly die

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Xithyl, Nov 14, 2015.

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  1. Xithyl Trainee Engineer

    I'm in survival on the three planet world flying around with HALF battery life and it should be plenty. Then my thrusters cut out without warning and I slam into the ground. This has happened on two different maps on different ships and they won't start up for a few minutes or when I restart the game. Is there a mechanic I'm missing or is it bugged?
  2. druppi Apprentice Engineer

    had the same
  3. LeonserGT Apprentice Engineer

    Same shit happened to me in survival on DS. More over: thruster damage was off by my request because of this bug - it still keep exploding.
    And even more! It's not only thrusters. My welder ship have CONSTANT container/cockpit/thruster/battery random explosions while doing nothing special at all, like idle hovering. Hating it too much, I built a truck for "safe exploring". "F*ck you", said SE, "nothing can help you avoid your doom" and then cockpit exploded exactly the same way on truck while riding at 20 km/h at perfectly flat surface.
    As I play survival only on DS, not sure if this happens in SP.

    So much pain, so much butthurt. This thing made me quit playing survival for now. Thanks to space master, who constantly keep restoring my ship and lost recources, he believe losing recources because of bugs should not happen at all.
    Also, if container exploded this way - no components will spawn from it, so I will lose all components in this container too.
  4. Eucrasia Trainee Engineer

    My group had this happen on two of our ships in two different use cases.

    First case: Landed ship, engaged landing gear,, got out, got back in, disengaged landing gear and tried to thrust away from the ground, only to find that the gyroscopes and thrusters were completely dead. They read as on in the control panel. We tried power-cycling them to no avail, then tried grinding them down and rebuilding them. Same issue. Server restart fixed issue.

    Second case: Undocked hovercraft from planetary base's connector. Ship immediately plummeted to the ground with similar symptoms as first case.

    Similarities in issues: Both ships were reporting wonky power drains. The first case's ship was a small ship with two large, and 6 small atmospheric thrusters on it and a single bar green on two batteries. Fuel time was reporting at 32 days before issue happened. Second ship was reporting 'weird' power drain as well (player does not remember specific time increment) immediately before the issue happened - ship had 9 small atmospheric thrusters on it.
  5. Mornedhel Trainee Engineer

    I have experienced this bug also with hydrogen thrusters. They are correctly connected to full tanks with all ownership set to, yet they dont work. This also occured during flight.
  6. MSI Junior Engineer

    It isn't predictable entirely, it seems to happen under many varying circumstances, but it does happen!! I've had small ship advanced rotors explode in space and I've had atmospheric thrusters explode mid flight.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.