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Attacked on the moon?

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by Gumenski, Jan 13, 2019.

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  1. Gumenski Trainee Engineer

    We moved our station/ship from the Earth to the Moon in the middle of a large ice crater. There have been many enemies spawning around 8km and out but none any closer. We've wiped many of them out and stolen 3 of their large ships and landed them near our moon base. We hacked most important things including antennas and control stations to be our own.

    After afk'ing for several days I came home one day to find we had been attacked by.. something. It targeted the cockpits of about 8 small ships we had, our station cockpit, and the refineries by blowing a hole through the side of the station.

    Is that normal? What happened and why does it seem so rare? We had afk'd for nearly a week straight without ever being attacked on the moon surface and haven't been attacked since then.

  2. J-Cataclism Apprentice Engineer

    Hey, there.

    Did it happen in the moon or in the stuff you guys let back on Earth? Is that multiplayer? If so, the game is "closed" for others, right?
    It´s funny, ´cause for what I know, NPC´ spawning only happens whe the players are around... and than I thought it could be the wolves coming too close of your base, and than your turrets aimed ath them and hit your stuff as well.

    I don´t know if you´re using any encounters mod (I´ve installed "ModularEncountersSpawner" and "MoreNpcEncountersV3", and they´re great!) or just the regular NPCs encounters.

    A few days ago, something very alike has happened to me, twice in just a few hours, than I´ve realized what it was (but I WAS not much further from my Titan base).
    Sometimes, it can happen that two NPCs cross-fire each other while flying, and the loser comes down. Through its falling, if it comes closer than 800m of your installations, it will begin to shoot´em. Even so, usually a few (or a lot!) blocks of the fallen vessel remain on the nearby ground, unless you´ve configured the "Trash Removal" (in the F10 tools) to remove all that kind of stuff.

    Still, again, it´s supposed to happen only when the players are in the vicinities, and not when they´re away (and it´s cool to watch!).
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    Also, take a look at this other recent post. Maybe it´s the same...

  3. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    If you had been hacking some of the ships the distress signal still may have went out and the game took some time for the reinforcements to show up?
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.