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Attention Coders, Modelers, and Texture Artists!

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Styrkr, Mar 28, 2014.

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  1. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    Attention coders, modelers, and texture artists!

    I'm looking to fire up a modding group for when SE's mod support is expanded!

    We will, as a group, pump out high-quality mods for Space Engineers.

    For now, I am simply looking to organize a group so that we can be ready to get to work when the time comes. We will need only a few people, so reply if you are interested! I will be the groups producer, directing us into new projects and making sure everyone is on the same page, as well as making the content available to the public.

    Please reply with your interest as well as the talent you will provide (models, code, or textures), plus any exceptions we need to know about (eg, can create models but can't design the concept, etc)

    Looking forward to this!
  2. RedPhoenix Moderator

    We already have something like that.
  3. Jakejud Apprentice Engineer

    I am interested, But do you have experience with production and project management?
  4. xMoneyShadow Apprentice Engineer

    I can model low poly in Blender. Still haven't figured out collision meshes yet, I'll look at them tonight. I can design the concept, but I need some information first (style, shape, etc). I can't make engines or anything functional. I'm a modeler. I'm guessing the texture artists will figure out the textures, and the coders will add it?
  5. Oppositioner Trainee Engineer

    After writing my post via a cell phone I noticed that this one is here... I have a small team already assembled through y gaming community. Would you guys be interested in being apart of this? We are all experienced in other games as well as college educated and/or currently attending college courses. If you guys would be interested in jumping on board with us that would be awesome! Not trying to steal your thunder just have a few ideas is like us to get started on if there is nothing currently on your plate!!!
  6. CommanderHerpDerp Trainee Engineer

    There is already a group dedicated to this run by myself, if you're interested in joining it, PM me on here and check out our site to see stuff we've already made : http://se-modz.com/
  7. RedPhoenix Moderator

    Where's your other profile? :(
  8. artures Trainee Engineer

    Ok I'm ready to come on board, if you need coder.
    I am steamed to work on something like this. But I need to warn you, I don't have expirience in modding... but i've worked witch openGL, and boost librarys (I'm coding a 3D-filemenager in my free time). So that you know at least something about my skills / expirience.
    In college we are now strugling witch c++ "object programing" witch is complitly borring for me (in a way, "I allready know this")

    Additional i allready have some ideas, for mods (including cocpit internal view, for big ships), but an organized goup is sothing that i really need.

    Hope you let me on board ;) and that we set sail soon ;)
  9. transistor77777 Apprentice Engineer

    i know multiple programming languages including c++ and Java, and i can make simple models. I would love to help with mods once the api comes out
  10. smiffyjoebob Trainee Engineer

    I would be interested, however like Jakejud said I would like to know if you have experience being a producer/project manager.

    I am a 3D artist and a Unity game developer. I am proficient in Maya and Zbrush, as well as somewhat proficient at making textures in photoshop. I havn't made mods as such before but so long as I know what models I am making it doesnt really matter at the end of the day.

    PM me if you feel like discussing things.
  11. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    I have some experience in Blender, though it's been a while since I fired it up. I'm happy to learn things like hitboxes and such. I don't know much about how modeling in SE works, but I'm excited to learn how so I can start making my own content for the game.

    Personally, in reply to everyone asking about experience.. where do you think people GET experience? Places like this. Not everyone starts out from a company that produces games. I'm happy to work with a new producer.
  12. ChaosUnlimited Trainee Engineer

    i am just learning blender but i know Google sketch up ( i use Google sketchup to make prototype models) only problem with sketchup is u can't texture and it is not friendly yo the poly count

    i like making weapons
  13. Styrkr Apprentice Engineer

    And this would be another one!

    Not a lick!

    I will PM everyone who showed interest.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.