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Autopilot thoughts

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by saxmo, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. saxmo Apprentice Engineer

    I have searched steam and youtube looking for autopilot scripts and work-arounds. Most of them are either modded or very complex c#. I've seen the most recent post to the steam page of a torpedo that basically follows a line from it's launching ship's view to the target. there are some that use the view of a turret to designate the locaiton, and a manual entry of the distance to designate a vector for a projectile.

    I would like there to be more options to the Remote Control autopilot feature. There has been some talk about an option to come out with planets that would let the autopilot set an "orbit" around a planet. I say orbit loosely because it sounds more like it is navigating around a planet and fighting gravity with thrusts pointed at the planet, as opposed to a true orbit of an objects velocity matching the pull of gravity.

    Despite the technicality that this isn't truly an orbit, but more like a hovercraft, I am still excited.

    My main build i've been working on is a mega build of the U.S.S. Lexington form Ledgend Entertainment's Mission Critical video game.

    http://www.abandonia.com/files/games/31134/Mission Critical_5.jpg

    The game has a nich following and very few people heard of it. it was a DOS based scifi-adventure where you are the lone survivor of a Bunker Hill Class Heavy Cruiser. you have to patch up the ship, fend off enemy attacks, and complete the mission (get to an alien artifact on the planet below before the enemy does).

    i have almost completed the outside shell and some internal components to the Lexinton in true scale. this thing is huge, but hasn't crashed my laptop yet. but a side build i'm working on is the "Lockheed Martin RC-09 Basilisk Autonomous Strike Craft".


    These 18 drones are the Lexington's primary weapon system. the way they work in-game is you set 9 drones to a predetermined configuration of either fighter drone (fast, agile scout and anti-small craft), attack drone (slower, heaver armor, bigger weapons to be able to assault a ship if needed), and Bomber drone (heavier armor, even slower, but packs a one hit ship killer nuclear bomb.

    once you set their configuration, in the stock mode of the game you predetermine trajectories and targets for the drones. once they leave the ship, they are following the flight plan and target designation. if they survive the preset mission, they return to the ship for repairs.

    The experemental side of the game (player injects nanites and plugs into the ship's computer system) you are able to manipulate drone activity in real time.

    I know there is no Stratiegic ability in space engineers besides co-op playing with friends. so the direct manipulation of several drones at once is still beyond me. (i've seen the clip of multipul drones being programmed to work together, but i'm not that good at scripting yet)

    my current goal is to recreate the stock version of the drones. creating different configurations of the drones is easy enough using projectors and welders with different blueprints. so next comes the autopilot and guidance. my most simple algorithm to accomplish this is similar to a torpedo:

    point at the target, designate the ship's hanger GPS as the return destination, launch fighters, have them preset to head in a strait line after launch (thruster overide cruise mode), once their on board sensors detect an enemy, turn on the auto tracking and firing sensors and gyros and weapons.

    i've toyed with 2 different attack modes.
    1 is simply stop the criuse mode forward thrust and follow the enemy while firing at it. but this leaves the drone vulnerable to vanilla turret fire point defence.
    2 is a more complex powered straifing run set up. once the drone detects the enemy ship, have it pass the ship,
    bank to a side with power sitll going to the criuse mode thrust, and have it basically fly a figure 8 around the target, dipping the nose down to fire at the target when heading toward it, and pulling up to circle around for the next
    straifing run.

    that one would be more complex but i think an intricate mix of thrsuters, gyros, weapons and timer blocks could make it work.

    the second i heard about an orbit mode to the autopilot, i immidieatly realized what i was trying to accomplish was basicaly have a drone fly an orbit around a target and fire at it.

    so i'm wondering what other stuff can be added to the autopilot in SE.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.