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Bad feeling...

Discussion in 'General' started by Zóar, Jun 18, 2020.

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  1. Zóar Trainee Engineer

    Today, Thursday June 18, 2020, I have 2360h played in Space Engineers, yes, I like the game a lot, but I have reached a point of great disappointment.

    I think it's great that they bring out DLC if they need money to continue with the development of the game, but what I can't stand, is that they don't bring out anything new, we continue with the same weapons as in the beginning, with the same horrible physics as always, DLCs don't bring out anything really useful, when they do something, what they do is look for mods that the community has created and copy them without even thanking them, they don't innovate, they just copy, but also, little quantity and badly.

    It makes me laugh when I see that it says "completed" the request to put the Easy Inventory mod in the Vanilla game and they make an impressive mess.

    I am disgusted and if any moderator or Dev sees this, I say again that I have 2360h, which are not few, I love the game and its potential, but not like you are doing, I am very sorry but I do not like it.

    Dual Universe and Starbase are on your heels, it's going to be a shame, but this is not going to end well...

    I would like to see Space Engineers listen to the community, analyze the mods well and realize what people want, analyze their competitors, improve, move forward, innovate, I hope to see that, soon.

    I'm sorry about my English.

    Greetings to all.


    En español:

    A día de hoy, Jueves 18 de Junio de 2020, tengo 2360h jugadas en Space Engineers, si, me gusta mucho el juego, pero he llegado a un punto de decepción muy grande.

    Me parece muy bien que saquen DLC si es que necesitan dinero para poder seguir con el desarrollo del juego, pero lo que no soporto, es que no saquen nada nuevo, seguimos con las mismas armas que al principio, con las mismas físicas horribles de siempre, los DLC no aportan nada realmente útil, cuando hacen algo, lo que hacen es buscar mods que haya creado la comunidad y copiarlos sin ni siquiera agradecerlo, no innovan, solo copian, pero ademas, poca cantidad y mal.

    Me hace mucha gracia cuando veo que pone "completado" la petición de meter el mod Easy Inventory en el juego Vanilla y hacen una chapuza impresionante.

    Estoy asqueado y si algún moderador o Dev ve esto, vuelvo a decir que tengo 2360h, que no son pocas, amo el juego y su potencial, pero no como lo estáis haciendo, lo siento mucho pero no me gusta.

    Dual Universe y Starbase os están pisando los talones, va a ser una pena, pero esto no va a acabar bien...

    Desearía ver como Space Engineers escucha a la comunidad, analiza bien los mods y se da cuenta de lo que la gente quiere, analiza a sus competidores, mejora, avanza, innova, espero ver eso, pronto.

    Saludos a todos.
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  2. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I don't get it. Did new DLC come out today? Or is this just a general rant about SE bugs?

    Take a pragmatic approach to this game. You probably spent $20 on the game...maybe a bit more...maybe a bit less. Add some DLC and you've spent maybe another $20. With over 2,000 hours in the game, the cost boils down to less than 2¢ per hour. I've dumped $40 on a single game that gives less than 40 hours of gameplay. Personally, I'll take SE over just about anything else when it comes to bang-for-the-buck. Are there bugs? Sure. But as an intrepid space engineer, I don't see bugs, but rather challenges to overcome. It all depends on your perspective.
  3. Zóar Trainee Engineer

    You're right in part, the money is amortized, but it's not a question of money I'm talking about, as I said, right now if Keen does a kikstarter for the SE2 I put my wallet up against the screen without hesitation, the problem, is that they're settling for doing simple DLC without improving the game when there are other companies that are doing a much better job in less time.
  4. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    IF (and that is a big if) there is ever a such thing as SE2 (which there has been no official word on it) and I hate it when it is used because then someone reads it the wrong way thinking there is...anyway back on track here. If there were a sequel to SE I am not buying it.

    Yes I have gotten more than my money's worth from the title but as a company Keen has failed hard.
    Only 1 "complete" title out of 4 games, with the other 3 being abandoned.
    I hope they turn things around and make me eat my words. Until then my wallet is closed to them.

    Ok rant done. :D
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  5. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

  6. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

  7. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    If there is to be an SE2, I'd have to see a completed design document upfront. SE has been an adventure. But by not having any concrete goals, the budget wasn't optimally used in terms of money or developer time. That's not a negative criticism, but a reality of the development environment and path. It has been a long path of feature-creep and discovery. So a second attempt should be based around realistic and stated goals.

    Bottom-line: more time planning, less time coding.
  8. ShadedMJ Apprentice Engineer

    Nice concept but I don't think it would help much.

    There can be a stated plan, which most players will not view. Most players will want their personal half-baked favorite feature worked on at the expense of the plan, which they feel they are now contributing but effectively delaying the plan. Developers can work on the stated plan and ignore the players, or sacrifice a little plan progress to appease the player base. Then there is when player features are implemented but were either misunderstood or were only the tip of an enormous iceberg that now has to be completed.

    Planets. I bought Space Engineers just after planets were implemented. There was an uproar that the game needed planets, so Keen went through the non-trivial effort to include planets. The implemented planets ended up being mostly empty. Keen marked off listening to the community and added planets. On review, it looks more like players did not want just planets, but also plants/water/animals/farming/nomad_ai/trading_stations/bunch_of_other_stuff that would be on_planets. Community generally saw it as an attempt but failure.

    I am disappointed that I see new feature requests being upvoted but the old ones that appear to have more overall use are getting no votes.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.