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Discussion in 'General' started by devoderek, Feb 19, 2015.

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  1. Ninjaturkey Apprentice Engineer

    Hahaha, great ideas!

    When they can't breach into your fortress they will just wait in front of it; waiting for you to go outside scavenge for ressources. And they won't go until they have stolen a certain amount of ressources.
    So to make them go away, you just have to throw your chests of gold over your walls and watch them get away with it.

    "Give us gold, cattle and women and we won't make any trouble"
  2. Ryodd Trainee Engineer

    I know it's in alpha and I may be thinking too far ahead but, I would like to think of my Engineer as a lowly man who works his way to eventually get peasants and soldiers to protect his lands against barbarians.

    While you focus on amassing wealth and power and improving your kingdom, your men will do the time consuming farming (albeit at a slower rate for balance?) that you once had to do to start your first little hut!

    The possibilities for this game are endless!

    You guys have some great ideas! So hyped!
  3. Dylantriskel Apprentice Engineer

    In the Reddit right now:
    "Can we expect any improvements on character animations (Just the basic ones), and since you've considered oxygen and planets (Thank you!), will you also be adding NPCs anytime soon?
    Like that nice April Fools thing you guys did"


    Character animation is one of the big things we are working on undercover... basically adding some inverse kinematics and ragdoll and in future maybe even more advanced stuff.
    NPC - yes... you can start counting hours... Haha :)



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  4. animedan Apprentice Engineer

    yes hours lol
  5. Forgemasterhd Junior Engineer

    72 hours after announcement + 720 hours until announcement + 1 hour(s) to download.
  6. devoderek Trainee Engineer

    Yep cant wait :D Just cant wait to see how they will be done!

    personally i just cant wait till survival is ingame and i know that wont happen tomorrow!

    so im just curious to see how this all works out without death!
  7. BGouch Trainee Engineer

    +1 I too would like to see why they are focusing on npcs while there is no point for them other than tests. We cant die, no survival. Either way happy to see em coming.
  8. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    It makes sense to start NPCs this early. It's likely that NPC peons will be a primary resource for building/gathering/doing stuff, so they should get plenty of iterations to work out the kinks. Not to mention barbarians; if Keen polymorphs a bunch of lemmings and says they're barbarians, I will be disappointed (but amused for a few hours).
  9. BGouch Trainee Engineer

    I think they should only use peons for smelting forging, or human hamsters in a walking wheel. I imagine that building will be like SE except instead of a mig/arc/tig welder it will be a hammer. So building wont be too tedious id like to gather resources myself and plan ways of hauling. My opinion peons like that will degrade lifetime of the game. Having them haul a cart with materials would be fine. Its only barbarians right now. And this early for me i dont see a point. Maybe if they release some mounted weapons like a spike to mount on a piece of timber. Because if they cant kill us or we cant kill them they would just be another show piece right now.
  10. animedan Apprentice Engineer

    no but they can knock down your s***y walls lol damn mongolians!
  11. shimonu Apprentice Engineer

    When they are gonna be avaible I wanna option to make them use yellow armor :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.