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Big Drills

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Raz0rking, Jul 5, 2014.

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  1. Rosenkranz Apprentice Engineer

    well, unless you have thruster damage turned off those reverse thrusters will eat everything for a distance of about 8 blocks max. It also helps to make the drill head 1 row bigger in all directions. Take a look at mine above. You can make smaller versions but that one took no damage whatsoever.
  2. carazvan Trainee Engineer

    I did some testing before doing the Locust design and it seems like the range of the reverse thrusters is 4 blocks when maneuvering and 6 blocks when using inertial dampening so as long as the thruster has 6 empty blocks in front it is ok (Think it's 8 blocks for the large thrusters)
  3. merak Apprentice Engineer

    Did they made an update for the large drills?

    I have a big drill ship with (IIRC) 11x11 and before i tryed it, it did shake a bit (not much) but now (i admit have not had the need to drill that much as i tend to get alot of ores in one drilling session) it is really stable and seem to pick up alot more ore then i last tryed it there is alot less debrie (sp?) then when i did this last and the drill does not bang against the walls causing sparks as well.

    (will show you Pictures of my NOT pretty drill when i get home)

    Edit Pictures:

    more here :) https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=341A996C8099C09B&id=341A996C8099C09B%213877&v=3
  4. BiggLou55 Apprentice Engineer

    We call it the Peen Rigger... It's a movable drilling rig, and it 100% survival designed & built

    Lead Engineer on the project is Crushfield (his brainchild). Contributing engineers are BiggLou55 (me), and two additional members of the NOQR Engineering Division.

    Drilling head is 5 Large Ship Drills on a single piston. Initial tower shaft (station blocks) is 26 blocks + 1 merge block. The Peen Rigger is aligned and merged at the top of the shaft. Once the drill piston finished it's 10m cut, the drills are retracted and parked (with landing gear), the shaft side merge block + 4 shaft blocks are removed, and the merge block is rebuilt. The Peen is then converted to a ship, lowered and remerged to the station shaft. Total reposition time is roughly 5 minutes. Total shaft depth is 29 blocks.
  5. EZ Pickins Trainee Engineer

    /ignore...wrong thread...
  6. Infekted Apprentice Engineer

    It's possible to prevent a lot of these issues, by placing sideways pointing drills behind forward facing drills. Get them to stick out by one block and you will solve most of the problems. However there can sometimes be issues with the corners.
    The main things I find that help with that is by reducing the shake as much as possible and not drilling to fast, as usually it's "spikes" that get missed that cause the damage.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.