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[Big suggestion] Disaster weather, animal interactivity & places of importance

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Dazeuh, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. Dazeuh Trainee Engineer

    SE right now feels almost empty, the planets are devoid of meaningful life, the skies are always clear, my landscape does not change, I am the only thing truly alive on this world. Lets give it the life we want to see!

    Disasters & weather:
    Sandstorms, hurricanes, acid rain, blizzards diseased creatures etc. These massive natural phenomenon vary in tenacity and serve many purposes, to provide difficulty and danger to the player and their stuff, requiring locking vehicles down so they dont blow away, windmills to profit from the high winds, repairs due to damages and providing low visibility, giving an excuse and blind cover to make trash blocks be deleted from the world and possibly add new stuff that blows in, like skin crates.
    Earthquakes and cave-ins can be used as an excuse to partially refill ore mines that have no bases in or anything, and maybe even squish and bury players who thought it was a good idea to go mining in an earthquake. Weather could tie in with the meteor shower setting, higher setting equals higher density of storms and greater chance of higher strength weather and disasters. I think the default disaster level should be set quite high.

    Creature interactivity:
    Imagine if we had to eat food in SE, all creatures will drop an amount of edible meat that can be devoured either raw or after cooking it, oxygen farms can be reworked to also work like food farms. We could also add a genetic engineering system where studying each of the creatures both living and dead in the game will grant access to various character traits for that life like extra speed, reduced hungering, more carry weight etc. If you feel cynical enough, make killing players drop raw meat too.

    Lets add some more FUNCTIONAL creatures! No longer should they spawn from all directions anywhere in the world. it should seem somewhat realistic.
    For perfomance and development reasons none of my ideas should be really as complex as they sound, they just need to SEEM like they are! For example, I dont expect a dynamic ant colony that actually borrows in real time and realistically gains numbers by breeding rather than spawning, I just want it to SEEM like that. They should still only spawn in distances relevant to the player, but also not spawn randomly, their spawn locations and spawnrate should be based on a few simple criteria. Certain locations are hotspots for creatures, native biomes or natural structures such as forests for wolves or dug out tunnels for metal lice.
    Over time these hotspots gradually become stronger, spawning more and venturing out further from their homes, once these areas are attacked and many of the creatures killed, their homes weaken in strength again. Imagine having a saboid problem coming from a nearby mountain, you go there and managed to devastate the place, that saboid hive is no longer a threat to your base, but over a long period of time it will be reborn and once again slowly gain strength and become a problem again. Weekly extermination! Slaughter isnt meaningless because they stay dead for a while!

    Each planet will have a set of unique creatures that do something and supposedly have a unique function.

    -A woodlouse looking creature on earth that looks for abandoned metal to munch on, will attack bases, skittish and runs from turrets, drones and players. Killing it yields scrap metal and sometimes ingots.
    -A leech-like creature that wants to attach itself to any grid with a power source and suck energy out, will attack player, dealing low damage but sucking out the player's energy.
    -Wolves attack and spend time eating these creatures.

    -Hollow out dodgy looking mountains and stuff, add expansive underground caverns with ice and flora, make it saboid territory. The creepier the place looks the more active the zone is for saboids. They sometimes venture out in daylight from caves, more often in a sandstorm. (Dun dun duuun)
    -Surface of mars will primarily be scattered rogue drones and mining drones who calculated their desire for blood.
    -Pirates will be the higher tier enemy on mars, they wander around mars taking interest in drones, they need to be given character models and appear to be grinding drone wrecks. They travel in tiny groups of 1-3 grids, can be cars or atmospheric ships. Some areas are high tier hotpots, including decked out bases with a small attack force worth of stuff, including a space capable cruiser.

    Alien planet (please give it a name)
    Insects, lots of insects. I want the alien planet to be punishing, hurricanes, acid rain, giant floating jellyfish shooting lightening down on inferior creatures including us and our grids, just about every creature is hostile, active zones and hives for creatures are almost everywhere and after being destroyed they grow back within days. Bio research on these creatures is difficult due to the sheer amount of hostility on this planet and how hard it is to catch something since they're always in groups.

    Evil squids, evil jellyfish, evil tentacle stuff, extremely rare to find, individual ones show up around asteroids every few hours or so, but when you find the hoard inside creepy nebula clouds at the far reaches of space, prepare for a small fleet battle.

    Places of importance
    With these creatures and their hives/hotspots already providing plenty of notable places, we need some form of story, while my biological research idea is one, there needs to be more than one thing to follow, perhaps unlocking special alien technology throughout abandoned alien temples across each of the planets and moons? A puzzle in each to reveal GPS coordinates of the next temples, locations of special ores required to make these special blocks and half built versions of finished technologies that can be integrated into your existing grids.
    What kind of special blocks and technologies could be of interest to us? Teleporter gates, genetic manipulation tech to create loyal creatures or turn yourself into one, fueless thrusters that work anywhere, laser weaponry etc.
    These special blocks are not normally available, the blueprints must be unlocked and aquiring ores and components is rare and limited. You cannot expect to have a fully decked out alien ship, not even in creative. (disable it for creative, people play survival instead of spoiling the fun of progression.)
    A single place doesnt have to hold only 1 notable feature, we could have saboid hives mixed with a temple mixed with something else all in one place.

    Well? Say what you think! You dont have to agree and like all of it or exactly how I've said it.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  2. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Modders have already demonstrated that a tl hazardous atmosphere is doable though those are hazardous grids only. I would like to see toxic "clouds" (an opaque intangible grid) that deals lots of dps if player or grid intersects. That grid would slowly move while creating acid rain that delivers light to moderate dps to grids and players below. Main defense would be run, dig, or have a sturdy roof to absorb dps.
  3. Malware Master Engineer

    Just a small comment because it's a pet peeve of mine. None of the planets actually have names, that's left to the player. It's not Earth and Mars, it's "earthlike" and "marslike". They are all alien. This fact is made difficult by them naming the easy starts with the short names, causing confusion, and the adding of the ridiculous wolves. I mean, it's clearly not Earth by any stretch of the imagination. I would not mind this being made clearer by changing their names to habitable, barren and hostile. I do not want them given real names.
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  4. odizzido Junior Engineer

    Just want to mention that you could never eat alien meat. Even if it didn't kill you outright you wouldn't get any calories at all. Eating dirt from earth would be healthier and likely more nutritious.
  5. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    @odizzido ... wrong...
    Like a lot... It wouldn't necessarily be nutritious, but a lot of the compounds we produce would most likely also be present, since the thing we eat would still need an energy source, which would probably be sugars or another easily broken down carbon based molecule. Proteins, vitamins and the likes would most likely be hard to get by. Just because it is alien doesn't mean it doesn't have to follow the laws of physics, and carbon + oxygen is the most likely energy source for any complex living being in the universe since it is plenty reactive and carbon has an easy time being stored in a variety of different molecules.
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  6. Silvrav Trainee Engineer

    Unless you have a sample to back your comment, its very possible that you could eat alien meat...hell it might even be more nutritious then beef.
  7. Malware Master Engineer

    @sioxernic I disagree. As do Arthur C. Clarke :p That's too shallow a thinking in my mind, it wouldn't take much to make it highly toxic to us. All that's needed is some unbalancing, or one compound that's incompatible to our biochemistry. And with the vastness of the universe, who knows what's possible. Sure, it's possible it would be nutritious. But at the very least it's as likely that it would be toxic. I wouldn't eat alien anything without a thorough examination.

    Point being, as @Silvrav says, without a sample it's impossible to make a statement either way.

    However - it's a sci-fi trope that it's possible. Even common. As far as it goes for a game, it doesn't matter - because the entire universe is fictional.

    Just wanna say though.

    - Wolves need to be replaced by an alien equivalent.
    - leech like creature sucking energy... Sounds like it was pulled right out of Subnautica...
    - Space-borne lifeforms? That's too far out there for me.
  8. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    we'd just have to science the number 2 out of it to see if its even going to be beneficial to a human anatomy or even safe....
    imagine going munch.....hey that's pretty nice... only to die because this alien has mercury for blood cells or something.

    it certainly would be awesome. i imagine mars to be like fallout new vegas with some random locations being generated.
    [we can see its possible due to that awesome mod Surface Occupation]
    hugely unsure might be impossible but if voxel could be manipulated by say an encounter spawning cave systems and natural wonders could also be generated.

    it would be.....it would could should..... discouraged words sadly.

    maybe someday...who knows.
  9. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    @Malware Arthur C. Clarke is merely an author so I wouldn't really take his word on anyway ;P

    To be fair, almost everything on this planet we are on is toxic... For gods sake, even Oxygen is a toxin to the human body.

    It's all about dose... Nutritional value is almost certainly guaranteed, just because of basic physics. Carbon is extremely abundant throughout the universe, it is reactive and can be contained in a variety of molecules which are easily broken down with enzymes. This makes it a prime energy source for complex life, as well as oxygen based cellular life.

    That was what I adressed, not the possible toxicity, since none of us have any kind of expertise and as you said without a sample would be completely impossible to even make a proper guesstimate. But I can say with confidence that it with an almost 100% likelyhood have nutritional value, and especially that above dirt.
  10. Malware Master Engineer

    Oh sure, he was an author, but "merely"? I'd take his word over yours on this any day ;) I have a hard time believing you've done as much research about this topic as he did :D
  11. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    It's basic biology and chemistry ;P Carbon is excessively abundant, Carbon is an impressively good source of energy, Carbon can be part of an impressive amount of molecules that can be used to store it as an energy source for later. It also reacts amazingly with Oxygen, which is also a very common resource. So Carbon based life is (even outside of Earth) very very extremely likely.

    Even before Oxygen was used as a power source for bacteria before Oxygen was abundant, CO2 was used for the Carbon, because Carbon is an amazing energy source ;P
  12. Malware Master Engineer

    It doesn't matter one bit since such a tiny change of values is needed for it to become dangerous - and how huge the universe is and how utterly tiny our knowledge of the universe is. I never said it wouldn't be carbon based, but that matters little. Without a true sample you can't convince me.

    It just makes too much sense that a totally alien biochemistry would simply be incompatible with ours. Even carbon based.
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  13. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    @Malware Maybe so, although I was still only commenting on the nutritional level anyway, which is still the basic biology and chemistry. And as I said before, the toxicity is quite literally impossible to mention, although some proteins necessary for human thave been seen naturally occuring in SPACE (https://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/starsgalaxies/spitzer-20051220.html) which may suggest that life may be more similar than we might even consider, since the building blocks for life as we know it is more common than most people would have realized ;P

    But yeah, we obviously can't know for sure. We can't even know if the deep deep dark sea life is healthy to eat... Since we never have...
  14. odizzido Junior Engineer

    There isn't any point in defending my position because neither of us have any real evidence. Most of the hydrocarbons on earth are not human usable so I just think it's extremely unlikely that alien spiders would store human usable hydrocarbons for energy. Simple as that.
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  15. Dazeuh Trainee Engineer

    I dount it would be smart to try munching on strange creatures anyway, luckily we have science to munch it for us and provide us sausage meat containing only the stuff we can eat and removing the stuff we cant eat.
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