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Blender model issue

Discussion in 'Modding' started by captainbladej52, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    Awhile back some folks helped me get started with modding in game and helped me get setup with blender. Because of this I was able to get my first mod out there. One of the issues I ran into was an issue where the in game model for my mod thruster was appearing WAY WAY bigger that it's supposed to be. To put this into perspective I've included a photo with this thread showing the thruster appearing to be nearly as large as the starting Earth station, if not outright bigger than the station. The collision model and all the backend coding are working fine and the thruster will function in game. Until I could solve issue with the custom models I wanted to create I've been re-using the default ion thruster model since the dimensions are the same. With that said I do want to get my custom models going and have hit a roadblock.

    I took some time to better familiarize myself with blender but cannot for the life of me figure out what I'm screwing up. I thought I had the correct setting figured out but at best I just made the model swap directions but still be oversized. If anyone has any ideas I beseech the forum crew, help a modding noob out :woot:.

    Also minor side question. was there a tutorial that showed how to add conveyor connections/ports to an object along with a control panel access?

  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

  3. Takeshi Apprentice Engineer

    a while ago i had a similar problem, switching back to Blender 2.78 fixed the scale problem. Since them i am still using 2.78.
  4. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    Hadn't had a chance to check this for a few days due to RL being a pain. Anyways progress has been made. Swapping back to blender 2.78 fixed the scaling issue. Good news is they're now animating at the correct size. bad news is they're doing this now

    collision model wise they're still correct, but the actual visuals I see are doing that. Some of the textures still say they're not portable yet by what I've read on the documentation they should be correct. What am I doing wrong here? I know I'm a noob but I would've thought I was smarter than this. Apparently not though lols.