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Blocks inside the asteroid.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Nickolay, Apr 16, 2018 at 20:25.

  1. Nickolay Trainee Engineer

    Blocks installed inside the asteroid at half sticking out of the voxels of the asteroid itself If I'm the host in the multiplayer game, it's all right, if I connect, then it happens that when installing the second or third block, there's a sound from the unit setting and the block is not set, and after that more blocks do not set the sound there is no block, but when I'm host it's all good for my friends.

    I started the dedicated server and it all has such a problem.

    help me decide because I really want to play and I can not.
  2. Zhiila Tester Staff

    We know this happens sometimes if you try to place block into voxel as a client. It should be fixed in next update. All I can recommend right now is to reconnect when it happens and once in a while to restart also the server.
  3. Nickolay Trainee Engineer

    Thank you and do. and still we put blocks no more than 1/4 immersed in a voxel and then all is good.