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Blueprints + economy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Natebluehooves, Nov 3, 2013.

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  1. Natebluehooves Trainee Engineer

    just an idea, but what do you guys think about the idea of having blueprints for your ships cost materials to spawn? is this a thing that has already been announced and i just completely missed it?
  2. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    What are you thinking? The actual blueprint costs a resource like paper or computer chips?
  3. zyphyer Trainee Engineer

    Blueprints should cost currency of some sort OR at least use the required materials that it would've used to create it in the first place. I like the idea of building in single player and pasting in multiplayer but, only if it comes at a cost otherwise it would be pointless.
  4. MrFloppemz Trainee Engineer

    A message has arrived from Blako by telegraph it reads "Troubled by his ambiguous statement "What are you thinking" Blako sends his apologies for any apparent condescending tone. And asks, if you can please explain further to clarify any misunderstanding.
  5. solver Trainee Engineer

    I would like to know that to.
    In my opinion, the construction built with the help of a blueprint should have the same matrial cost as the original. I dont see a reason for the actual print to cost anything since i asume it woul be in digital form. The game does play out in the near future and in space, so a physical print seams both unlikely and inpractical.
  6. Evito Apprentice Engineer

    His thinking of blueprints as something that immediately spawns an entire built functional ship.
    It'd be kinda stupid, people could mass spawn a 1000 fighters inside of 5 minutes that way.

    Most likely they'll produce a frame on where you actually build a ship.
    And they did say they're going for authenticity.
  7. Nivve Apprentice Engineer

    I thought he meant selling your blueprint to other people for a price, instead of just sharing it on the workshop...

    Guess an elaboration by the OP is in order to specify what he meant.
  8. Brazilian Joe Trainee Engineer

    THere should be a blueprint exchange, and I don't think it should have a cost associated with it. It should be like mods, people do it for the community.

    It would be nice to have player blueprints to have the author's badge in it, if it ever becomse possible for players to upload their on insignias.
  9. bacondeity Apprentice Engineer

    Joe, they already have the workshop going. So there's THAT.

    And I wish OP clarified on "blueprints." If he means like actual blueprints, as in the plans to make a ship, or just the skeletal framework that you can spawn for the ship, then no. There should be no charge. Because it'll take the resources you collect to build the final piece from the scaffolding. But if OP means blueprints that are pre-made ships that could spawn instantly, well that's not a question of whether it costs resources.... It's just ludicrous altogether to insta spawn pre made ships regardless of situation or resources you put in it. Yuck.
  10. Sybarite984 Trainee Engineer

    Maybe have a few pre-made blueprints, along with the ability to create your own, however, the blueprints will create a skeleton for the ship that you have to use the welding torch to repair and make usable, like the skeleton shown in the trailer.
  11. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    What if they make blueprints so that they spawn one skeleton block instantly, when skeleton blocks are welded into full blocks more are generated. On the downside of this one block at the time you may not know what part of ship you are starting or save resources by not welding every single block.
  12. Nivve Apprentice Engineer

    Than drawing it on a piece of paper would be more user friendly than using blueprints in-game.
    I would rather see an in-game holographic projection (or skeleton) or something similar.

    (for the realism: Seeing how holographics are taking over today, I don't see how in 40 years they cannot simply use a projection (or AR) to help in construction.)
  13. Natebluehooves Trainee Engineer

    wow so many replies so fast!

    my original thought was this:
    player makes thing, player makes a blueprint of thing.
    player then goes to a server, invokes the blueprint in order to spawn the vehicle without having to manually assemble it, but it would cost the resources that the ship would normally require, and it would take time.

    another possible idea is to have it be a hologram you manually build onto UNLESS you have access to a player built station with a "fabricator" of sorts? perhaps larger/more elaborate ones could make it faster/more cost effective...

    just my $0.02
  14. Nivve Apprentice Engineer

    I disagree with the spawning you imply (also, probably in all survival welding and such is there). A hologram would be best with still manual welding.
    I am all for dry-docks which can speed up the process (or have drones continue slowly on other sections of the ship), I proposed something like that somewhere else.

    That should cost extra resources or money of course.
  15. Evito Apprentice Engineer

    This definitely, theres a zillion reasons why Not have ships instantly spawnable.
    A hologram projection of the ships layout wouldnt be too hard to make, can be done good looking too. It works, it makes sense and is perfectly doable by our tech at that date.

    Dry-docks automatically building should be slower than an engineer building it manually. I'd like to see a dry-dock work for one of two functions, either you build a lot of slips and passively construct slowly but simultaneously multiple ships. Should be expensive! Or you use dry-dock to boost your manual construction speed.
  16. MrMadman112 Trainee Engineer

    Here's what i assume will happen:

    You build a really large ship in single player, copy it into a blueprint.

    Then when you join a server you can spawn the ship but all you will spawn is the frame and you will need to use resources to weld and build the ship piece by piece.

    So say you build a battlefcruiser in singleplayer, then when you play like survival or multiplayer you can spawn the ship but just the frame.

    Then you would have to grab your drill and welder and start getting resources to slowly construct you ship.

    That, to me, seems like the very practical approach to this.

    But the devs might do this and some little different things
  17. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    That would be fine with me.
  18. ryudragon27 Trainee Engineer

    i feel like i get a small orgasm when i think of the potential this game has

    so i think that while this is cool, i would hate to have to finish the frame of my 30k capital ship EVERYTIME i want to use it
  19. Attrazione Trainee Engineer

    Seems perfect to me.

    BUT maybe instead of making a frame (which is actually part of the ship) the blueprint should just show the VIRTUAL 3D grid of the ship's shape. So you still has to build the ship from the very beginning, but you know where to place blocks.
  20. Devland99 Trainee Engineer

    No I'd like it to place the mainframe of the blocks then use that welder to build the blocks with materials from your back
  21. solver Trainee Engineer

    some sort of holografic blueprint or hud based virtual print is what i would like to see.
    That would be great when playing with friends and you want to bulid a big ship together.

    Any form of instant ship spawn or semi built ship is out of the question if you ask me.
    Can be nice in the modding comunity, but leave it out of vanilla.
  22. ZioMatrix Trainee Engineer

    While I can understand your concerns, it shouldn't be left out of the game altogether for balance purposes.
    Let's say me and a couple of friends want to start up a server and slug it out with the ships we've been working on.
    Let's say we don't want to have to spend hours rebuilding them again for the express purpose destroying eachother.
    This is one of the few practical implications of insta-build ships. While i'll agree it has no place in survival-esque gametypes, leaving it out of the game is unnecessary.

    They could always just implement a server command to allow instant building of ships or not.
  23. Guest

    This seems like it would be fairly easy to balance. Creative server > simply spawn ships from blueprint. Survival server > some sort of skeleton that needs materials/welding to complete. Once people have to survive and gather every single resource, the size and complexity of ships is going to drop considerably. Think of all the impressive Let's Play Minecraft videos back in the day when they implemented survival - they were impressive simply because the person had to gather everything.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.