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Bug reporting is sensless Keen destroys their own game .. Why?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by xander.huter, Oct 23, 2015.

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  1. xander.huter Trainee Engineer

    Hi all,

    I think it makes no sense to report bugs. The list of bugs is no more countable. Is it a joke from Keen?
    That behavior is absolutly not acceptable! There is nothing that excuse.

    -FPS down
    -Autopilot don't works
    -Survival Mode is unplayable (bug in Oxygene even 3 weeks)
    -Graphical desaster (DX11 and DX9)
    -Pistons / Landing Gear / Rotors not functional
    -Savegames no longer Useable.
    -Game starting Problems.
    -Asteroids changing the raw material
    -Connectors broken
    -Sensors crashes MP games
    -Lighting not functional
    -Mod downloading works partly

    More Bug details can keen find the many last forum sides.

    I can continue the list as well. Thats a litle list of the Minor Issues.
    There is NOTHING that could excuse that. Not "Planets and the BIG UPDATE"
    And, thats the matter, nothing happens.

    For myself I thing Im duped from Keen. That's not the way how a seriios developer should work.
    Same is by the other Title ME.

    Result for me: Never spend money to a Early Acces Games. Great job Keen! You destroyed my believe in support young developer. Many thanks!
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  2. Innoble Apprentice Engineer

    A lot of the things you mention work partially or work for most users. Part of the process of this game getting ready is making sure things work all the time and for everyone. You have the right to complain, but for your complaint to be reasonable, the game would have to be released first. Maybe some things are taking long and you don't agree with the order in which things are being fixed. That's fine, but different players want different things out of this game so your list, is not their list and their list is not my list. Keep that in mind. Rotors/landing gears broke for me this patch. I made a bug report and now I am working on something new while I am waiting for it to be fixed (my new weapon is gonna be more awesome even!).

    I have not seen many developers listen so closely to their customerbase and update so often as Keen does.

    This is an alpha version still.
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  3. xander.huter Trainee Engineer

    Hi Inoble,

    I can't follow you !
    I don't expect a "final" version. And at your side what you point out. But why keen leave a functionally playable Alpha version for us. No .. every week we have a "bugfix" with more bugs. Since 3 weeks the game is unplayable. If Keen needs more time .. It's ok .. But why is the game by bugfixing unplayable ? Bugfixing this and broke others.

    Could we stay an "stable" Version, the frusttration is not at the highest level. I can't understand the politics. It makes much user angry! It's not a must weekly must to offers a update, but I expect that I can do something with the Software, otherwise I pay for an Full Game and thats it. 22,00 Euro is not realy cheap for an Alpha and for the "Deluxe Version" of ME 24,00 Euro ... hmm
    There some other developers the are offers a full Version for less.

    Sorry, but there is not the way! Moreover it seems that Keen lost the controll what they do and compile.

  4. TARGET Trainee Engineer

    you bought into a game in the alpha stage of development, bugs will happen frequently. they've been flashing hotfixes quite frequently after a major patch to attempt to keep the game playable. It still is playable, just some things are broken, that's the way it goes when things are in development.
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  5. ayax Trainee Engineer

    I do agree that hotfixes have come thru, but many bug reporting forums for other pre-release games have a system in which once a bug is reported, the thread is highlighted as confirmed to be a bug and be in the work queue of the developers. That lets us know that the voice is heard.
    Here there is no such thing, I have not seen any response from the devs on any of the bugs reported in the last few weeks which is when I have been visiting the forum almost daily, my perception might be wrong but thats what it looks like now.

    I'm not saying the do not fix bugs, I'm stating theres not much in the way of knowing that the bugs are being worked on. Particularly game breaking ones like the invisible asteroids and overlapping LODs physically affecting the world as well.
    The game might be playable for you but for many others it isn't, thats not a fair way of gauging the situation.
  6. TARGET Trainee Engineer

    a dev replied to the one where we both are reporting asteroid LOD. they're working on it.
  7. xander.huter Trainee Engineer

    Something is broken?

    OK tell me what is playable? The Game is NOT PLAYABLE.

    See the new buglist. No Questions. I'm tired to report the same Bugs again and again.

    "bugs will happens frequently" .. No Sir. It reach a point there I have to say NO. That is not acceptable!
  8. ayax Trainee Engineer

    I gotta disagree with that, you're kind of contradicting yourself from your previous post. It seems that you do not understand what pre-release alpha is. Bugs will occur as development progresses. If you want a bug free experience then you gotta wait till the game is fully completed.

    I do agree that at no point should the game become completely broken, more to that fact I'm still somewhat surprised how these kind of huge easy to reproduce bugs or just things that break the game completely arent caught in their testing prior to releasing an update. What kind of testbed do they have where the game runs flawlessly after they patch it?
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  9. xander.huter Trainee Engineer

    Hi Ayax,
    Thanks for your words. Thats my opinion. It can not be, whats going on.
  10. xander.huter Trainee Engineer


    Hi Ayax,

    sure we are a the same Side. More than one time I have point out, that I respect the "Alpha-Phase", but is it nessasry to broke the updated Version for all? More then one time it would be asked, if we get back an older release to continue or work?!

    It's frustrating me to lost many hours of Work and lost them with a new "Bugfix" . Thats not the way!

    -> I'am a customer not a develooper and I'm not a Tester form Keen, you know?!
  11. Tigerstripe Apprentice Engineer

    I'm starting to doubt Keen tests any of their updates or hotfixes before pushing them out. How else would such glaringly obvious bugs get so consistently missed?

    WE are their testers.
    Except they can't see us playing and running smack into all these bugs.
    Winning strategy, yup. :rolleyes:
  12. ayax Trainee Engineer

    yeah I stopped myself short of saying that as I have no way to confirm it. but meh.. :(
  13. Tigerstripe Apprentice Engineer

    Probably not true...
    ...but you gotta wonder, sometimes.
  14. xander.huter Trainee Engineer

    I don't believe that I could finish my Base.

    I think I forget it....

    Sorry that I'm wrote something critical.

    Have a good time. -> Over and out ...-
  15. Byteboost Trainee Engineer

    105 is a huge update. New thrusters, a new door type, Hydrogen, new items for the conveyor-system... These things didn't take only a few lines of code. In my opinion 105 is a major-update.

    Please remember:
    Space Engineers is still early access. That means: every update can threaten your savegames, can crash your config ect, ect.
    The update frequency is only 7 days, so nobody can fix all bugs at once in this tiny lag. So, do you wonder why some bugs are not fixed for a long time? Think about the dependencies between all this (new) features and you will get the correct answer. Space Engineers is a multi-complex physics simulation in real time and it's not done yet. Every lately update is a part of the expected planet release.

    I'm playing Space Engineers since a few month and all the things that have been done in this time are impressive.
  16. xander.huter Trainee Engineer


    I' don't like it to read again and again.

    It's an Alpha Version .. OK

    A software with no System changings, go down the last weeks. I played it over 420 Hours last month , and I follow the last updates (I must to do) and the game is now unplayable.

    Start a Quick game, and the game is broken. So what ?

    No Sir! Thats not the way it is! Three Forum Pages full of not fixed bugs, with the same Bugs as reported from the gamers for 1.05.

    I want no more Blocks, I want a stable Game! As I read the new "gimmics" have also bugs.


    BTW An Alpha Version excuse not all!
  17. Tigerstripe Apprentice Engineer

    Open the game's properties in Steam, go to the beta tab, and opt into "old_multiplayer".
    It takes the game back to 1.104.011 -- the last mostly-stable version. Single and multiplayer.
    None of the new blocks or features, but also removes the new game-breaking bugs.

    It's a temporary fix, but when the game is this badly broken...
  18. Alwayssleepy Trainee Engineer

    1.100-1.101 week was my happiness week. I pirating to pirates, it was very funny.

    But after 1.101- week ...
    Decreased sim speed and fps.
    And for example, batteries, energies, turrets, oxygen system, LOD, graphics driver, and asteroids view...
    They're fixed little by little, but broken something every week.

    My 9/25 savedata are still remains sim speed to low .
    I understand this great game is early alpha.
    But I think I want to play continuation of that savedata.

    sorry about in engurisshu
  19. shadow250 Apprentice Engineer

    what are you talking about? i just played it for 4 hours. the only bug i really came across was the oxygen taking forever to fill the ship.
  20. Zhab Apprentice Engineer

    Well said like that, it does sound pretty silly that a bunch of "bug fix updates" (talking before 1.105) would introduce more bug they they fix. But here is the thing, behind the scene they are not bug fixing at all. They are working on planets. A brand new colossal features of epic proportion that requires several areas of the code to be extensively modified. Implementing such a feature in the background is bound to cause a tsunami of bugs including some nasty ones and breaking stuff that was stable for several weeks before.

    They might had 1 or 2 guys (or girls) working on bug fixing (everyone else on planets) while all their testers were busy troubleshooting experimental planet code and paying little attention to pre-existing stuff of the game. In the recent live stream they actually said that everyone is working on planets now. They are feeling the pressure from the community to get planets out ASAP and are trying to do just that.

    There is no way in hell that they are going to stop active development for a few weeks of real extensive bug bashing now. Not with an angry mob moaning about planets closing in on them like zombies. Maybe after... maybe...
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  21. Lt. Yankee Apprentice Engineer

    I stopped reporting bugs few updated ago . They never responded on my posts .Its because of the planets. And i think u all should stop until planets arrive.
    Everytime they release a new update u must start a new game because your old game cannot be updated just like that.
    U can see that when u build an ship from old blueprint.Some parts are not changed like cargo size which i discovered.
    The biggest issue i hate on this forum is when 9 years old children have access to bug section and report double bug threads all the time.
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  22. ThisIsADogHello Apprentice Engineer

    It's a shame, because there ARE indies companies out there doing Early Access, and they at least have some clue what they're doing. Starbound for example has their stable branch, and then a second unstable branch for people who don't mind encountering the occasional bug.

    On the other hand, Keen have their weekly rushed releases that have had zero testing. It seems like every bug that's been reported has just been put back in in a later version. "But it's Alpha!!!" is not an excuse. Plenty other people can make alpha games without half the issues Keen has had. I don't know of any other company that makes releases, and then routinely makes another release the very next day to address the problems they've just created.

    It's a shame because I really want to like this game, but Keen has been putting more work into breaking the game than they have fixing it.
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  23. carbonCore Trainee Engineer

    Yall postin' in a troll thread
  24. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    the game has taken a sharp turn in terms of development. a lot of the stuff is bent around planets so things that "worked" before were dug out and replaced with stand in props for the time being. so the game "runs" but feels like it's duct taped together. a couple months after planets and NC we'll see if they're up to filling in whatever gaps aren't plugged by the respective mejor patches.
  25. MajorTom Apprentice Engineer

    Also a lot of existing code is being changed to accommodate new things that the old code wasn't equipped to handle, like "natural" gravity and Hydrogen gas.
  26. PsicoPato Senior Engineer

    I am sorry sir, but i am beeing able to play with no huge problems, and as i said in an other thread, if you can't keep up with bugs in alpha stage of development, then you should play another game while this ons gets fixed.
  27. Signur Trainee Engineer

    i'm trying that
  28. xander.huter Trainee Engineer

    That could not the way it is!

    Planets ok, Big Update ok, but why leave keen us an unplayable Game? Talk to us, and leave the 01_009 to play and not destroy with the weekly "Bug Update" the Game? Could somebody update me? If they need more time, it's ok. I don't need a weekly update!

    If they are ready with the fabulous new Game feature, then keen can roll out the update, not earlier. I can't understand the develpment strategy. Is it a good way to make the hardcore users angry with more and more bugs? NO!
    Is it an good Idea to ignore the outside Testers? NO! I'm on the side by Kane, a "voting" System for the Bugs are a realy good Idea.

    It could not be that I have to read dozens of Reports bevor I report a new bug. If I can read this in a Major list, I vote for an existing bug. If not listed I can discribe my bug. Not all of us are in the situation that they have freetime the hole day. I have to work and my timewindow is small to report bugs. And honest I don't buy the game to spend my time as freelancer Tester for Keen!

    Another Point. alltime they say ... bugs only with the vanilla version. Who have invite the Modder to create Mods for SE? I think Keen! SE also lifes from the many Mods, their based on the Source API Routines. If a Mod no longer Works something has happens to the API. Why?

    ok I finishing and I'm right now more than angry
  29. Barfbag Trainee Engineer

    This is a rant thread not really a bug reporting thread. I'm not going to defend or criticize but this thread should be moved or locked imo.
  30. iSpiider Trainee Engineer

    Hey Xander i have a way to fix ALL the bugs.

    Go to steam > right click space engineers > Delete Local Content

    This should fix everything for you and you wont have anything to complain about. Keen is one of the most active developers in terms of community involvement I've seen. In the beginning Planets weren't even on the plan. They are only being developed because we wanted it and they found a way to do it. Feel free to make your own game if you want one with absolutely 0 bugs and everything just the way you want it. You seem to think Alpha entitles you to a perfect game. You misunderstand the term. Early Access means we are currently playing a game that is not done, and we are lucky to be able to play it before the official release. Minecraft went through the same process and is now on every major platform out there and is the biggest indie game in history. Stop whining and give the geniuses and Keen a little credit or do better yourself.
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