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Buggy Medium Cargu v4

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by DaveUnder, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer


    This is my last iteration of my vehicle design for cargo transportation on planets.
    As I hate rigid bricks that most of you drive-fly around, I took the liberty to create proper axles for vehicles long long time ago.
    I took my old design from year or so ago and improved it a little bit.
    I really like when vehicles behave like they do on real life. And its good for engineering perspective as well :)
    No moving parts will collide with vehicle other section. that's covered with axle (rotor) limits.

    As multi-grid solutions don't carry over wheel steering and propulsion, I compensated it with small atmospherical thrusters (forward and backward movement hidden under cockpit).
    I really would like to be able to make those back wheels to push the vehicle!!!
    Maybe one day it will be implemented. Until then, I use helper thrusters - as front wheels only don't make it feel right.

    Also to keep thruster speed under control, wrote script that turns off the thrusters when speed exceeds Speed limit defined on front wheels or when handbrake is on. So from speed settings you still adjust it on wheel settings as on normal wheels ;)
    By default max speed is 50km/s. was quite drivable. 35 was very stable.
    I'm very terrible at creating correct shortcuts in G menu, so figure it out if my PC is not working out of the stock :)
    (timer block has to call out itself and programmable block. trigger now and infinite PC runs on your vehicle and handles your speed control)
    If PC is not running properly, you will speed up too much and you will crash - make sure you have insurance covering it !!!

    Remote control is available on this build as well. Didn't test it, but it's there :)

    Also you might want to fine tune the wheel settings to your likening for better steering control.

    Power relies on battery only - lasts for 2h in survival.
    So make sure you get back to your base for re-charging ;)

    Cargo capasite : ~100,000 kg stone ore ( 9 x 3375 l with realistic settings.)


    It was getting dark when I finished building :)

    Blueprint download: Buggy_Cargo_Medium_v4

    ps. SpaceEngineers is in eary acces - so is my blueprint - not fully completed, but you can access to it and play around with the concept.

    I hope some of you, Great Engineers, will find this solution inspiring and do some proper vehicles for community :)

    Have fun!
  2. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer

    This was my first back axle solution ("lonely" block in the middle), but on rough terrain its not stable enough and tends to flip over sidewise.
    But this kind of cross-axle makes some nice solutions possible additionally :)

  3. Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    Your remote control is facing backwards :woot: It's one of those blocks for which the direction it's facing matters. Anyway, interesting idea with the suspension. Your first solution seems to be a bit more stable though. And not sure why you have an external air vent :woot: Trying to terraform Mars?
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  4. AneXus Trainee Engineer

    The external air-vent lets you pressurize the cockpit without having an oxygen tank on the vehicle. As for the remote control block, it could be intentional, you take remote control of the vehicle when trying to align the vehicle to a connector, that way you're not having to mentally reverse the direction, while trying to line it up.
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  5. Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    Oh, ic about the air vent... didn't know that..damn it can help me so much.
  6. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer

    You are correct, remote control is wrong way. Thanks for pointing that out.

    btw. In case I want to update this existing blueprint in workshop - is it possible and how it's done?
    Do I need to delete existing one and add new one or can I just update it somehow?

    Littlebit feel obligated to finish the design and settings and shortcut menu and all other tweaks and tunes.
    Yesterday rushed too much to get it out of garage. If concept works finishing details is always so so boring... :D

  7. Dante McFox Junior Engineer

    just upload the same (modified) blueprint again, it sould be another revision of your original (it opens up with the same link, and you get a "Changes" entry within it) Must admit i had one case where this didnt worked and made a brand new entry, but usually modifying a given Blueprint its simple as uploading a brand new one...
  8. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Your cargo is riding pretty high and your wheel base is very narrow in both of your designs. Over a flat surface and traveling at low speeds in a straight line, you'll be fine. But if you attempt to turn you're going to have a Michael Bay style roll over accident with a high center of gravity. The terrain on planets is very hilly, so your wheels aren't going to be able to stop you when you're coming down an incline. If you slam on the brakes you're going to do end-overs.

    Your wheel base has to be much wider and the cargo containers have to be slung much lower to gain stability. With nine medium cargo containers, that thing is going to run-away down a hill. I would also add thrusters facing forwards and backwards. Leave the inertial dampeners switched on, group them and then add them to a hot-key on the toolbar and switch them on and off as emergency brakes.

    The only way I got down a hill-side in survival mode without them was to do a "falling-leaf" maneuver where I went down the hill for a few meters then turned back up the hill to bleed off excess speed and repeated.
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  9. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer

    yes Im aware of high center of gravity :).
    Main concentration was on suspension through rotors. adding axles etc. This concept was only goal basically.
    Yes its possible to get gravity center down, but I dont like the build then.

    My goal was not to do super terrain buggy.
    I play in style that I would build road first form point a to b. and that would be decently level or at proper angles without big bumps etc.
    Ok at moment there is not good way to build roads in survival (if you don't want to build it as a long long station). maybe one day we can re-place ground on planet. in creative kinda voxel hand or whatever its called.

    Also on slopes at moment wheels are bugged anyway - they need some tweak at least. Normal size vehicles tend to slide etc. if that will be adjusted in future, most vehicle designs will need some fine-tuning again.
    I have not tried to build mega monstrums to see would extra weight make your wheels hold - but thats other story.

  10. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer

    Also, everything does not to be at maximum efficiency.
    I rather loose some efficiency in case in can design things looking good to my taste. (and i can still fit them to my gameplay).

    In real life also most of the vehicles are not in balance regarding too high center of gravity. specially trucks are very prone to fell over etc.
  11. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer

    Backwards and forwards thrusters are hidden under cockpit already.
    They give main moving speed at moment to the vehicle.
    Actually wheel brakes can slow down this 9 container version very quickly even when fully loaded.

    I don't see the need to use thrusters for emergency breaking.
    With multi-grids it's very dangerous when you suddenly stop your most forward grid - the ones you pull will affect to stopping fast badly sometimes :)
    For that reason, I better slow down "slowly".

    I had gyro added for dampeners, but I removed gyro.
    Dampeners did help slightly to stabilize the sliding "bug" on hill-sides. But sliding is problematic more on sideways not so much forward-backwards (specially for trailer truck version).
    And to compensate that, I did not want to use side thrusters. Current forward-backward thrusters are also there only because wheels are not controllable over mutli-grid. As soon controll over multi-grid will be added to game, I will redesign and will remove thrusters.

    My idea is moving more in direction of trailer truck solution in longer run. And those are very un-stable at moment in hill-sides.
    As trailer will have a lot more mass compared to pulling truck , it will slide and affect too much pulling truck movement.
    But I have played around so little time, so I might not have found jet the sweet spot on wheels settings.

    On asteroids I got the trailer working quite ok. But there was artificial gravity and that did behave differently when mixed with gravity blocks:
    Trailer concept can be seen here: Trailer Truck
    (NB! Its very dangerous to fix the vehicle on the trailer with landing gear at moment as it just will make the whole thing explode and pieces can be found inside 500m radius on planet :) - too many grids, rotors, pistons, wheels)

    At moment have adjusted the build a little, but main concept is still same for trailer truck.
    And I can build different trailers - to carry smaller vehicles. cargo trailers, transportable mining trailer etc etc. basically trailer for every possible need I can face in-game.
    Additionally to trailer version I want to create small trucks without trailers like the ones in earlier pictures here for smaller trips.
    At some point i will have nice small vehicle park for different usages.

    I will take the downsides of my current build (gravity point too high mostly). Just the proportions look ok to my eyes compared to astronaut/human size in-game.
    Also I don't want to loose much of the clearance I have at moment thanks to the axles in back. I can move over quite sharp corners that are little bit bulky and jumpy with rigid bodys.

    Ok, will stop my monolog :) . Will post something up when I have them finished one day.

  12. Vaskadar Apprentice Engineer

    You can actually have the RC facing any direction, it's up to you to configure which way it controls the ship via the pulldown menu or something. For simplicity's sake, I typically just have it facing forward, but you can do a lot more with it.
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  13. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Well, what I've found is that when coming down a hill (like to a lake) the buggies just don't have enough power to slow the vehicle down. It tends to keep accelerating to dangerous speeds. If you ramp up your traction you just flip over and roll down the mountain.

    Even if you start and limit yourself to a slow speed, gravity takes over and you race down the mountain. Over flat terrain and on roads, yeah, no problem. But if you're trucking ore from a remote mine to your refinery, you're going to hit some hills.
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  14. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer

    Good to know.
    I have not jet found time to test all the different angles on hills. Have just driven around my base closest mountain edges. More been interested how the axle performs so far.
    (dayjob also kinda wastes my gaming time lately too much...)

    With vehicle I most likely don't expect to drive up or down from extreme angles.
    If such terrain would be on my route, then I would make that road part littlebit smoother.
    Like in real world, where you dig your road though small hills, flatten some parts, fill some grooves with extra ground, if needed add some tunnels etc.
    Also I would avoid having my road to be sidewise angled. Again I would first dig into ground from one side to make road possbily horisontal.
    Sometimes there would be need to build your road around some sections of terrain. Maybe around a mountain or lake, if tunneling/bridges is not the way one would like to go.

    Granted. At moment ore deposites are maybe too small to take up such big road constructions-building works on planets.
    Also when digging the ground it's very hard to keep the digged ground as flat as the planet surface is by default.
    At least some proper machinery needs to be constructed to perform proper road building.

    Building your road networks would be one nice additional activity for me that I could do ingame :)

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.