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Build a ship and then what?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Striike, Mar 17, 2014.

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  1. extraammo Senior Engineer

    Do not make the mistake of assuming that survival mode was meant to be anything like that of minecraft. They were originally going to call it manual mode which I think they accomplished quite well as is. Minecraft fans are responsible for the terminology change which keeps creating false expectations for the game.
  2. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    I am having a great time right now with this survival mode. My biggest problem is the storage containers and the small number of piles I am allowed. I built a large cargo container to fix this problem but was again dissapointed to see that I had the exact same number of piles available as the small, and this was a small project in itself... But other than getting stuff like that fixed my main concern is proceduraly generated worlds and an AI to fend off.... I hope there will be some way to copy+paste my previous survival built stuff to the new worlds as well...
  3. davesoft Apprentice Engineer

    Hehe, yeah. I've been calling it survival since I arrived with minecraft in mind... though I never expected the two games to end up the same.
    Minecraft in space is a nice overview for those who know nothing about the game, but after 5mins of playing folks realise how much more scope this has :D

    Roll on Thursday!
  4. radam Senior Engineer

    The piles are expandable! Seriously just drop in more stuff. And you can switch the game to creative, copy one ship at a time and paste it into another world. Or use SE toolbox.
  5. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Its minecraft in space, if you cant see that wow......Just a much better version of engine but a block game is a block game.
  6. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    We have the Refinery = Furnace (Because we're not smelting ores in it)
    We have the Assembler = Crafting Table
    We have Uranium = Coal (We need something to fuel our furnace)
    We have Stone = gravel (Almost completely useless)

  7. extraammo Senior Engineer

    It's this type of thinking that results in lots of complaining and stupid suggestions. The only thing that this game has in common with minecraft (other than the stuff that all fps sandbox games share) is cubes... sort of.

    Again, the issue is people going, "This is like minecraft!" Sure, it's like minecraft in some ways but that doesn't mean you should expect it to add features to match minecraft or it's gameplay. That include mobs, crafting, some made-up goal, wiring, or anything that minecraft does or tried to do.
    This game isn't block themed, it's engineering themed.
  8. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    bahahahaha mate seriously your taking things far to seriously !

    This game is very similar to minecraft in many ways.

    Its a block themed game. A voxel game is a block game dude.

    But wait, minecraft, creative and survival, and Space Engineers survival and creative and in both games you can do the same type of things just with different recourses !

    Feels like a modern version of minecraft to me, played minecraft for many years merged to this and haven't played minecraft since this began because its minecraft in SPACE !~ With curves and sexy physic's and real guns and missiles/rockets, and I can still build everything I built in minecraft only better and its so similar I can even import all my minecraft builds into this game with not much hassle at all !

    The best one though is this, Ive said to a few people now, ''imagine minecraft in space with real physic's'' and they have bought the game........
  9. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    This is a rather perplexing stance to take, in my opinion. What exactly do you want the game to be? Please elaborate, because without having that base line from which to at least try to interpret your posts, at least I can't really get a grasp on what you are looking for.
  10. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    I'd like to point out that Marek Rossa recently said during an interview that they have environmental enemies/dangers planned as a priority, along with, factions, large-ship weapons and optimization.
  11. xtom Trainee Engineer

    The gameplay does need some kind of threat/challenge and the environmental dangers sound good. We will then have a purpose to build and repair for shelter and survival against the elements. But the guns and weapons will be useless unless they add some enemies to actually shoot at. We don't need walking talking npcs, just some simple ai controlled ships or the like that show up every now and then. Something to defend against and shoot at and destroy basically and enjoy the great damage engine without ramming or blowing up our own ships.
  12. extraammo Senior Engineer

    That's my point! They weren't even planning to have creative and survival modes! They got pressured by minecraft players who kept using those terms.
    This game isn't some version of minecraft. And let me be VERY clear that I use to play minecraft a LOT and I loved playing it. I have nothing against minecraft. What I do not like is people trying to make this more like minecraft just because they can't think outside the box when it comes to sandbox games.
    The whole, creative and survival gamemode thing is a product of the minecraft addicted community refusing to use the dev's terminology. It's stupid and now that those terms are being used in the game, the minecraft players are going to push more similarities.
    You should not be suggesting gameplay or features because of minecraft. This game needs to be separate from minecraft in order to reach it's full potential. It's not an adventure game, it's not an rpg, it's not even a survival game, it's an space engineering simulator.
  13. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Cant deny that Survival is a fitting title for the mode considering what it entails, regardless of other games like minecraft doing similar things.
  14. kern4444 Trainee Engineer

    I see nothing bad in taking other games terminology. That's how language works.
  15. NovusNecrontyr Trainee Engineer

    An engineer is someone who builds to overcome problems.. Without problems, what must the engineer overcome? The survival aspect adds problems to overcome. I have experienced a few already in my survival world. As a space engineer, I then build to over come that problem. Building in creative means you don't really have any problems. It's more like a prototyping mode.

    A sandbox is a sandbox. If you have to "survive" (Whether it is needing food and fighting off AI or even having to charge your suit the whole time) then it is rightly called survival. Creative is as the name suggests. You create, not build to survive or overcome problems..
  16. Skeloton Master Engineer

    They create their own :p
  17. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    Woah... it works, you have to drop stuff into an occupied slot... Thats why I never tried lol... Thanks.
  18. Krahazik Trainee Engineer

    Not sure if this was stated yet, but although its an engineering game, so building and designing are a major factor, having a purpose to design for also go in hand with that.

    Example. A multi-player co-op group on a server. Oh look there is a cool planet over yonder we want to check out, but hey we don't have a mother ship to carry our small mining and exploration fleet. Lets build one. Oh the planet will need rovers to explore it with, more engineering to figure out. Going to need a way to get the rovers on the ground, got to designed those too. Hmmm, there's a non friendly NPC group in the area as well,guess some one will have to engineer some fighters for defence.

    A few exploration/role-play elements can cause a lot of work for an engineer to do and self made goals to work towards beyond just basic mining and surviving. Basic survival can be accomplished with a well placed medical station on an asteroid and a little power generation.

    For now seeing as it is in alpha I am happy to puts around and experiment with builds. I just hope we do get some more environment as development progresses.
  19. Malware Master Engineer

    You should read the news section and Marek Rosa's blog.
  20. SpecFrigateBLK3 Senior Engineer

    An engineering game could only benefit from added challenges to engineer around. This seems to be a majority opinion as well as being my own. Whether it's environmental or 'artificial.'
    Here's facts. Dev-team can only do so much with their time. Frankly, weekly updates are quite exceptional. Just as each player has the opportunity to engineer with the new features every week, so do the devs.
    If you are unsatisfied with the rate of progress, I challenge you to do the same by modding. If you can manage to add everything you want to see and have it integrate with the game as seamlessly as the devs do it with source code, not only will your lofty visions have been realized but you may also have a job offer.
    If you can't manage to do it, don't attack the devs for not living up to your pipedreams. Get over the gimme-now attitude that is far too prevalent in modern society.

    TL;DR - Quit being a demanding a-hole. Either develop a mod to fulfill your vision, develop the patience to wait for the devs, or GTFO.
  21. return true Trainee Engineer

    This has been a discussion I have been having in my head. There are two major types of implementation I would like to see in space engineers. Obviously better and larger multiplayer, but I'm just going to take that off of the table for a minute. I would like to see more complexity in the designing process behind a ship. The oxygen additions have been a great addition to the game at this point. However I could see things like inertial stress, heat venting, waste management and a whole slew of other engineering feats we would have to overcome in order to make our space station or star destroyer. The other thing I would like to see is more interaction with the environment this would be more AI enemies, and some sort of economy. I could easily see if space combat was more difficult and more dangerous, designing ships capable of different combat and exploration roles would be worth doing. Where as right now if I want to make an exploration ship, I can just build it next to my battle cruiser drive it around for a while, and then say that I built it. So I guess at this point I agree with OP that we need more reason to explore and build. The easiest options I can see right off of the bat, are more tiers of materials with much greater rarities. This way you can break into the basics of ship building, but to really build your real dream ship you have to fight and explore in order to even begin to accomplish this. I guess at the end of my ramble I will say that I'm loving the game and have a ton of hope for the future, but I'm going to try and not get my hopes up too much.
  22. Farindark Apprentice Engineer


    Take helmet off = death, Leave helmet on = survive! Nuff said. :munch:
  23. Sensei Trainee Engineer

    I am going to make that mistake! Medieval Engineers already has barbarians. I feel like Space Engineers can only benefit from more antagonists and obstacles. In fact, I'm a monkey's uncle if Keen isn't already planning to add more challenges to overcome- it's hardly engineering if it doesn't accomplish a goal! If they just wanted it to be about making space ships that look cool they would have called it Space Artists. Besides, building a huge armored death ship prickling with guns and having nothing to shoot at is the definition of sadness.

    I don't think it's too early to start discussing enemies or obstacles we will have to build ships to overcome. Be creative, everyone!
  24. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    Hey, I think planets are going to be your answer for more enemies. Once planets are out they can even do something as basic as moving the barbarian AI over and giving them rifles and maybe some pre-made vehicles and you've got an AI threat.

    And that's discounting all the fun they can have with planetary threats. But that is something for another thread.
  25. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    Holy necro batman! When this guy asked the question planets weren't even on the drawing board. Hell, 3/4's of the in game content wasn't even implemented yet. And seeing that he has no recent post history I can only conclude that he hasn't been on the forums since at least the swap over, and I'm thinking for far longer than that.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.