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[Building Contest - Closed - Winner Announced!] Killer Vanilla Challenge Two: Kessel Run Contender

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by iN5URG3NT, May 31, 2015.

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  1. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Killer Vanilla Challenge Two: Kessel Run Contender


    Gold: 36 Points - Savannah Dropship
    Silver: 35.5 Points - Hermes Transport
    Bronze: 33 Points - 74X9 Banshee
    Fourth: 31.5 Points – Auxis Transport
    Fifth: 21.5 Points – Blockade Runner
    Fifth: 21.5 Points (DQ) – The Blue Mule


    1. Auxis Transport
    Author: @Vaskadar
    2. Blue Mule (Technically Disqualified - No Fuel or Oxygen - Survival Capability score drastically reduced)
    Author: @Ulfsark
    3. Savannah Drop Ship
    Author: @Old Rover TJ
    4. 74X9 Banshee
    Author: @Fluffy the Fleshpound
    5. Blockade Runner
    Author: @WardenWolf
    6. Hermes
    Author: @Obsidian9

    Kessel Run Contender

    Build a Blockade Runner suitable for transporting cargo and personnel under enemy fire.
    Blockade Runners are typically fast ships often used by smugglers to transport their contraband, but a heavily armoured craft might work well too.

    Today I'm introducing our fictional tame space pirates; Barry, Dave and Kevin. Barry, Dave and Kevin will be your crew in this and future tests. Unfortunately, our hapless trio are world class morons. When building your ships, remember to ask yourself “would an idiot be able to pilot this vessel?” I've introduced them primarily to help justify certain strange actions that your submission may have to perform. And it might be funny.

    General Competiton Information



    Long Range Craft: Must be able to sustain crew members and passengers for extended periods. Oxygen generator is mandatory. All Crew members and Passengers must have air available; assume everybody is not wearing a helmet while on board.
    All Aboard: Must have 3 crew members and space for 6 passengers.
    Pacifist: No weapons at all.
    Connecting People: Must have Connector for cargo transfer. Mounting underneath is preferable, but not critical.
    Heresy!: No Grav Drive, Grav Braking or Gravity based manoeuvring. (Clarification: Do not use a Gravity Generator and Artificial Mass/Spaceball on the same grid or an attached grid for the purpose of improving performance. Player made systems that utilise a GG and AM/SB, but use a merge block or rotor to detach a payload, are fine. Expect this to become the rule rather than the exception.)
    (BONUS) Look at you, hacker...: As this test is a simple journey from A to B, with two pickups along the way, a possible 15% bonus is available to those who use any combination of Timers/Programming Blocks/Autopilot to automate the procedure. Use the test world to try things out first, as there will be no bonus if it doesn't work easily. Must have simple start procedure. No deviation from the course is allowed.

    Grid: Small or Large Ship
    Maximum Mass: 750,000KG
    Maximum Dimensions: Must fit within the boundaries of the finishing platform.
    Minimum cargo capacity: 250,000L (This is the bare minimum required to complete test, you will need extra for fuel and ice)

    The Test:

    Submissions must undertake a 10km journey through hostile space, picking up cargo twice along the way. Barry is a terrible pilot and will only take the straightest course from Start to Finish. This means submissions will pass within 500-600m of enemies. Along the course are two Gatling Defence Platforms (2 x GT), one Missile Platform (2 x MT) and a Falcon Patrol Boat (6 x GT, 1 x MT). You will not be shot at while loading from pickup points.

    Requirements to pass test:

    75% of Pick up Cargo (187,500L) must reach destination.
    7/9 Crew/Passengers, including pilot, must reach destination. (Will be judged by counting surviving useable Passenger seats, Cockpit etc.)
    Ship must be able to manoeuvre well enough to land safely on the finish platform. Landing gear not necessary, just make sure you have enough thrusters left in each direction.

    A fast time and/or no damage to cargo/crew/passengers will count in your favour.

    The Pilot:

    Things Barry won't do:
    Deviate from the course in any way.
    Reverse to gain distance for acceleration.

    Things Barry will do:
    Rotate the ship to get armor plating to face the enemy if applicable.
    Use simple support systems if applicable.
    Put his foot down.

    Test world:

    Make sure you try out your ships before submission! Let me know if you find any bugs. The world is Creative, the actual test will be in Survival.

    Submission deadline is the 12TH JUNE 6.00PM GMT.
    Please post submissions below as a link to the blueprint, a maximum of TWO SCREENSHOTS ONLY and a short description. Good luck everybody!
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2015
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  2. Vaskadar Apprentice Engineer

    A great excuse for designing my new small transporter!

    Oh wait. Small ships can't be pressurized.
  3. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    - First leg has a gatling on the right, closest approach ~513 m
    - Second leg has a gatling on the left, closest approach ~510 m, then (not at the same time) a missile below at closest ~539 m
    - Final leg has the warship above, closest approach ~482 m

    Of course, one can just rotate the ship (as mentioned by the OP) to have one side facing the enemy.

    Rules As Written allows small ships, and air merely has to be available to all, so the passengers can be in closed cockpits instead of seats.
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  4. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    "assume everybody is not wearing a helmet while on board."

    pretty sure this disqualifies small ships actually
  5. CruentaUltio Apprentice Engineer

    Is chaff based on target blocks allowed? As a countermeasure since we're not allowed any guns.
  6. Vaskadar Apprentice Engineer

    It didn't look like it was prohibited.
  7. Ravric Apprentice Engineer

    Before even building starts there is a possible solution at hand.

    First the trio needs to end their fledgling space pirate career or see to it that the helmetless bunch are put in a airlock. These guys are likely a subprime risk won't fare too well with a expensive custom workorder.

    Second is to find intel on the blockade, the passengers and what the cargo entails. I get that feeling something is off here but if the data suggests otherwise I may think about it.
  8. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Oh, small ship cockpits can't be pressurized? I wonder why it says oxygen High in the cockpit of every one of my small ships? Crazy. ;)

    Think about it. Do I need to draw a picture? :D

    Nobody gives them ships. They nick them!

    Edit: Just read this back, sorry for the excessive sarcasm. I'm British, we can't help it.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2015
  9. CruentaUltio Apprentice Engineer

    Quite frankly, I'm at work and I could not read it through. So forgive me. :p
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  10. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    The cockpit can be, but not the interior. The way the question was phrased led me to believe he wanted the passenger area pressurized:
    "A great excuse for designing my new small transporter!

    Oh wait. Small ships can't be pressurized."

    While he could technically give each passenger a cockpit somewhere, that's hardly the most intuitive transport design.
  11. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    Maybe, maybe not. I think the original cockpit makes a half decent "sleeper pod". For small vanilla ships, it's the only way to easily facilitate long range travel without bottles or transport between pressurized areas without a helmet.
  12. Brenner Junior Engineer

    You forgot the most important requirement to pass the test: "Must be able to make the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs" ;)
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  13. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    I wondered how long it would take. :D
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  14. Tyriosh Apprentice Engineer

    How will you rate small ships and large ship grids? Small ships just can't deal with as much damage as large (if I'm not miss understood)?
  15. Brenner Junior Engineer

    I somehow suspect a small grid ship with 750.000 kg can do way more damage and is generally superior to a a large grid ship with the same mass. A 750.000 kg large ship is a joke, but you can create a rather epic small ship with that kind of mass.
  16. LATENT PRECISE-IMPOSER Apprentice Engineer

    A Large grid ship to contain:

    2 Large container
    1 Oxygen Generator
    1 Air Tank
    1 Air Vent
    1 large Reactor
    1 Gyroscope
    1 connector block
    1 connector
    1 cockpit

    with an additional

    6 Large Thrusters
    20 Small Thrusters

    already nudges close to the 750,000KG limit.

    Small ships have a very large edge here
  17. Old Rover TJ Trainee Engineer

    Ooo I'm excited to see what Mr Jim beam has me come up with!
  18. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    @Tyriosh The test is used to give a score for the Suitability category. I've ran tests on the course and it's not that hard. Both grids work well, but in different ways.
    @Brenner Yep, a 750 ton small ship would be mad. It would also be far too big and inefficient for this simple test. Unnecessary mass is not good for your score.
    @LATENT PRECISE-IMPOSER 6 Large Thrusters! Wow. I like your style. But seriously, you don't need that many for this test. I did it with 500 tons.
    @Old Rover TJ I hope it works as well as the tequila!
  19. Vaskadar Apprentice Engineer

    New question: Can cryopods count towards passenger seats? Or rather, are they allowed to?
  20. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    @Vaskadar Good question. Yes you can, but they must be connected to an air supply.
  21. goduranus Junior Engineer

    The large ship advantage would be having turrets, where you could potentially cripple the defense platforms before they deal you any significant damage.
  22. Tyriosh Apprentice Engineer

    Ships aren't allowed to be weaponized.
  23. Vaskadar Apprentice Engineer

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  24. goduranus Junior Engineer

    Hmm, I don't like this rule, why wouldn't blockade runners have weapons for self defense? Real world blockade runners are generally have weapons to ward off boarding parties at the very least.
  25. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    You're quite right @goduranus , Blockade Runners probably would have defensive weapons.

    Here's why this test doesn't have any weapons:
    1. I'm essentially looking for a resiliant cargo ship/transport, not a warship. The first test was combat related and there will be plenty of opportunities for combat in future rounds.
    2. Attaching even a modest selection of weapons allows ships to easily destroy weapons platforms, which makes the test too easy.
    3. I was going to allow up to 4 x IT for point defence on large ship entries, but IMO, Large Ship entries will have an easier time with this test anyway.
    4. The use of automated systems requires ownership. This is fine for destroying other players/NPCs, not so good when interacting with neutral ships and stations, I.E the pick up points.
    5. Three men with machine guns inside an small iron box with strong doors should be able to repel most small boarding parties, easily twice their number anyway.
    6. (FLUFF) The pilots of your submission are criminals stealing gold from the pickup points. Whilst stealing gold is a criminal offense and they would be pursued for a while, if the pursuit became too expensive, they might well get away with it. If they killed a police officer or soldier during the heist, then the stakes are much higher.

    I hope that helps justify the lack of weapons.
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  26. LATENT PRECISE-IMPOSER Apprentice Engineer

    do the ships HAVE to dock at the waypoint connectors? if so it's going to be a pain in the ass for me to program the ship to do what I want it to do.
  27. Ulfsark Master Engineer

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  28. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    I like this contest. :)
  29. Skrogh Trainee Engineer

    Quick stupid question, how do I check the total mass of my ship? I can find the COG, but not total mass.
  30. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    hop in the chair to fly it around, it'll be in the ship info HUD in lower-right. If it is a "station" there will be no mass shown.
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