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Building ship frustrations

Discussion in 'General' started by SpaceVark, Nov 3, 2013.

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  1. SpaceVark Trainee Engineer

    Oke I was trying to build a small cargo vessel. Nothing fancy. I removed some blocks between the "head" and the "cargo hold" and suddenly the bugger exploded in my face! Half the ship gone and I still don't know why?
    So I continue, repair what's left and remove some damaged blocks. Suddenly one of the "cargo hold compartments" came loose and drifted away ... :s

    So now I'm left with what? Some blocks connecting half a cockpit and what's left of the cargo hold.

    I removed it. I'll try again when I understand what went wrong.

    Another thing that I thought was weird. At one point I landed it on a platform (before it exploded lol) from a station I built to get an idea of its size. Station has gravity generators and I can run around just fine. So I land it but when I ran into this multi-ton cargo vessel I bumped it off the platform :eek. I don't tihnk that's quite right ;).
  2. Joe Trainee Engineer

    If you have one ship and you cut down the center you will have two halves. The two halves are their own entities. I've ran into the same problem before, and I don't think its doctorable. I just make multiple connections between the areas I'm working on and think before I start deleting things.
  3. solver Trainee Engineer

    The reason for the explotion was that you removed a block that had a reactor or gravitygenerator attached to it. when that came loose it bumped into the nerby blocks and exploded.

    The reason that the whole back drifted off was the simple fact that you cut the ship in half.

    The explotion when you landed on the platform was probebly becouse you had no landing gear wich made the game check for collition, or if you had landing gears, you simply came down to fast.

    When it comes to you bumping the ship off the platform it is due to the gravity only effecting you and not the ship. Landing pad, grappling system or something like that is one of the more requested features and will most likely be added.
  4. SpaceVark Trainee Engineer

    You're probably right about the reactor. I didn't think about that and that's what caused the explosion (PS. I didn't explode landing, I landed it fine and it had landing gear).

    I understand what you're saying about gravity not affecting ships. Still, without gravity its weightless, not massless. My mass as a space engineer bumping into the ship should have no effect at all. The physics here are just wrong.

    Also I think its weird if I remove a block connecting two parts that one parts floats off while the other part remains stationary. All things being equal, I think both parts should remain stationary and I should have the option of reconnecting both parts, as long as I don't bump into one. But again, bumping into a few tons of steel shouldn't effect it, really.

    Just see it as positive feedback, I realize the game is in early stages of development.
  5. solver Trainee Engineer

    Oh, i missread, i thought you said it exploded on landing. i see now what you meant.

    There are indeed certain aspects of the physics in the game that is a bit wierd as you say. i'm guessing some of it will change down the line, we are as you said in alpha.
    I made little work shuttle that i had turned on the engines on for a screen schot when i acidently hit it, all that was missing was a couple of goal posts and i could have made a little victory dance and shouted GOAL!.
    had to make another little shuttle real quick so i could fly after it :)
  6. Faeron Trainee Engineer

    Always build the hull and add gyros later on in construction. Leave space for them and plan construction in advance.
  7. .sigma Apprentice Engineer

    keep in mind that ONLY the armor parts hold everything together. once i made a mistake and removed several armor blocks during modifications, leaving a ladder as the only piece connecting the front with the rear of my ship.
    it doesn't work. ^^
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.