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BuildProgressModels not showing up...

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Köbi 2, Dec 17, 2017.

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  1. Köbi 2 Apprentice Engineer

    It just places the main-model right form the start. I even put in the path for the vanilla stonecubeconstruction. Didnt show. I dont get whats wrong. Please help.
    <Definition xsi:type="MyObjectBuilder_CubeBlockDefinition">
      <Id Type="CubeBlock" Subtype="StoneCeilingMod" />
       <Description>They all have no compound restrictions! I trust you to use them reasonable! Use shift often. Dont use them with doors, windows, etc. Make rooms two blocks high.</Description>
      <Size x="1" y="1" z="1" />
      <ModelOffset x="0" y="0" z="0" />
      <Model BuildPercentUpperBound="0.5" File="Models\StoneCeiling_Large_Construction_1.mwm">
      <MountPoint Side="Top" Enabled="false" />
      <MountPoint Side="Top" StartX="0.03239999" StartY="0.00" EndX="1.0324" EndY="1.0324" />
    	 <!--<MountPoint Side="Bottom" StartX="0.03239999" StartY="0.80" EndX="1.0324" EndY="1.0324" />-->
    	 <MountPoint Side="Left" StartX="0.03239999" StartY="0.80" EndX="1.0324" EndY="1.0324" />
    	 <MountPoint Side="Right" StartX="0.03239999" StartY="0.80" EndX="1.0324" EndY="1.0324" />	
    	 <MountPoint Side="Front" StartX="0.03239999" StartY="0.80" EndX="1.0324" EndY="1.0324" />
    	 <MountPoint Side="Back" StartX="0.03239999" StartY="0.80" EndX="1.0324" EndY="1.0324" />	
      <Component Tag="ScrapWood" Count="6" />
      <Component Type="InventoryItem" Subtype="StoneLarge" Count ="10" />
      <CriticalComponent Tag="Stone" Index="0" />
      <!--Possible settings Both,InVoxel,OutsideVoxel,Volumetric. If volumetric set than MaxAllowed and MinAllowed will be used. None forbids placement in both voxel, and outside voxel-->
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  2. Lukas Designer

    Hello Köbi 2,

    the reason why progressmodels are not showing is likely caused by a wrong CriticalComponent. Yours is set to Tag="Stone".. but there is no stone used in the components. Change your critical component to this:
    <CriticalComponent Type="InventoryItem" Subtype="StoneLarge" Index="0" />

    After that your model will show up. :)
    Note: Critical component basically says which components from you block's components are necessary for the blocks function. So game thinks block is 100% when all critical components are added.
    In you case, game did not detect Tag="Stone" among components.. so block was ready from 0% therefore it did show finished block right away.

    Looking forward to your mod!
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  3. Köbi 2 Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you very much! Indeed. I can see it now but couldnt! (Did you know that SI is calculated with the components?) Thanks I will try it out and hopfully soon have working ceilings. :pbjt:
    --- Automerge ---
    Totally working. I released the mod. Oh and dont listen to what I said about SI. The physical material is propably more relevant. (But I think it also alters the walking-sound) So basically I gave up on SI and they are maybe a little bit op. (But I want to go bigger and higher anyays.) Thanks for your help, I know it was a totally noobish problem - but I just couldnt see it! so thanks and check it out. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235962787
  4. Lukas Designer

    Glad to hear your mod is out Köbi 2, :) I have subscribed.

    Structural integrity is calculated from volume and Physical material, components have no impact on it, except perhaps they add mass.. so they influence how much is needed to support a block. Physical material also decides sounds, so that is why walking sound changes with the material.

    If you want to mod SI, you can make a mod that alters properties of existing materials Data\PhysicalMaterials.sbc. You could also make a new block with new material that can be used to reinforce structures..
  5. Köbi 2 Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks Lukas. (I didnt realised at first that you are a designer.) Yeah I figured it out after. But I think the sound is hardcoded and I didnt wanted to lose the stone sound. If I added my own material aditional to the stone material, it didnt seemed to have any effect. (I think the wooden floor has that.) I couldnt really work it out, but stone material is ok. I dont mind them beeing op. I actually later nearly made that reinforce block. (But it feels to much like cheating.)
    And after nearly getting to the brink of despair (I built my castle close to the max, you cant even sneeze in it now) I thought about a total overhaul of the SI... But its way to much work and simply not worth it. Still, it could be much more engineering like. It doesnt really make structural sense now, and feels to me just like an intertangeled sludge. I mean things sometimes break in ridicoulous places, and pillars, walls and beams mostly dont really act like in the real-world. I would love it if material and SI-Attributes would be sepparated. And if the attributes would decise between bearing, not-bearing, pillar, beam, etc... Anyways I finished my castle and am happy with my mod. :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.