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Cargo Ship Appreciation!

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Baconlovar, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. Baconlovar Trainee Engineer

    I really like the addition of cargo ships to the game. But the spawn rate needs to be lowered Alot, it should be a special event.

    To start off, i really like the sense of a goal. Its really hard to make a ship in survival with no purpose and a cargo ship has made me try many different models of ships to help me harvest these cargo ships and its been awesomely fun.

    Also a big plus is it makes ur tiny astroid field seem much bigger, not in space terms but its definitely bigger than before and that makes it seem more like home.

    to top it off it is super fun once you try the ships out for the first time. For example, the Military Minelayer is a ship attached to a container of war heads by an engine and 2 heavy armor blocks.
    I decided to cut it. Then. WHAM!!! smushed like a bug.
    totally heart-racing and unexpected.

    It was a little annoying having to build a ship again but then I could make it even better for next time!

    I would challenge the devs to make the ships even more devious then now, to truly make it something to prepare for. :D

  2. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    The spawn rate isn't really a problem, in my opinion. If you don't touch a ship, it eventually crosses your gamespace and despawns.

    Whenever you don't actively need a ship or feel like hunting, just ignore any ships going by. (I have only once ever seen more than once spawned at a time.) They don't affect the game much and they go away on their own.

    I agree that the first few times I set off booby traps I laughed like a madman. Several times I actually thought I'd gotten all the traps only to explode anyway because of another unexpected one. SO much fun.

    Now I always tackle the ships with a tug and power them completely off before aiming them for home. No risk that way and I find all the booby traps when I'm taking it apart anyway.

    Devs are so devious. LOL
  3. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

    Things will be much better when ALL the ship weapons are working......
    lol try towing a ship then..:D

    To be honest I mostly ignore them for now, only bother when I need stuff, or want target practice.... So the spawn rate is not an issue for me right now.

    I am expecting things to get more interesting over time now.....
  4. Captain Snyder Apprentice Engineer

    In before a non-spawning Capital ship with loads of weapons on it camp right in the middle after a total of 50 hours of gameplay on that map.

    That'd be a horribly fun way to lose your world.
  5. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    Albeit, a totally awesome way to lose your world.
  6. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    I posted this in my other thread about hardcore survival with cargo ships... but it bears repeating... a Military Minelayer passed within 400m of my base earlier today. I dunno the planned autotarget / autofire range on turrets but 400m is WAY too close.

    When these things are actively hostile we won't be able to ignore any that are getting within a couple kilometers. They'll be too dangerous.
  7. Red_Storm Trainee Engineer

    Agreed. But how do you know they will make them open fire on you? Have the devs said anything about this? Another thing that happened to me,The military ship that is booby trapped, passed by my survival multiplayer base yesterday. Thinking it was safe, I boarded it with my weaponless Oculus intercepter. I opened the door, and I was shot several times with a assault rifle. Turns out, someone had raided the ship, and whoever the guy was, would shoot anyone one who would try to claim it. Luckily, One my freinds that was online came in with an Oculus I had given him, and blew up the door with a couple rockets. Nearly killed me, and damaged my ship, but we managed to t kill the guy. That was fun. So now I have a damaged military excort, a damaged Oculus, and a LOT of supplys. So, be careful when you are playing survival multiplayer. Or they might get you. >.>
  8. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    That is AWESOME.

    Makes me think of another idea... take a drifting cargo ship that is enroute to an enemy, and make an extra booby trap. "Everyone" knows where the traps are now, so they'll disable those, go to the cockpit... BOOM.

    I am almost tempted to try multiplayer just to try this. Heheheh.
  9. Grynn Apprentice Engineer

    I left a beacon on on a ship I had scavenged and sent it on its way at about 60 m/s...last check its still in my system but its over 3.56 million meters away and still going, pretty sure its going to be there forever.... it'll take me like 9 hours top speed to reach it lol
  10. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    To my knowledge, any object you interact with stays in the world forever, long whatever trajectory it initially had.

    There are ways to get rid of distant objects if you have to, but I don't worry about them until I have noticeable jitter, and that's seldom.
  11. Galahir950 Apprentice Engineer

    Actually, I think they despawn after 5 minutes or the next time you quit.
  12. Spets Master Engineer

    I agree with the time of spawning, should be longer and/or random. I like this Cargo Ship addition a lot, even that I like Survival Mode, I don't use this materials at all, maybe a little :p. I just capture them and put them all together in a junkyard next to an asteroid.
    This is the first taste they give to us, and we know this is going to change and that this will be more challenging/polished in future updates.
  13. Ice Forge Apprentice Engineer

    I would like to see a way to limit beacon range vision though.. would be nice for some refreshing views on positioning and basing
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.