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Changes I Need

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Keten Kennek, Oct 27, 2017.

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  1. Keten Kennek Trainee Engineer


    I am a dedicated player - with >1500 hrs, purchased 2x copies and have remained a loyal fan for over 3 years.
    Disclaimer-these are my opinions, but I have been waiting a _while_ for these things

    *Core Mechanic Changes*

    1) You need to fix multiple grids and blueprint projectors. i.e. "Multiple Grids Not Supported, the largest grid will be used" Trying to use a BP in 1x1x1x vanilla in a projector is almost impossible with anything except a basic brick. Pistons? nope. Rotors? nope. small/large ships? nope. etc... etc... etc...
    PLEASE find a way to make vanilla projectors work with multiple grid-vanilla blueprints. Survival vanilla 1x1x1x is hard enough.

    2) Now that we are talking about grids... The entire implementation is kinda silly and poor. Why can I have a sloped surface on a ship, yet place _Nothing_ on that surface? We need a revamp of the grid system and surfaces. Also, the fact the closest a chair can be placed to a window is 2.5m is silly. This wireframe/grid system needs an overhaul. Start with grid surfaces.

    3) Conveyor logic needs an overview/GUI. Simple arrows showing the way material(s) will flow.

    *Planet and asteroid mechanics*

    4) Floating things need a fix. So many times I have ground away a vein of ore, only to crash my mining ship into an 'island' of disconnected rock. Also, in my main 'quarry' I have trees growing in mid-air.

    5) Trees need to stay dead and grow slower. I have a tree that keeps growing in the middle of my base. What I would give for some SE 'Roundup'... Also, baby 'shrubs' are too hard to kill.

    6) We _need_ aerodynamics ASAP. What kind of engineering game doesn't have a basic aerodynamic simulation? Wings need to provide lift. You released air - now release the physics engine for it.

    *Survival Mechanics

    7) Now that we are talking about trees... it would be nice to be able to utilize the indigenous vegetation as a fuel or material. Not really important, but parachute 'canvas' made out of cellulose makes more sense than made out of iron and silicon .


    8) Bigger 'Airtight Hangar Door' I want a longer door opening.

    9) Medbay overhaul. Goofy design. Maybe break it up into different modules. This thing never fits symmetrically into my ships.

    10) More weapons. Particle weapons? Lasers? EM Pulses? Cannons? Lots of choices. Maybe grab a few from the modders!

    11) Cockpit/Flight Seat - those displays need to be 'real' not just eye-candy. Make them display real info or remove them.

    12) I would like official 'furnishings'. Designing a 100 crew battleship without beds, food, showers, or a toilet is kinda immersion-breaking.

    I'll end with lucky 13...

    13) INCREASE WELDER RADIUS. My ship-printers are missing blocks. I don't see why the welders needed to be nerfed last year.

    Anyway, much love. I'll post more ;)
    -Keten Kennek
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  2. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    And now you have a potentially complicated problem, because of the way building works. Because a lot of things might break due to how pistons and rotors gets created when they are build...

    Would be nice, but I see it create more problems than it would solve.

    This one... Wont be "fixed" so if you NEED this then you should probably leave the game right now.
    And you can place a chair closer than 2.5m's, if you don't know how ;) Try playing a bit with it.

    Every block (one... Sorters) that has a flow mechanic, actually has an arrow.

    Otherwise the conveyor logic is, an item that needs an object posts a pull request, it then pulls from the nearest container that has the object it needs.
    An object that has something it want to get rid of posts a push request, and then pushes it to the nearest legal container.

    Yes... Please do me the favor of writing the logic to make sure there is never any floating veins of ore... It will be easy, I promise... </sarcasm>

    This one I do agree with.

    No we don't NEED!!! aerodynamics... It would be nice. Also what engineering doesn't have basic aerodynamic simulation, let me start:
    Scrap Mechanic
    Garry's Mod
    Medieval Engineers

    Just the ones I can think of just of the top of my head.

    Actually fair point.

    And I don't want small ships gone large...

    Larger airtight hangar doors encourage larger ships which encourage larger small ships.

    Maybe get over it or design around an asymmetrical piece of equipment. You going to complain that a refinery doesn't fit symmetrically as well?

    Particle, lasers, em pulse? Nope... No thanks... More weapons, sure... But no, they shouldn't grab a few from the modders and every weapon needs to be unique. Not just a different firerate machine gun.

    That is not the only two ways to do it. I like the displays, they make for a nice third person aesthetic.

    OOOOOHHH NOOO!!! What should you ever do? Maybe you could get creative? I mean no one has ever found creative or smart ways to create furniture or other kinds of decoration in any other creative game with limited design space (Minecraft). I have managed to create vanilla beds, showers, toilets, couches, etc. If I can, you can as well.

    This is actually the one I have been looking forward to.

    Most of this post reeks so bad of entitlement, even the title. It just screams: "I WANT THIS THEREFOR GAME NEEDS IT... REEEEEEEE!!!!"
    You didn't write the post as "This is stuff I would like" you wrote it as "We NEED this"...

    I disagree... We need NOTHING of what you have suggested... Some of them could be nice, would make for nice additions, but they are not MUSTS. They are not NEEDS...
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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  3. CaD Apprentice Engineer

    Bigger hanger doors I do agree with, can't build a decent space/airport without using mods for the hangerdoors and pistons with blastblocks just looks amatureish and gash. Not a MUSTS or a NEEDS just a WOULDLIKES. LOL.
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  4. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    @CaD The hangar doors are the appropriate size for what the devs want as the "maximum" size of small ships to be fair.

    You can create a 5x4 door, which is plenty big for any small ship that Keen intends the size for.
    I have NEVER hit a problem with small ships so large they can't fit.
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  5. Bumber Senior Engineer

    And what of large ships and vehicles?
  6. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    @Bumber They can't account for everything, especially considering they need to consider what playstyles they are incentivizing. Also on planets you can make rotor hangars, since two thirds of the planets have an atmosphere.

    If they make larger hangar doors they incentivize larger small ships, and even if you are talking about large ships, if they make large ship capable hangar doors they are incentivizing an even larger ship / station for that large ship to dock in, which they also don't want to, so really... Not increasing hangar door size is probably the best choice from a Keen design perspective, and it is not like it is an insurmountable task to build a custom hangar door if it is really necessary. It is even possible to build airtight hangar doors (I use connectors at high strength as a hinge)
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.