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Congratulations on a successful update!

Discussion in 'General' started by Tenzo, Feb 14, 2019.

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  1. Tenzo

    Tenzo Apprentice Engineer


    The new stone blocks are awesome, you guys really did make an improvement on the old stone even though at first I though - hmm, the old stone blocks were pretty good, I'm not sure if they can improve on that visual style, but you guys did it.

    It's still the same old stone but it feels more rustic, I really like it. Since we don't have a lot of furnishings we can place in castles, just having the stones really stand out more with that new parallax effect really keeps your eyes on the architecture of your design, which is a big plus for me.

    I also really like the awesome reddish cedar (?) of the stairs. Wow! The new stairs are just gorgeous to place and build. I honestly just want to stare at them. The new look of the wood is great. The downside is I want more of it! Now I feel like the old log walls and especially the tired out floor just doesn't fit the new cedar supports and the staircases. (And I wish the plank walls were a little reddish in order to keep that contrast between complimentary blocks going.)

    I hope you will do another pass on the wood in the future? I feel now you guys gotta go all the way and finish the job on the entire wood set as well because there really is a big difference in the quality of the texturing between the new wood and the old. It makes the old textures just appear old when next to the new ones, and I didn't feel they were particularly in need of a redo, but next to the awesome cedar, I feel spoiled for saying that I just want more of that.

    The new roofs are also awesome, I really think they are fantastic with how much more real the tiles look and the wood underneath them also looks very nice; they really look like you are entering into a real wooden home that someone lives in. The new textures and the parallax creates a very nice contrast that helps give the blocks overall depth which is a vast improvement to the old look. Please bring the rest of the wooden blocks up to speed? So they all feel like they belong in the same set.

    Finally, I really enjoy the new building. I didn't realize how much of a gripe I had with it before, not being able to place things above my head - even the wooden scaffolds were an equal pain to place, but now, I could just build forever, it's very relaxing and feels very stable. The blocks behave in a way I would expect them to in regards to where I want to place one, and it didn't take me one million years to place scaffolding around my basic house so a big congratulations to a very successful update on such an important system.

    Building is fun now! Much less about hunting for that "perfect spot" from which you could aim and place that particular block. It feels much more creative now because all that stress is gone so you can think more about what you actually have in place, more about the design, instead of the technicalities of block placement.

    Lastly, the odd, the new sounds don't work for me - I hear my headphones do a high pitched noise whenever ambience plays although I do hear some actual sound underneath the noise, for example when I am picking up a vegetable from the ground. Although that "whoosh" is the only sound I can actually hear 100%, the rest is really just high pitched noise. But I'm sure that is probably already looked at.

    I've been playing with sounds off (I can hear the music just fine), and I still had fun playing the game, how awesome is that.

    I gave you guys grief about choosing poor wooden textures in the past, but this new cedar is just gorgeous and I can't stop staring at it. I hope a pass for the wooden blocks is also in the works, because the new ones just make the old ones stand out all the more. That's how gorgeous this reddish cedar is. I have to mention it twice.

    Other than that, I didn't notice any real bugs on my end (other than the sound thing), and this is one update in a long time that I can honestly say that I enjoyed.

    One last thing, the crafting inventories especially the crafting table? Could really use phasing out of the basic stone axe, wooden mallet tools, because you don't want to scroll that list so you can click on timbers. You want timbers and planks to be on the first page, not something you have to search for alphabetically. I don't mind that it's a long list, but please think about usability first - what will the user build here the most, and don't place that item all the way down the list, okay? lol, just something to iron out over time I guess.

    I really like the look of the new UI by the way, it's a great look and it matches the rustic look of the game, more importantly. Very clean and attractive. I like the feel of the buttons and the icons look better too - they seem bigger so it's easier to tell what block you are selecting. They are more clear. More easily readable at a glance.

    This is the first update in a long time that has made me expect even more from you guys so I hope this is not the end of this excellent example of quality. You've really restored my faith in the future of Medieval Engineers. If you guys can continue to deliver this level of quality I know Medieval Engineers will be just as successful and more importantly, as profitable for you guys as Space Engineers is. The title needs all this love. It needs nurturing in order for people to really take a notice to it. This level of quality of work is where the title needs to stay at in order to get the attention it deservers alongside Space Engineers.

    But for now, cheers, it looks like this update has taken a lot of hard work to make happen and a big hard earned congratulations is in order.

    So, cheers!
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  2. Ghostickles

    Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    My honest thoughts are when will they stop redoing things and start adding (more) things players have been asking for. It worked for SE.
  3. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Not sure it worked out so well in SE @Ghostickles. ME seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of where SE is, just my opinion of course. :)
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  4. Ghostickles

    Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Now that is an interesting point of view. I don't see ME as having near the content of SE added over the same amount of development time. It seemed, to me, SE received more content from community ideas than ME. I have had both since they hit steam and have gotten to see how each developed from tiny creative maps to the worldly survival games they have become. SE got some nice things; sound blocks, sensors, timers, oxygen, different thrusters, programmable blocks, jump drives, magnetic boots, navigation to include autopilot, scenarios, suspension wheels, the list goes on. ME has been dealing in the same sticks and blocks practically since its foundation. The kinematic mechanical blocks where probably the largest addition. In SE you can paint blocks any colors you like, in ME its all the same stone type. There is a huge cache of ideas from the community, and some things were put in the game but I cannot help but feel like a majority of the work being done is redoing what is there and not bringing new ideas.
    That being said, the artistry in the current iteration is really good. The game looks better than it ever has before, and hopefully now that the art has achieved mastery the game can begin to include some new, anticipated features.
  5. Tenzo

    Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    I think since they redid the grid system they should have a better idea of its coding and thus be able to iterate on it with greater ease in terms of functionality since they are not dealing with code they didn't write from Space Engineers.

    Have you noticed? Vehicles are now much more natural in terms of physics and seem much more fluid. I bet that is a direct benefit of having redone the grid system.

    I would really like to be able to set a custom alignment in terms of height of blocks when you are attaching them to connecting blocks. For example, just being able to specify going at half steps would really open up a lot of different designs in the way you can build decks around a house for example. I also hope we can do wedge shaped designs in the future. Conan Exiles has some really good, intuitive, 'snap pieces at the edges' design that gives you a lot more freedom in design with a lot less pieces. The basic design of using foundation, floor tile, wall, triangle floor and half wall is fantastic in creating complex floor plans. You can create complex designs with basic pieces that Medieval Engineers just cannot do because the fundamentals are much more constrictive.

    We have free alignment by hitting O but it's completely unusable since it doesn't align to anything even as a guideline, and it's impossible to aim the block because there are no precision controls. You also can't inverse the rotation so if you miss your desired alignment you have to keep spinning it around again because the moment you hit Shift, it defaults to snapping to the grid and forgets you were trying to do freeform placement.

    I remember in the old system, I could sort of just aim away from the main grid and it would default into freeform ghosting mode and I could cheat a close approximation of alignment before it snapped to the nearest surface. With this new one, you can't anymore and I hope that's something that will be refined in the future towards the way Conan Exiles handles its basic pieces, before any other fancy pieces are added on. We beat their variety of pieces by a lot, but they have enormous functionality with just the base five I listed.

    I think we as a building game, not a pvp game, have a lot more room to grow on in this current state than the state of the game that we had before in regards to building. But it can definitely be improved upon. The basics in how you place those core pieces that makeup a structure can be a lot less rigid and achieve greater creative results without expensive additional art assets. And there are some annoying bugs currently like large round wall not accepting large round ceiling to be snapped on.

    But it's my hope that that's where they are headed eventually since like you said we haven't seen any actual building pieces than more or less what we had in vanilla. (Except additional sets, but without extended functionality.) Maybe they weren't satisfied with the actual building fundamentals in order to build upon with an even greater investment in art assets that would have to be changed later.

    That's why I guess we never got that stone ceiling which was promised to be "on the way", all the way back when we had no restrictions on how many blocks you could compound in one square. I hope a redone grid system means addressing old issues like not being able to place pieces at half step elevations or snap pieces to triangle based orientations, instead of a 100%, square based alignment system. Which is why we need a lot more pieces to create the same or similar designs. Our basic building system is far more rigid and lacks fluidity using core pieces.
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