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Connection "doors" on everthing functional

Discussion in 'General' started by Reganomics, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Reganomics Trainee Engineer

    So ive noticed this while bulding, everything that serves a function has little yellow connection doors. I believe we will have to feed all our working parts refined "materials" to work properly. Weapons need to be fed ammunition made by assemblers, which need refined materials from the refineries. While mining, resources will not just magically appear in your hold, they need to be fed to your cargo through conveyors or a series of holds.
    What do we think about this? It is definately going to affect how people buld ships and how they function.
  2. Baleur Trainee Engineer

    I would love that if you actually have to have a little conveyor belt (please make them half-block high though, no need for huge bulky full blocks) to carry resources from a cargo container to the actual reactors and turrets.
    I doubt it though since many people would probably hate that (you know how people are today, they want everything to be automated without spending too much planning thought on it).
    But i would love it :)
    Would make it feel more like the ship is actually "running" and "working" for real, rather than just automatically replenishing ammo / fuel from an invisible cargo inventory.
  3. Corban Trainee Engineer

    I'm perfectly fine with it. Just look at the 'building/repairing' montage in the trailers gives you an idea that things are supposed to actually take awhile, and some thought.
  4. Reganomics Trainee Engineer

    I would personally love this. Making sure there is an access port for the cargo hold, having supply lines running throughout your ship. It could be very strategic
  5. Nivve Apprentice Engineer

    I agree, this is probably how it's gonna be in the game. If you think creative is a pain to build a 1000 block ship, imagine welding it all (which is going to be in-game).
    So it's not farfetched to think this will be necessary in the future (and I like it!)
  6. Reganomics Trainee Engineer

    I have also noticed that the ports function as terminals as well. You can access any functional object (not conveyers) from any port/terminal and toggle it on or off within the system. Its pretty nifty
  7. Guest

    Yeah - I have this sneaking suspicion though we'll eventually need to re-design everything so it'd line up to converyors.
    I really hope there eventually will be lasers, or way to make more powerful turrets, because running a conveyor to each gatling would be so inefficient.
    Not to mention the gatling turrent looks like it has no way to feed ammo to the weapon itself :p
  8. Kamoba Senior Engineer

    Engineers, your task, make everything connect via these easy to install conveyors.

    50% of the player base: Cor! Nah I ain't changin' my ship! Gimme MP so I can pawn some newbs!'

    The other 50%:
    Ohh yes please! I been looking for a reason to change my first build!
  9. Falidell Apprentice Engineer

    i've been useing conveyors to link things this entire time under the assumption that it was already needed. please take a look at my published ship to see it. screen shots don't do it justice. it has no name yet. though i didn't connect the turrets though it would be easy for me to do =(

  10. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    I was considering a miner of the future, (say it with a grand voice), could require a drill + conveyor + storage. Heck I put conveyors under my piers for unloading tankers if it comes to that.
  11. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    Good thing I kept that in my mind and built conveyor belt from door of the drill to door of the large storage block, and from that storage block to large reactor.
  12. gh0st Apprentice Engineer

    Arg. I think all of us are going to be redesigning things when it goes live. Hm..... And really that's good for me, my next designs will be much better.
  13. Guest

    [FONT= &#39]How the conveyors will function and how resource management will be handled are probably the biggest things I am waiting to hear from devs. They are certainly the most important elements for design knowledge. I am expecting it all to be resource/forethought intensive as well, which I am quite happy about. I think people are severely overestimating the initial possibilities for their ships. I am all for having fun in Creative, I do it too. But Survival will probably start out as duct taping stuff together just to have things functional. The impressive ships should be impressive for the amount of work and resources it took to build them, not just the sheer size of them.[/FONT]
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.