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Control Panel groups

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Nexarius, Sep 27, 2015.

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  1. Nexarius Trainee Engineer

    I think everyone know that the control panel right now is really bad and improving it with the "hide in terminal" feature only helps a little and it doesn't help at all when you have multiple ships connected together (big base with tons of connectors).

    We could just use the already tested and good working system ALL OTHER programms are using which would look similar to this. (of course not with windows looks but with the space engineers stuff)
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  2. DanDuncombe Apprentice Engineer

    Isn't it possible to put stuff into groups then hide all the individual parts in the terminal? Doesn't that solve your problem?
  3. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    Yes a tree-view would be awesome indeed. I would love to get a better overview aswell. Sorting by type sure is the best.

    There have been some other suggestions along that line like:

    Just manually and selectively "hiding" something in a convoluted overview doesnt make the whole system better to use per se.
    Right now you have a single list without any particular structure.
    Having them grouped by blocktype, parent grid or anything else would help a lot in many cases.
    Imagine if you could sort by grid and type within that menu, much like it is possible with programmable blocks.
    You could quickly get all light blocks on a set of grids to change their values easily. No need to manually name them as the logical relation is present due to them being part of a certain grid and of a certain type of block.
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  4. Nexarius Trainee Engineer

    1) Thats alot of work to do for every ship (and really annoying for new ships from the workshop)
    2) It doesn't work when you do stuff with friends and they connect to your ship
    3) You cannot have groups inside groups

    Oh nice
    I searched but didn't find those :)
  5. Aracus Senior Engineer

    +10 oh how I would love this, especially if allows custom groups so you can group items any way you see fit, ex, door, lights, speaker in a room, or all types of refining/manufacturing blocks in a group.
  6. inventor200 Apprentice Engineer

    I would love it if all components were divided like folders by ship. It's really annoying and inconvenient when multiple ship parts are just horrifically scrambled into one massive parts list.
  7. Sergeant Snuggles Junior Engineer

    While I do totally agree and would love a better sorting system and layout in general for this I have found no issues simply naming my groups accordingly. That goes for connecting multiple ships by connectors to merge grids etc. I have 3 ships with their own names, to make it easy here is the example:

    Outpost 1 = Op 1 = Group Name Op
    Freighter = Fr = Group Name Fr
    Cutting Chair = CC = Group Name CC

    Now when Outpost 1 connects to the Freighter all of the groups merge to be at the top. The difference being that they are still seperated by their tags. Fr groups displayed first followed by Op. It becomes a simple matter of typing the tag into the search box to immediately have all of the appropriate groups listed for any connected ships. You will notice I have put the seperated group names as pairs of Capitals. This simply shows it is a named ship tag rather than a ship type tag, you may have several outposts but it is unlikely you would have several identically named ships.

    Now obviously there can be crossover in naming terms but thats where you can get a little creative to make things work easier for you. I used to have so many MD ships it was stupid (Mining Drill.)
  8. Legas Trainee Engineer

    Everyone knows that the tree system works, is an already established system people easily understand and solves most problems.

    I fail to see why anyone would be against it.

    Edit: Also make it so when you place a block, say a thruster, and then deletes it and place another thruster, the number DOESN'T get increased. I hate opening the control panel after hours of building only to find out I have a block named "thruster 129823" when my ship only have 15 thrusters.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.