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Craftable Suits and handhel-weapons

Discussion in 'General' started by Yahir Dkar, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Yahir Dkar Trainee Engineer

    First of all, Hello people, I'm new on this, and I have not buyed the game yet, YET!... And it looks like a fantastic piece of game, that i'll buy on December (I have an old Pc, the new parts will arrive, as I sayd, on December...) (I talk like if I have any kind of importance)...

    Well, as title says, and it's a question I have from already a while, will we be able to, build our armor and weapons like ships do?.

    I know perfectly what Devs sayd ("the game is not about Troops") but, combats between people will happen, when, for example, breaching a ship. Or at least that's what I think, I may be wrong.

    Best Regards.

    -Y' Dkar.
  2. MrFloppemz Trainee Engineer

    The game is currently in it's Alpha stages, so really anything goes in terms of speculating what we'll see within the game upon release. However, the game is primarily focused on ship building and flying as the devs have stated, so if we were ever to see this feature become available, I would say it would be far after release.
  3. Yahir Dkar Trainee Engineer

    I see...

    Well, thanks for the answer, I expected a little of hate (I play Dust 514 a little, notice, I'm not saying that everyone in there is hateful).

    As mentioned above, thanks for the answer.
  4. Nivve Apprentice Engineer

    I would rather have this as an expansion or something. Having FPS mechanics in this game is already a large job (aside from the whole building focus), to also incorperate 'Guncraft' in the game would be a whole additional FPS component, never mind all the balancing and such.

    Speculation is of course fine (that is how good ideas are proposed!), but in my opinion the chances of having this in SE in particular, is neglible.
    (To be honest, I was already surprised they were implementing FPS mechanics in the game, since they specifically mention it will be all about the ships).

    Just a (rhetorical) question; Why do you think they made Dust 514 instead of implementing FPS mechanics in EVE online?
  5. Popscotch Trainee Engineer

    In terms of gun play, balancing won't be too much of an issue. It's a sandbox game. Take minecraft for example. Diamond swords are blatantly better than all swords under its tier. No balancing there, the only real balancing would be the resources which will be balanced anyway so the gun play can just adjust from that.
  6. Nivve Apprentice Engineer

    I wouldn't compare Minecraft's melee system with FPS mechanics. I don't think you can copy that 1 on 1 (which is what I interpret from your reply). The fact that it is a sandbox doesn't change that.
    Aside form it being not fun, when one with a 'diamond' gun (so, rich people) are owning everyone in a firefight. That is the minecraft system and there is a reason why shooters don't do it like this.

    There should be balancing with all parts of the gun to make all guns behave differently, but doesn't make one weapon simply better than all others.
    Exactly the same as ships are now; There is no 'diamond' ship, only ships with a different focus
  7. Yahir Dkar Trainee Engineer

    I understand the whole point of the ship crafting, and, to answer your question.

    I think thats because of the game mechanics that EVE has.

    For now, the only thing they can do about exploring, is going to their captain's quarter, if I'm right.

    Dust is the infantry version of EVE, ground soldiers, that, maybe, I don't know, in a future, will be able to board some ships and prevent pirates or other players to, mess things up on the inside.

    I made that question, because of the fps mechanics that this game has, and that's something that intrigues me...

    Why having handheld guns in a game about ships construction? Or even, why not have those weapons and armor?...

    I hope I am being clear enough, thanks for your answers.

    Best regards.
  8. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    For suits and handheld weapons I say yes, they would probably be needed for any sort of launching and defending from boarding actions on your ship or station. But a craftable system like the shipbuilding, I am going to say no. This game is supposed to (from what we know so far) be about the actual ships and designs, Individual combat is just an addition and should not have as much focus on it like in the form of a craftable system. It would be better setup as if we had maybe just a handful of different weapons and suit to choose from that cost X-amount of materials to build
  9. Yahir Dkar Trainee Engineer

    I understand perfectly what that "No", but personally, I do not like the idea of buying suits and weapons from a virtual shop for X-amount of materials... Because, well, I fell it is a little limitating (I understand the why, nobody wants a chaingun attached to a pistol, or an "assault rifle" that shots missiles, nor someone spraying and praying like an hippopotamus marking it's territory), also, well, you're right about the ships designs and stuff, but I, in a tiny way, would like to see that. and my apologies if I sound like a blind fool or something like it.

    (remenber I made this question just to inform myself, not like a petition or something similar).

    Best regards.
  10. sanjai Trainee Engineer

    I think it's fine as it is, with one handheld weapon, if more is going to be added it will get the focus of the ship building and people would just constantly shoot each other.
    i don't think armor would really necesarry though, upgrades to your spacesuit might be better i think (if you want to customize it at all), like less fuel usage, faster flying, more resistance to bullets and stuff like that.
  11. Yahir Dkar Trainee Engineer

    I have to admit, that I disagree a little.

    Upgrades may be cool, but, (well, at least not on this game, I know such features won't be ever seen on this or other games) I feel that a way to, put armor and other pieces in a suit, that is being designed by you, would be great, the same with handheld weapons, and turrets on our ships.
  12. DarkGhost Junior Engineer

    Don't forget a strong point of SE : Modding ... Wanna create your own weapon ? Mod (and modelize) it and play with it with your friends on your server. :)

    Useful links about modding :

    f course, it's not the same as building it in-game during a fight, but still, it's a way to get different weapons that aren't integrated in the "vanilla".
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.