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[Critical Things] Survival in Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Survival' started by venor, Jun 20, 2014.

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  1. venor Trainee Engineer


    There are few things i would like to point out and see changed, as well as know your opinions about it.

    1. Saving of Multiplayer Survival Worlds.
    Im not sure if should even be discussed, it needs to go.
    People abuse this to find others.

    2. The green lazer of Turrets.
    It can not be that the lazer is shining thou the asteroid.
    Basicly turrets are of 0 use to defend your beloved station that you just spend your last 20 ingame hours on it.
    If ppl see the lazor, they will come very slowly or just bombard the root of the lazor.
    If they see the base without lazer, then why even have the turret, your dead before you can activate them.
    Factions wont make the green everything-piercing lazer go away.

    3. Keys for my Car or somthing.
    Make it 4 numbers or panel where you have to roughly draw your symbol or actuall an item that you need or or or.
    There are alot of ways to give stuff more security so that a freshspawn or pirate that just found my base will not just steal my space ship and be gone.
    (Dont get me wrong i totaly love the idea of stealing entire ships, but as it is now, its tooooooo easy)
    Factions may solve this aswell as introduction of hacking tools etc etc.

    4. the ONE server that is hosted by keenswh.
    An official survival server for any to join with no mods. Only the absolute normal SE.
    In this server you would not need to be afraid that the host leaves and all your work is gone.


    The first 2 things can be done very quickly, remove lazer, disable saving option and we are good for atleast the moment.

    I would like to conclude this post by saying that i absolutly love Space engineers in survival and keenswh has done an amazing job sofar!!!
    I surly would drop some steambuks if there were cosmetic-only blocks to support this game more then only the normal buy. Greets Venor
  2. Draygo Senior Engineer

    1) Even if the save button is greyed out, all the information you need to find a ship is in memory and is sent to your computer. Culling would solve that problem by not having the server send the information in the first place. http://forums.keenswh.com/post/optimization-roadmap-for-dedicated-servers-culling-6947207?&trail=15

    2) Faction system should take care of this issue

    3) Faction system should take care of this issue

    4) Why is this needed? There are plenty of dedicated 24/7 servers do some research and find one to join. Servers hosted by KSH wouldn't have grief protection, it wouldn't be worth their time to moderate it.

    Many of the things you have posted already exist in other threads, support those threads before creating a new one. There is a suggestions forum for game suggestions.
    Please read the newbie guide in my sig.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.