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Custom Importer/Editor tool - SEToolbox

Discussion in 'Modding Guides and Tools' started by midspace, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. midspace Senior Engineer

    Version 01.181.001 Release 1 is up. Download the latest from here.
    • Added cube BuiltBy details and ability to change.
    • Added Small Station detail, and ability to change a group of ships to stations and back.
    • Fix to player character inventory when in cockpit or cryo chamber.
    • Updates to work with SE 1.181.x
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  2. Everwake Trainee Engineer

    Tried installing 1.181, itfailed then tried 1.179 and got the same issue

    on launch after UAC prompt I get an "update error" choosing to launch anyway give me (roughly translated) : cannot find the file VRage.Math Version, Culture=netutral,PublicKeyToken=null or one of its dependencies, file cannot be found

    this is 64-bit SE on a fresh install of windows 10, .Net framework and game in place.

    figured out the issue, I answer the UAC with a domain admin account, my normal user is not an admin on my PC, this does not work, if I start a command prompt as the same domain admin, and launch SEtoolbox from that command line, then it works
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  3. Silvrav Trainee Engineer

    Hi. Firstly great great tool!

    I want to use this on my dedicated server but my dedicated server does not run windows and only have the server config files for SE.

    How can i remotely (i use FTP access) manage my server with this toolbox?
  4. midspace Senior Engineer

    SEToolbox can not be used over FTP.
    If you don't have access to a file share, then users typically download all the save files to somewhere on your local computer, and use SEToolbox on your local computer.
    You can load a save game from any directory using the menu options "File", "Open", and then the button "Browse".

    Once you have saved any changes, upload them back to your host.
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  5. Roxette Senior Engineer

    There are a few windows applications available which can create a virtual disk drive on a windows client from an ftp connection. I'm not aware of a current one that is free/open source, those I have used are commercial packages. I assume they would do the job, although I always prefer to stop the server and do the SEToolbox repairing and manipulating of the save locally anyway. Having a backup of the unedited save has proved invaluable on many occasions.
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  6. Silvrav Trainee Engineer

    But how do you do server cleanup?

    Stop server, download save, load it up, remove/delete blocks then upload all of it again?
  7. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Yes, with SEToolbox that is the only safe way. It's a bit awkward and means at least a few minutes downtime, but it is still the safest and most reliable way to clean up the server in some situations. Midspace's Admin helper command Mod is also an invaluable tool for routine maintenance in my opinion.
  8. Roxette Senior Engineer

    @midspace Thank you so much for the prompt fix to make it work again... I'd be lost without this magnificent tool.
  9. Moredice Apprentice Engineer

    I'm unable to launch SEToolbox.exe. It keeps prompting that it can't find the SE application, even though the path given is the correct one. Trying to browse to the same and correct path leaves the "Continue" button disabled,
    so I can't click it even though the red symbol with the white X disappeared from the prompt window after browsing for the application.
  10. midspace Senior Engineer

    I have released an update to fix this.
    If it continues to be an issue with the new version, please inform me.
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  11. Don Jacobs Junior Engineer

    SE Toolbox is throwing an exception with the new release.

    2017-08-24 10:31:00,967 [1] FATAL SEToolbox.Support.DiagnosticsLogging [(null)] - Unhandled Exception
    Application: C:\Program Files (x86)\MidSpace\SEToolbox\SEToolbox.exe
    CommandLine: "C:\Program Files (x86)\MidSpace\SEToolbox\SEToolbox.exe"
    CurrentDirectory: C:\Program Files (x86)\MidSpace\SEToolbox
    SEBinPath: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\SpaceEngineers\Bin64
    SEBinVersion: 1.183.100
    ProcessorCount: 8
    OSVersion: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
    Version: 4.0.30319.42000
    Is64BitOperatingSystem: True
    IntPtr.Size: 8
    IsAdmin: False
    CurrentUICulture: en-US
    2017-08-24T10:24:55.3071828-05:00	21,554,224		HavokWrapper.dll
    2017-06-02T07:49:12.0000000-05:00	498,176	2014.2.17.1	HelixToolkit.Wpf.dll
    2015-11-23T08:03:56.0000000-06:00	200,704	ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:55.3702018-05:00	34,864	InfinarioSDK.dll
    2017-03-08T17:26:22.0000000-06:00	276,480	log4net.dll
    2016-06-14T15:20:35.5845452-05:00	660,128	12.00.21005.1 built by: REL	msvcp120.dll
    2016-06-14T15:20:35.5845452-05:00	963,232	12.00.21005.1 built by: REL	msvcr120.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:56.4026885-05:00	68,144	Sandbox.Common.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.1243233-05:00	6,706,224	Sandbox.Game.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:56.5342037-05:00	364,592	Sandbox.Graphics.dll
    2017-08-23T17:11:38.0000000-05:00	1,304,064	SEToolbox.exe
    2017-06-02T07:49:12.0000000-05:00	745		SEToolbox.exe.config
    2017-06-20T18:09:16.0000000-05:00	29,184	SEToolbox.ImageLibrary.dll
    2017-08-23T17:11:36.0000000-05:00	7,680	SEToolbox.ImageShaders.dll
    2017-08-23T17:11:38.0000000-05:00	2,160,128		SEToolbox.pdb
    2017-08-23T16:23:24.0000000-05:00	51,712	SEToolboxUpdate.exe
    2017-08-24T10:24:56.7487793-05:00	269,872	3.1.0	SharpDX.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:56.9212991-05:00	413,232	SpaceEngineers.Game.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:56.9182983-05:00	55,856	SpaceEngineers.ObjectBuilders.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.7610931-05:00	11,238,448	SpaceEngineers.ObjectBuilders.XmlSerializers.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.1243233-05:00	683,568		SteamSDK.dll
    2017-08-17T10:46:07.4042672-05:00	242,976	steam_api64.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.1763312-05:00	302,128	System.Data.SQLite.dll
    2013-03-09T16:25:10.0000000-06:00	39,936	2.0.20525.0	System.Windows.Interactivity.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.1768317-05:00	22,576	VRage.Ansel.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.2291583-05:00	73,776	VRage.Audio.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.2986668-05:00	446,000	VRage.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.2981673-05:00	1,032,752	VRage.Game.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.5335639-05:00	3,369,008	VRage.Game.XmlSerializers.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.4085480-05:00	97,328	VRage.Input.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.4085480-05:00	668,208	VRage.Library.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.4470535-05:00	520,752	VRage.Math.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.4835579-05:00	78,384		VRage.Native.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.4840579-05:00	105,008	VRage.OpenVRWrapper.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.5340641-05:00	327,216	VRage.Render.dll
    2017-08-24T10:24:57.5340641-05:00	914,992	VRage.Render11.dll
    2015-06-29T00:00:10.0000000-05:00	71,168	2.3.2	WPFLocalizeExtension.dll
    2016-05-04T23:32:16.0000000-05:00	27,648	1.2.2	XAMLMarkupExtensions.dll
    System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'SEToolbox.Interop.SpaceEngineersCore' threw an exception. ---> System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[VRage.MyLanguagesEnum,VRage.MyTexts+LanguageDescription]' to type 'System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.Int32,VRage.MyTexts+LanguageDescription]'.
      at SEToolbox.Support.ReflectionUtil.GetStaticField[T](Type type, String fieldName)
      at SEToolbox.Interop.SpaceEngineersApi.AddLanguage(MyLanguagesEnum id, String cultureName, String subcultureName, String displayName, Single guiTextScale, Boolean isCommunityLocalized) in D:\Development\GitHub\SEToolbox\Main\SEToolbox\SEToolbox\Interop\SpaceEngineersApi.cs:line 319
      at SEToolbox.Interop.SpaceEngineersApi.LoadLocalization() in D:\Development\GitHub\SEToolbox\Main\SEToolbox\SEToolbox\Interop\SpaceEngineersApi.cs:line 267
      at SEToolbox.Interop.SpaceEngineersCore..ctor() in D:\Development\GitHub\SEToolbox\Main\SEToolbox\SEToolbox\Interop\SpaceEngineersCore.cs:line 55
      at SEToolbox.Interop.SpaceEngineersCore..cctor() in D:\Development\GitHub\SEToolbox\Main\SEToolbox\SEToolbox\Interop\SpaceEngineersCore.cs:line 22
      --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
      at SEToolbox.Interop.SpaceEngineersCore.LoadDefinitions()
      at SEToolbox.CoreToolbox.Load(String[] args) in D:\Development\GitHub\SEToolbox\Main\SEToolbox\SEToolbox\CoreToolbox.cs:line 181
      at SEToolbox.App.OnStartup(Object sender, StartupEventArgs e) in D:\Development\GitHub\SEToolbox\Main\SEToolbox\SEToolbox\App.xaml.cs:line 94
      at System.Windows.Application.OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)
      at System.Windows.Application.<.ctor>b__1_0(Object unused)
      at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
      at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
  12. midspace Senior Engineer

    Version 01.181.100 Release 1 is up. Download the latest from here.
    • Fix support for latest Space Engineers

    I have been doing a lot of work under the covers to support Multi-lingual resources from the game, but the Chinese content does not appears to be working currently. I will need time to investigate and fix.
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  13. midspace Senior Engineer

    I've started on efforts to get SEToolbox to be localised in German and Simplified Chinese.
    To achieve this, I have uploaded the current English texts to Ackuna for Crowdsource translation.

    If you wish to either participate or know of other people who would like to help in translating SEToolbox, then please forward them the following links.


    P.S. Ackuna is also apparently also set up to pay translators for their services. I'm not sure how this works. I don't think they pay for translations on Crowdsource projects, but if you are a savvy multilingual person, there are opportunities.
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  14. Artax Trainee Engineer

    When 1.184.5 patch broke the game for many people you could roll back to the 1.184.1 beta, and by editing the sandbox file AppVersion in a save folder and run SEToolbox to fix whatever else needed to be fixed. Now SEToolbox throws an error when you roll back to the beta so you can't fix the save file to run on an earlier version.

    Since 1.184.6 there doesn't seem to be a way to use SEToolbox on beta versions of the game. It would be nice to be able to roll back SEToolbox as well so this isn't a problem.
  15. Roxette Senior Engineer

    To be fair, it causes individuals like midspace a lot more problems having non-current versions easily available on github. If you keep the installation file you download, it's trivial to uninstall one version and reinstall an older one when needed. You can even have multiple segregated instances of different versions of the game and toolbox concurrently. It's essential if you need or want to maintain running older versions of the game for whatever reason :)
  16. midspace Senior Engineer

    All older versions of SEToolbox since January 2016 are available to download at any time.
  17. kevinc Trainee Engineer

    Hi... new computer, new account, old player (5758 hours per Steam).

    I've historically used SEToolbox to find lost ships, stop wildly rotating ships, etc.

    Seems like large asteroids are gone now, so decided to try to add one unsuccessfully:

    1) I went in game and created a "Cheat" savefile, then exited game.
    2) Opened SEToolbox, did a File->Open->Cheat.
    3) Clicked Create->Generate Asteroid Field.
    4) Clicked Add Random until I saw a hopebase512 (previous google implied that was the largest). It was created 23.9km from me, outside my 15km view radius.
    5) Cleared the other newly created asteroids
    6) Saved the file
    7) Opened game, created a GPS coord per SEToolbox, and flew there.
    8) Observered my GPS in empty space....

    I noticed the other asteroids in the save file have bounding sizes, where hopebase512 is 0x0x0

    Am I doing something wrong? Rather miss the rare old really big rocks you could build huge bases in.
  18. midspace Senior Engineer

    Hi kevinc,

    The Asteroid file format changed a while ago, and I haven't fixed the issue yet.
    Please see the following for more details, and on a work around:
  19. kevinc Trainee Engineer

  20. Cetric Junior Engineer

    Will it be possible to integrate a renaming function in SE toolbox, in particular for planets? Just a suggestion. I am kind of sick of stock names of imported (mod) planets, especially when you have more than one of the same in your world, plus the numbers for generated asteroids. I'd like to have some creativity options for me there.
  21. Gideon Schwalbe Trainee Engineer

    Hi, i havent read through all 60 pages of replies, so it mightve been asked before, but is there an Option to have an "odd Symmetrie" when importing 3d models? like already having a block as Center, because esp. smaller craft has a 2 block Center which is not so great to put a Cockpit into.. if not, could this be added?
  22. Tharatan Trainee Engineer

    Hi, I'm trying to generate a "world> report all resources" report within SE Toolbox to verify the ore amounts/distributions when setting up an economy mod, but the planetary ores don't seem to be displaying. I'm running it through the GUI (not command line) and I'm not actually seeing a category in the output dialog for planets, just asteroids. Is this still a developed/supported feature, and is there a way to get it to display planetary ore amounts?

    I'm trying to scan a 100km-diameter version of this planet: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1292248543
  23. midspace Senior Engineer

    I haven't in the past, because planets and asteroids are also files. There is a potential conflict if you try to rename planetA to planetB and planetB to planetA. I'd have to put checks in to prevent overwriting existing names.

    There is no odd symmetry setting currently. I've been avoiding enhancing the voxel conversion because it is very complex already.

    Dynamic entities such as all planets and dynamic asteroids are generated in game using random seeds, algorithms and map files that are scaled to the planet. I don't have any details on how to interpret what their contents and materials are. This is why they are not on the resource report.
  24. SchlauFuchs Trainee Engineer


    I tried to import a ship model from .3ds format with version 1.186.29 - but all it does is consume all memory, then die.
  25. WraithLeader1 Apprentice Engineer

    I used SEToolbox in Windows 7, no problems. Now under Windows 10.. It throws the error 'The Space Engineers application could not be located. Please specify the location of the Space Engineers Application file.'
    I've tried several times to point it to my .EXE file - no go. any help?
  26. SchlauFuchs Trainee Engineer

    Maybe that is an permission issue - works for me on windows 10. Can you post the path to the exe file for us?
  27. midspace Senior Engineer

    If you upgraded your computer:
    Make sure you have the latest version of Space Engineers, and have used Steam's "Verify Integrity of game files".
    Make sure you have the latest version of SEToolbox.
    If you do, then you may need to Repair it, by running the .msi installation again, and clicking "Repair" when prompted.
  28. Bungeetaco Trainee Engineer

    Hi there,

    First post because I wanted to report a bug (or is it a feature? idk).
    Since SE updated, I've been getting this error message when trying to load up my 6 month old savefile in the Toolbox:


    Here's my savegame and the Windows Event viewer log if that's helpful:

    Savegame: http://bungeetaco.com/uploads/SatEarth.zip
    Event Viewer Log:
  29. midspace Senior Engineer

    Hi Bungeetaco,
    It appears you're still using an old version of SEToolbox.
    There were some significant changes to the game last month which required an update to SEToolbox to remain compatible.

    As always, please download the latest version from here:

    If anyone is interested, I'm looking for help to translate SEToolbox to Chinese and German.
  30. Bungeetaco Trainee Engineer

    Wow, I guess this was such a simple fix that I didn't think about doing an update before going through all of this. I'm so sorry for wasting your time ._.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, and for making and maintaining this tool. It saves me hours in cutting down blocks and parts :).
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