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Custom Importer/Editor tool - SEToolbox

Discussion in 'Modding Guides and Tools' started by midspace, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. szymek24 Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for the tip, I just made registry key manually
  2. midspace Senior Engineer

    Version 01.021.029 Release 1 is up. See link at top.
    • Improved details on all objects, asteroids, ships.
    • New convert framework percentages between 0% and 100%.
    • Option to re-orient Station to main axis. Useful after converting ship to station.
    • Ability to edit the position of any ship, asteroid or player (that isn't a pilot).
    So, blueprints aren't yet ready for Survival Mode.
    Using SEToolbox, you can take your ship, and convert the Build Framework back to 0.05%, which is the equivalent to a new ship.
    The will give you the feel of what it takes to build large ships in Survival mode.
  3. midspace Senior Engineer

    So, Space Engineers has 250,000 copies sold, and the previous release of SEToolbox had 426 downloads (the most for any one release).
    That makes 0.17% of the player base.

    Thanks everyone for making use of the Space Engineers Toolbox. I do really hope it helps everyone.
    And please remember to leave feed back!
  4. Kryjeck Apprentice Engineer

    I myself use this a lot Midspace. Thank you for making such an awesome tool. It's great when I can start a world, fire this up, and add/subtract what I want with it.
  5. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    awesome tool, a must have, keep up the good work.
  6. Tontow Apprentice Engineer

    I'm still waiting for your sub system editor. :D
  7. Xocliw Public Relations Staff

    Thanks for all your hard work Midspace. The last update was much appreciated :). I'm trying to get more people to use this awesome tool.

    Check out my post: http://forums.keenswh.com/post/something-you-may-want-to-do-in-survival-6803923?pid=1281956033#post1281956033

    Keep up the great work!
  8. Atollski Trainee Engineer

    Great stuff Midspace! This program is a work of art.
  9. radam Senior Engineer

    For some reason it throws some interlop API exeption when trying to open a window to open worlds.. Then closes.
  10. midspace Senior Engineer

    This is the first point the Toolbox tries to load Space Engineers data.

    Are you using any mods?
    Is your version of Space Engineers the normal Steam version, or a Developer/Tester version?
  11. radam Senior Engineer

    I think I have reinstalled SE just a day ago. Moved it from one disk to another. Reinstalling the toolbox aswell. No mods, normal steam version. I also validated it just now.

    Tho I do have like 600mb of saves in there.

    Hmm, ive cleaned the old SE folder where only thing left was a changed background. Now it says I dont have SE installed. Where do the toolbox saves its config files?
  12. midspace Senior Engineer

    SEToolbox doesn't use config files (currently).
    Everything it needs it determines from your registry.

    Please see the following regarding SEToolbox unable to detect Space Engineers.
  13. radam Senior Engineer

    Yeah works now. Thanx.
  14. anders w Apprentice Engineer

    Importing Asteroids:
    • Import stock asteroids from Space Engineers folder. Change the base material to any ore!
    • Import pre-made asteroids from a selection I've made.
    • Import asteroids directly from other save worlds (or worlds downloaded from the Steam Workshop).
    • Import your own!
    • Generate an entire random asteroid field.

    my own asteroids... ???

    how do i do that???

    can i create my own .vox files somehow???

    by the way been playing around withe the minerwars game files since its the same engine.

    it has tons of different asteroids ready to be coppied to the space engineers folder and used in game with this awesome tool.
  15. anders w Apprentice Engineer

    id like to make a note that this tool is perfect for online game optimisation.. use it all the time on my online survival games..
  16. Skribble Trainee Engineer


    Just wanted to say thanks for creating and releasing such an awesome tool.
    Atleast now we have longevity for those online survival games :D
  17. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Yep, I use this all the time Midspace, thanks a million. Tho lately I've been more on the survival and needed it less, but its still the most important tool in my space engineering tool box :cool:

    Just in case you have need of future features. Here's few I would use.

    - Ability to print out a blueprint of a ship out of the world. I know we can copy and paste to another toolbox, but a seperate tap that could show copies of your ships saved in a different location. That could be then added in a different world. Tho something like this mite be in the game at some point too, unless the original blueprint tap was a hint of current component blueprints.

    - 3D world view. Would be nice to see what is where. Maybe even a possibility to drag and drop ships into a different location. Tho I don't have a clue if that's even a possibility. It just sounds neat :)
  18. mcfly31153@gmail.com Trainee Engineer

    Amazing dude, great work!
  19. timairborne Trainee Engineer

    Is there any way you could allow texture files to color ships like you do with your flat pictures?
  20. Atheos Trainee Engineer

    I get an error when clicking the "Open" button. Could this be due to the recent patch?
  21. radam Senior Engineer

    Was there ever an update that didnt require an update of the toolbox?
  22. Atheos Trainee Engineer

    I have no idea, I only started using this program yesterday.
  23. radam Senior Engineer

    Oh welcome to SE :D
  24. Atheos Trainee Engineer

    Thank you!
  25. docendox Trainee Engineer

    Great tool, got to play around with it for about 1 hour before the update. Made it possible to spread out some asteroids here and there and make the sector feel bigger. Also love the ability to delete stuff thats no longer in use floating away taking up memory.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to work on this, will recommend it to my friends :)
  26. midspace Senior Engineer

    Version 01.023.013 Release 1 is up. See link at top.
    • KSH have changed some names (file and namespace) around breaking SEToolbox as a result. This update takes all the new names into account.
    • Added breakdown on Asteroid details, showing amount of ore in each.
    • Added delayed load in Asteroid details, to keep the initial load of the 'world' as fast as possible.
    • Fixed double click issue on Load Dialog.
  27. midspace Senior Engineer

    I've been trying to find out how much ore in an Asteroid is converted into ore when mined, but the amounts seem to vary wildly.
    The hope is at some stage, you can verify there is enough ore in the 'world' to build a specific ship/station before you start. I'm not sure KSH has thought that far ahead as yet.

    I've been working on importing 3d Models into SE as asteroids.
    There have been some issues however making me reluctant. How the volumes on the Asteroid are calculated are far more precise, allowing for a smoother appearance. I've yet to determine a reasonable way to covert a 3D model, and retain an accurate shape. The current results are blocky, and IMO, ugly. See my Buddha statue in the workshop for an example.
    Also, Asteroids currently don't have any sort of orientation. Once created, they're direction is fixed. I'm hope KSH allow a change in orientation sometime soon.
    I had a thought about writing something to convert a ship/station into an asteroid, to create a 'this is a Billion year old derelict' feel.

    As in hardcopy on paper? Or just softcopy detailed report?
    I've been trying to work up to a detailed breakdown of ship components, from start to finish, including inventories. I started with the asteroids first though ;)

    It's beyond my current aims for the Toolbox at the moment. I'm anticipating that KSH will create a full featured editor in SE as they go along however, that should include something like this.

    I've been experimenting with reading the textures, however I haven't had much luck. It might be the models I'm working with don't have any texture detail.

    Yes, and it's fixed now!

    Only when KSH make breaking changes, like renaming files! :rolleyes:
  28. ozarkamax Junior Engineer

    midspace, do you think perhaps the file name changes could be causing the crash to desktop when looting a cargo ship gun/tool ?

    I know off topic. but that is driving me nuts.
  29. midspace Senior Engineer

    Apologies to to those looking for the .MSI installer. I've now added it to the Release.
  30. midspace Senior Engineer

    I'm guessing it an issue with getting the Factions code working.
    I haven't seen anything in the save file to indicate factions working as yet, which kind of seems strange.

    There are a few new objects in the save format though, like an AutoPilot module, which resided in the Cockpit after it's spawned.

    I've suggested to removing it first to see if it helps.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.