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Custom Model creation confusion

Discussion in 'Modding' started by captainbladej52, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    Decided to take a crack at modding for this game and creating a few blocks I've wanted to see in game for a bit. One of the items i wanted to create was a different type of electrical thruster. Instead of simply recycling one of Keen's models I wanted to create my own model and such. The bits of info I have found were chaotically organized and ended up confusing me more than actually helping me. This is where I'm hoping some folks here are able to help me out.

    So far I have a basic shape for how I want said thruster to look as well as a construction stage put together in blender. I also have some textures that I would like to use as well and know how I want the overall finished products to look. Getting it all put together is where the confusion is coming into play. I might find a page that says do X Y Z and I'm good to go, and another page may say do A B C contradicting the previous page. In other words my brain feels like an unassembled piece of IKEA furniture that's being slammed into the wall repeatedly.

    I have a basic shape drawn out in blender, and I have stuff I would like to use as textures. So the big question I have basically is how do I put it all together to get my thruster into the game? I have access to Blender, Adobe Photoshop 2012 and Gimp if that information helps. For safety sake assume that I don't know anything beyond putting parts together in Blender.
  2. Takeshi Apprentice Engineer

    maybe you didnt find this:
    I am using it with an older version of blender because there is a problem with scale on my side with the current version.
    Welcome to modding and dont give up, it takes a while to see results and you will start to ask you: why, why, why, Keeeeeen
  3. AbeAlpha Trainee Engineer

    Better take a look at this

    I've been trying for more than 30 hours to create a cube like this
    and I still can not get the textures to show in the game

    "time is not valuable for a world full of ignorance"
  4. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    I actually didn't see that pluggin for space engineers to blender. holy crap that's going to be a life saver. Much appreciated folks, will see how well this works for me. If it gives you guys a laugh i'm already facedesking so we're good on that one lols. hopefully soon i'll have the thrusters up and running.
  5. AbeAlpha Trainee Engineer

    I finally got it. I followed this reference -->
  6. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    @Takeshi slight followup question for you dude. I've got the addon mostly configured. One of the things it mentions is the Havok Content Tools, such as the FBX importer and the Standalone Filter Manager. Do I need those and if so where do I get the correct version?
  7. Takeshi Apprentice Engineer

    i try to remember, but i think there was nothing special to install for the havok. The blender addon is creating the collision model too, if you define it, see the layer definitions.
    I think you found this: http://harag-on-steam.github.io/se-blender/
    Just try to follow it, i know it is not easy to stay on the road until you get the first model into the game, and you need more time to give them a texture and dont have it pink.
    One hint from me (i was going crazy because wrong shadowing on the texture): apply to scale and apply to position fixes problems with wierd texture and wrong placed collision models.
    And some changes need a complete restart of SE, reload with F5 is not enough.
    have fun
  8. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    much appreciated for the helps so far folks. Been able to make a good bit of progress. The videos and guides have helped tremendously. Big question I have now involves the mount points and may be a bit of a stupid question. In the guide it mentions that I can smack a button and have it poof up 6 mount points for me that are aligned to the six sides of the block using the MountPoint material. I found the button for the 6 mount points however the big issue is I don't want to have mount points on all 6 sides, cause well thruster and that would be kind of bad lols. If for example I slap a basic rectangular plane on there and then just bs a Material called MountPoint, will that work or do I have to go through that button that makes the 6 points for me? If I do have to go through the button that makes the 6 sides, how do I remove the 6th unneeded side?
    --- Automerge ---
    Okay I'm pretty sure I've since figured out the mount points, at least I hope so. Pretty sure I'm screwing up the textures at this point now. The video above on the exporting did little more than confuse the crap out of me to be honest since it doesn't utilize the addon. The addon itself has been great so far. There's multiple textures I'm looking to utilize for the different faces of the thruster. I have a sci-fi esque texture I'm looking to use as the body of the thruster, along with a metalic looking texture for a ring around the thruster nozzel, and a sort of metalic mesh for the nozzel itself where the flame is supposed to shoot out. Using the addon how exactly would I apply the different textures to the correct facings and such?

    The guide linked by by you Takeshi gives some information about it but doesn't give the greatest amount of detail as to what I'm supposed to put in each of those slots it mentions. I've gotten as far as I need to swap it over to the Cycles Renderer for that part and convert materials to nodes.

    Feel like I'm making a good bit of progress, just slow going. The games I'm used to trying to mod for are far older than SE, like early 2000s circa 2001-2004. So far the modeling part of this has been the most irritating part of it. The coding part such as balancing thrust and component costs will be child's play compared to this. I've been taking notes because I still have a bigger version of this thruster to do after this. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment.
  9. Takeshi Apprentice Engineer

    To create the mountpoints i mostly use existing examples, the same for the mirror setings. The reason for that is, that i use subtiype ids they are not the same like the modelnames, maybe there is also another reason. I am happy that i can create and insert models in the game, so i dont change my kind of using it.

    For the texture, i create subfolders like the game has, starting on the level the modelfile is placed.
    Textures/Models/Cubes/(here i place copys from the gametextures, `*_add.DDS, *_cm.DDS, *_ng.DDS, linking the nodes to this files and SE is looking into the right game folders to find the textures, you dont need them in the mod [only if you use game textures, maybe is good to start with them])
    Models/modelname/(blender is placing the exportet files here and i move the manualy to the modfolder)
    in my case this folders are only to create the models, for the mod itself i have a folder at the mod section.

    Maybe its too much and i hope it is not confusing you, i will just help because i remember, for me the start to modding was terible.
  10. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    I got the file structure taken care of the best I know how. I was also able to get the textures at least loaded into blender as they're supposed to be so woot, progress. There's 3 different materials I'm wanting to use for the parts of the thruster and I at least have them in the file now. I tried applying the textures to the correct facings individually, but they all came out as a jumbled mess on the texture view. What am I screwing up for them to come out a jumbled mess?
  11. Takeshi Apprentice Engineer

    i am using mostly the DDS-textures from Keen, they are not visible at Blender (on my side).
    Check out the stuff around unwrap to place/align the textures, there is much to make wrong.
  12. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    okay so the good news, it's ready to export finally. The bad news is that it's giving me an error saying to check the log. "MwmBuilder failed without an appropriate exit code." When I check the log it gives me this collection of stuff here:

    System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string.
    Parameter name: startIndex
    at System.String.Substring(Int32 startIndex, Int32 length)
    at MwmBuilder.MyModelBuilder.Build(String filename, String intermediateDir, String outputDir, MyModelConfiguration configuration, Byte[] havokCollisionShapes, Boolean checkOpenBoundaries, Single[] lodDistances, Boolean overrideLods, Func`2 getMaterialByRef, IMyBuildLogger logger)
    at MwmBuilder.ProgramContext.ProcessItem(ItemInfo item, String outputDir, Byte[] havokCollisionShapes, Boolean checkOpenBoundaries, Single[] lodDistances, Boolean overrideLods)
    at MwmBuilder.ProgramContext.ProcessFile(String file, String outputDir, Dictionary`2 defaultVars, Boolean exportXml, Boolean forceBuild, Boolean checkOpenBoundaries, String lodDistances, Boolean overrideLods)
    at MwmBuilder.ProgramContext.ProcessFileSafe(String file)

    what exactly am I missing? I'm assuming that I've misplaced something by the looks of it here.
  13. Takeshi Apprentice Engineer

    did you use the default builder or are you following the manual and use an older builder? I dont know if the problem with the builder is fixed, but i think not.
    Check this, searched for "startIndex cannot be larger than length of string" at the forum: https://forums.keenswh.com/posts/1287049589/
  14. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    So you were right, I did a stupid and didn't set the program to use the older builds :woot:. So the good news is that I can now get the models to export and such thanks to your help good sir. The slight bit of bad news is that it's still giving me fits with my mount points and says "no mount points specified" even though I created the material and such. The other bit of good news is that I'm able to have it create the mount point material and such by clicking the button and just adjusting the mount points in the definition file by hand. A bit more intensive to do it that way but it works for me so no complaints I suppose.

    I believe now all I really need to do is add on the fun bits of code to turn it into a fully functional thruster and then balancing. Much appreciated folks for the help so far, she's coming along rather nicely. Hopefully I'll have a finished product pretty soon.
  15. owring Trainee Engineer

    I hate this sh**. New mwm builder crashes, old mwm builder can't compile texture path in mwm. No collision, bad size etc. Finally i create this fail map. Screw this...
  16. Takeshi Apprentice Engineer

    Imagine how overfilled the workshop would be, if anyone could mod this game.
    Nice work with the fail map, but i think its not complete.
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  17. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @Takeshi true, imagine how many more re-uploads of others work would be on there as well. :)