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Cutting a Tunnel

Discussion in 'General' started by Keten Kennek, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Keten Kennek Trainee Engineer

    I got an issue...
    I'm playing a survival (single, vanilla) scenario starting on Earthlike. I decided to attempt to build a Tunnel Building Machine (steam workshop- not mine) and cut through the mountain where my pod landed.

    This mountain is @ 8km in diameter, so this challenge is daunting at the least.

    After the first 3.5km, I ran out of max grid size. I ended the grid, made a new tunnel-merged with the original tunnel, and started again.

    Now, I am an additional @2km in, and everything is grinding to a halt. I am down to 5 FPS, drills will not cut the stone, rotors wont work, pistons wont push, etc... I even tried to voxel-hand a tunnel, but the 5 FPS is even making that impossible. I don't understand this complete collapse of world physics.

    I really want to cut and lay this tunnel (lake on the other side) for both gameplay and practical reasons.

    I am frustrated and disappointed. I don't understand how people can make space elevators and deep-drills when I can't make a 8km tunnel. The TBM lays @80 blocks every 10m, I like the practicality and style of this tunnel, and want to complete this project. I welcome any suggestions on getting this tunnel built

    Please and Thank You.
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  2. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    I tried the same thing a couple months ago. No TBM, just voxel hand. Long story short, altering a planet (or asteriod) makes the game, and your computer, work harder. You don't notice it with asteroids because they're small. When you remove voxels, the game has to "remember" that so it can render it for anyone nearby. Otherwise the game can just ignore anything under the surface.

    I don't know what the answer is. Perhaps if you are using a high-end gaming machine or a server it's not an issue. Personally I gave up on the idea and built a rail line out in the open.

    More scenic ;)
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  3. Keten Kennek Trainee Engineer

    Thank you for the info. This makes me very sad. I have a fairly good gaming PC, and it seems that the game got 100x better when I ended the grid and started a new one.
    Thanks for the info.
    --- Automerge ---
    I really dont want to give up on my beautiful 5.5km tunnel. Are there any ways to make this work?
    It seems that blowing a big hole, and making an oasis bought me an extra 2km of tunnel. Everything got fast again, and then started crawling.
    I just wish I knew why...
  4. J-Cataclism Apprentice Engineer

    Hey, Keten... have you tried just to turn off the post effects and all that stuff in the graphics options? In my gameplays, at least, digging relatively-large tunnels have a way better performance when I turn a lot of graphics stuff off.
  5. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    Screen shot of the tunnel and grid(s) please.
  6. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Computer specs and Task Manager process view please. ;)
  7. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Shoe size and allergies please. :p
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  8. Timotei~ Apprentice Engineer

    This may not be the solution but I myself have made a couple of tunnels in my current survival world. Ranging from 2km to 5km each and I'm having no lag or low simspeed for now.
    For unrelated reasons, I'm hosting my world in a local dedicated server (in the same machine). Maybe that's what's helping my simspeed.
    Otherwise, I may suggest some troubleshoots:
    1. Are you using projectors to build your tunnel? If yes, try to deactivate all of them and see what happen.
    2. Maybe try deactivating airtightness in world options and see if it help.
    3. Try cutting your rail once every 1-2 km and see if it help. You can still link them with connectors if needed (I use personally use rotors for that).
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  9. Keten Kennek Trainee Engineer

    Update on my tunnel: I quit with total length exceeding 6km. I had approximately 5.5 km remaining to bring me through the mountain. I exceeded max grid sizes 3x, and ultimately max world block limits (had to turn off).

    I nerfed all video settings and detail to the lowest settings, resulting in 110+ fps and 0.15 sim speed. Drills sat there spinning for 10 min with no stone cut. Every movement deeper resulted in Klang giving me a thumbs down.

    Some interesting observations:
    New grids 'reset' the sim speed- but crashed and burned very rapidly.
    Ghost effects appeared in the tunnel. Even after as little as 1km, a completed section of tunnel appeared clogged with stone. However, approaching the 'stone' in the tunnel caused it to disappear.
    Also, in the last 500m of the tunnel, I started getting residual textures. Cut stone left behind it's 'skin'. No stone, no substance, but a permanent 'skin' that would not go away.

    Anyway. I'm sad. Another single player megaproject failure. Mostly done in full survival. Only went to creative when Klang required it.

    Update: Started a new survival-Earthlike. Survival pod landed me on a pole! No real night, no real day. Panels generate little/nothing, but ice everywhere. Minerals are plentyful.
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  10. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    I landed on earthlike's pole and found uranium within one kilometer
  11. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Say it ain’t so!!!
  12. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    True story. I wasn't even looking. Just wanted to establish an outpost on the pole.

    I'm calling it the North pole because when you stand in the hemisphere and look "south" the sun rises on your left (East) and sets on your right (West). A recent HUD compass script I loaded agrees with my assessment. However, the coordinate system seems to disagree. Nonetheless, earthlike's poles are easy to find since the map's origin is in the center of that planet (If you are using Solar System map).
  13. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @Stardriver907 what if this Earth-like is more Venus-like and rotates in the opposite direction???? :woot:

    (Just having fun...I know the planets in SE do not rotate.)
  14. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Here are some issues you will face. Planet surfaces curve but your grid builds in a straight line. So the further you build the more the grid will skew relative to the direction of gravity. When building your grid, you can separate your grids into smaller grids. When your grid seems to be getting a little long, you can drop in two connectors facing each other within the existing grid. Then lock them together. Make sure the connectors or at least one block on each side of the connector is embedded in voxels (so they remain static grids). Then cut the grid apart leaving the connectors. You can replace cube blocks with ramps so the grids touch but don't lock to each other. I would also include one battery in each grid in case you accidentally disconnect the connectors and want to lock them again.

    You'll end up with a series of grids back to back. It's possible, if you're clever enough to slightly angle the connectors to compensate for the planet curve. But that's going to take some fine placement.
  15. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    Well, I have been experimenting with standards and procedures for encountering a planetary system and establishing both a colony and a mining claim. The procedure starts with establishing an outpost on the North pole. From there I prospect for ore. When I find a deposit I start digging and establish a mine.

    What I discovered is that my small grid wheeled miner fills to capacity in less than five minutes. The ore needs to get back to the outpost but it's like 8 kilometers away. That's a long drive for five minutes worth of drilling. My next thought was to create a big wheeled ore carrier that would drive itself back and forth from the mine to the outpost. Sadly, the auto pilot still does not know what a wheel suspension is. The only other way I could think of to have wheeled vehicles move the loads unattended was to build a rail system.

    My method for laying track (which is just armor blocks) involves digging a trench. This is a large-scale removal of voxels that I was sure would end up chocking my computer. Well, I dug the trench anyway and by golly the computer didn't seem to mind. So now I want to continue South and see how much rail I can lay before the game can't take it any more.

    I would not be surprised to learn that digging large and/or long tunnels is discouraged by either a deliberate method or a deliberate decision to not fix whatever causes the issues you described and that I also experienced when I made my tunnel attempt. For the moment I am ok with it because the overland rail is more scenic ;).