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Dedicated Server Config Settings Documentation?

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by LoneGunman, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. LoneGunman Trainee Engineer

    I was wondering, I've looked around before and just now and I don't see any official documentation delineating all the settings in the .sbc config file that an admin would need to configure a DS.

    Is there one that I'm just missing or are there plans to implement one? The best I've seen is a post from 2017 where someone (not a KSH employee) documented their settings.

    I just get tired of having to figure it out every time. When there's a new release, I've got to create a new world on my local, save it, crack open the .sbc file and compare it to my DS's one to see what's been added. And release notes don't always explain options/changes to settings.

    The way I figure it, there should be a commented .sbc file that's part of the code base and that gets updated with each change that affects the config settings (for vanilla obviously). At the very least that'll ensure there's an easy reference to both know what settings need to be there and what value ranges are considered acceptable/normal.