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[Dedicated Server, Survival] Client loses ability to place new blocks and complete existing ones

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by kgober, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. kgober Trainee Engineer

    This started happening with the Visuals / Audio / Wheels major update (1.186.0) and yesterday's patch (1.186.031) did not fix it.

    I have been playing on a dedicated server in survival mode. When I go to add half-blocks to a grid (in this case, it's a station built into an Asteroid) I can add a few, but then at some point new blocks stop appearing on the client. When this happens, the client can attempt to place new half-blocks and the server appears to know about them, but the client does not display them. The audio effect for placing a new block is heard, and for a "successful" placement your character inventory is reduced, there is just no visual representation of the block on-screen. Also, once this bug is triggered any already-placed but not-yet-completed blocks can be welded but nothing happens visually (components are deducted from inventory as if the block was being built, but nothing changes on-screen -- if the block visually started as a frame it stays that way, and if the block is invisible because it was just placed it can be built but remains invisible).

    Once this has happened, the only fix I have found is to exit the game and rejoin (the game does not have to be completely closed), at which point the client will show the previously-missing blocks.

    It seems that it is the placing of new half-blocks that triggers the problem. I can finish any number of already-existing blocks, but as soon as I start placing new half-blocks it doesn't take long for this behavior to begin.

    More than once, when this happened the Streaming symbol came up and stayed up until I exited/rejoined (it might have always appeared but at the beginning I did not notice). Another time while testing I was able to place many light armor blocks and half light armor blocks without trouble, then after grinding out a block and placing a half-block the problem triggered immediately. It's hard to pin down exactly what's common in all cases so there may be some randomness involved, maybe a race condition somewhere.

    I will update this thread as I get more information about it.
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  2. Michael Dale Trainee Engineer

    I too am having this issue. I have only been placing full blocks and it becomes inconsistent. After a few blocks they will suddenly stop appearing, sometimes one will appear and the next one will not.
    *** Update *** This is chronic on my dedicated server. I can re-create this issue in about 1 Minute everytime I log in. I can place a couple of blocks and then suddenly I get the streaming symbol and the placement of blocks becomes random and inconsistent. If I log off and log back in I can see the blocks that placed but did not show. (I apologize to kgober if he feels like I hijacked his thread I just felt it an appropriate place to post.)
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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  3. Hitmanstar Trainee Engineer

    This problem apears on my dedicated server too. After the newest hotfix 186.033 it is a little better, but still there. Adding blocks on the grid, which are placed in voxel, making this problem worse.
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  4. Michael Dale Trainee Engineer

    It also seems to occur more often when placing blocks partially embedded into voxels. (It may just be coincidence but when placing in the clear more often than not the block will spawn in sometimes, but when a large portion of block is embedded in 'ground' it doesn't spawn in and subsequent blocks don't either then randomly one will. I am also unable to open a door.
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  5. Sarc1942 Trainee Engineer

    Same issue here on my dedicated server.

    I can place blocks fine until the 'Streaming' icon appears on-screen, then the blocks fail to appear, even though it makes the sound when you normally place a block.

    I've noticed that these failed blocks seem to be half in the world. If you try and move through them, they push your character back out of the space (I hope that makes sense).
  6. kgober Trainee Engineer

    I think the problem might be that when you place a block embedded in a voxel, if the block is attached to a previous block (new block outlined in dark green, adjacent block outlined in red) the placement will succeed.

    But if you place a new block without the adjacent block having a red highlight (e.g. by having your crosshairs on the voxel rather than on the adjacent block) that placement will fail visually and no more blocks may be placed (visually) until you exit/rejoin the game. I say "visually" because the block really is being placed server-side because they do consume components from inventory and after exit/rejoin they show up.

    I did not notice the lack of a red highlight on adjacent blocks until today's patch (1.186.033).
    --- Automerge ---
    I did more testing and it seems like I can only get the problem to occur when new blocks placed embedded in voxels snap to the station grid. I tried starting some new games but I have no idea how to turn snap-to-grid on or off (or how it got turned on in my DS game to begin with).

    But it seems that when you place a new block adjacent to another block (and the adjacency is due to snap-to-grid rather than to the crosshairs being on the adjacent block) that's what triggers the bug.
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  7. Sarc1942 Trainee Engineer

    @kgober - just wanted to say thanks for pointing this out, you've allowed my group to play again for the time being. Just like you said, as long as there's a red highlight when you place a block, the problem doesn't occur.
  8. Michael Dale Trainee Engineer

    Sadly that has not been the case on our server, at least not that I have experienced. During a multiplayer game the other night we had multiples of the group were having issues placing blocks. After a server restart it seemed to be OK, perhaps it was related to some of the bugs that have been addressed in this patch. I will Re-post here should it continue to occur for us.
    ** Update ** While It seems that I can 'sometimes' place a block there is definitely an issue still. If I have the Red placement square next to the green square it seems that it will 'place' once the sync issue has started, sometimes. But also it seems that when trying to 'place' a block it will sometimes remove an adjacent block and in one recent case removed an entire line of blocks, but only on the client it would seem because I was unable to 'walk' through the place the blocks had been. The frustrating thing is it will work for some things in some places and then not at all, and then again in another location everything places fine.... The one consistent thing seem to be the 'streaming' message once the issue get triggered initially. But things seem to work OK for the first few blocks pretty consistently.
    The issue also seems to affect functional blocks like pistons and doors. Once things have gone 'off' The pistons do not work and the doors do not work... sometimes it requires a server restart and destroying and rebuilding the item for it to work.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  9. Joachim Benzenhöfer Trainee Engineer

  10. Hitmanstar Trainee Engineer

    we have this "block in block" or "grid in grid" after a round of wild and irritated clicks too. But only after a rejoin, we see the stacking
  11. tranqu Trainee Engineer

    I tried to get back into SE, play survival with a friend, on dedicated server, and the same server on self hosted server.
    Also encountered the exact same problem, the sync symbol keeps continuoulsy showing up (on a new save, just digging into a mountain a few metres, connecting a planetary lander with a merge block to a station).
    restart fixes the problem, until a few voxels get mined or blocks built.
    Really irritating problem.
    Sim speeds are ~1.00 on both servers, so that's fine.
  12. Rhanya Trainee Engineer

    Got the same problem. Sometimes new blocks (doesn't matter if I place them or someone else) are invisible or placed blockeds can't be welded. Only thing that helps is reloging. But the bug will happen again. Somtimes immediately, other times after hours.
    I play multiplayer and the host hasn't this bug.
  13. SlushTrap Trainee Engineer

    same happening here, every 10 minutes or so regardless of what block i place it starts to dissapear even on locally hosted servers, and it gets quite annoying in survival
  14. SlushTrap Trainee Engineer

    apparently i have found a temporary solution: if you use the spectator camera, go far away from the glitched grid so you cannot see it, then teleport back the grid gets rendered again and with some luck you may be able to place blocks or atleast see the grid in whole
  15. Chefkoch Trainee Engineer

    This bug is really annoying. Today he did not fixed it. I hope he fix it next week.
  16. Avengerr Trainee Engineer

    Definitely seeing this in p2p MP. I can also confirm that it appears to be related to placing blocks inside/partially inside voxels (on planets - haven't tested on an asteroid)

    If either I or the friend I play with do this, (I am hosting the save) he gets a streaming issue and all further blocks he attempts to place become invisible to him - though I can see and interact with them.
  17. Telquel Trainee Engineer

    Happens only in mp

    Noticed that when I insert new block to existing grid, if I target that new block to voxel but not to existing grid part it creates new grid for that block and after that bug appears.

    But if I add new block to existing block by targeting the grid even it is on voxels everything seems work without problems. And now new grids wont appear.

    Tested that last night by using control panel on those added blocks. Directly to voxel added blocks looks own grid. Even those added block are right next to existing grid block.
    But blocks added directly to base blocks show right information, even those blocks are connected to voxel ground.

    This maybe badly explained but cant find better way to wear that to words.
  18. hlws Tester Staff

    Hi guys,

    Thank you very much for your feedback. Unfortunatelly I was not able to reproduce the issue, please can you describe some exact steps to reproduce, or maybe attach the world where it is happening? It would be very helpful to find to issue.
  19. Hitmanstar Trainee Engineer

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  20. Franck K. Trainee Engineer

    Hi guys! The host of the server can see blocks which are put by other people but the man who had put the block doesn't see it. However, this bug is completly random. Despite a restart of the server or the deconnexion of players who are concerned, the effect, sometimes, still stays on. And we have an infinite "streaming" which corresponds, i guess, to the data which are send from the host to players when the bug appears. Same thing for block colors (general problem of display)
    Very Annoying :/ Best Regards. Franck.
  21. Chefkoch Trainee Engineer

    This issue is only on Multiplayer

    1.Go on earth
    2. put some warheads on a mountain.
    3. Build a platform in the mountain. ( to get this bug everytime do a platform with a size of 800 or more blocks.)
    4. try to build more blocks that touch the mountain on that platform.
    5. streaming will showing and you can't build anymore.

    Sorry for my bad english I hope you are now able to reproduce that issue.

    Greetz Chefkoch
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  22. Telquel Trainee Engineer

    Got that bug again, tho not sure what triggered it. Tho tested elevator mod, but removed because it did not work. Those pics are taken after mod were removed.
    Anyways there is couple screenshots. Running DS in local lan. There is 3 larger grid next each other. And this battery grid is only that shows that pink box around where blocks snaps to that grid.

    Target to existing grid

    Target to voxel

    Target to voxel 2 edge of grid box

    If you grind down that bugged structure, snapping is not happening anymore.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
  23. Dr Poon Trainee Engineer

    This is also happening to all players on the dedicated server I own run by GTX Gaming.

    In our case, we are on an ice world and have a pretty small base that cannot be added to with new blocks and we cannot build seperate ships etc off the main station grid. The sound is made for placing a block but nothing appears, we also get physics weirdness where it seems 'something' is in the space when you try to move your character into this apparently empty block. Server logs seem not to indicate an issue, and as MP I assume unlikley to be a client side issue (as we all have the problem). Logging helps for about 2 new blocks if that, and then no placing issue happens. We also have constant 'Streaming' icon.
  24. tshaad Trainee Engineer

    I've make video and different tests :

    Work fine for few minutes and bug, or work fine until place blocks on voxel.
    After that it's impossible to place blocks in same grid, but only place blocks in new grid.

    - Suicide not actualise blocks.
    - Reconnect work fine to actualise blocks.
    - Go far away (~3000 meters) work fine to actualise blocks.

    But problem not solved.
    Same problem on local dedicated sever. The only one player than can to play without bug is the host machine, all other players connected to the host player have bug.

    Video :
  25. Michael Dale Trainee Engineer

    Still having the Same issue. Placed blocks are not appearing, when a block is attempted to be placed on a voxel it causes the streaming icon to appear (I dont know if that is relevant) and the block does not appear. If I exit the Server and re-connect the block will be there. If I do not exit and try and build where the phantom block exists nothing happens. If I try and build elsewhere it seems that many times if I am building onto an existing block the block will place fine, that said some elements of my grid do not seem to be connecting with the rest of the base. specifically the Build and Repair Mod Build and Repair Module. This bug has essentially made the game unplayable for me since I only play on multiplayer.
  26. Telquel Trainee Engineer


    EDIT: Tested to make blank Survival DS world without mods, landed on earth like planet, made 7 block long row, cut row so one block left alone and snapping bug and placement problems appeared.

    Noticed when playing alone in my DS that block placing bug appears in Survival DS when you make large grids connected on voxels and divide that grid by cutting the grid that there is two grids.

    Made one block wide row and cut it so that one block left alone and after that all block targeted to voxel started to snap to that certain block until I cut that block off.

    This also triggered block placement bug on earth like planet with my friend who logged in and I made that grid test in moon.

    This is on modded world with following mods (not all in build yet tho)

    681276386 Automated Beam Drill
    219757726 Offical Nano Factory
    491315206 Catwalks Shaostoul
    646796262 Easy Inventory
    472832143 Azimuth Complete Mega Mod Pack
    316190120 Midspace's Admin helper commands
    971228947 Power Cable Blocks
    754173702 [New Version] Stargate Modpack (Server admin block filtering)
    1225107070 HoverEngine
    1101616479 Slope LCD Panels Mod Pack(DX11)
    312976851 (DX11) Eikesters Decorations and more - Part I
    436025957 (DX11) Kolt - Command Console Pack
    643820962 Airlock Block
    1227896597 Armoured_Windows
    817571125 (DX11) Kitchen
    758597413 Text HUD API
    514062285 Build Info - extra block information
    1157796670 Eyes Just Got Clear (1.186 Drugs Are Bad Mkay Update)
    1136188499 Space Just Got Real (1.186 Update 3)
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  27. Telquel Trainee Engineer

    Hello again

    Yesterday started new SP for fun and tested quickly that alignment /snapping thing. Not sure will this make those ghost blocks, should test that later today.

    That block placement snapping thing appears on SP too, easy to repeat.
    Start new game.
    Get the lander on planet.
    Make a row of blocks.
    Cut one block in the row that divides that row to two parts and when you target new block to voxel it will align to that grid even it is not connected to that grid. Also that grid area borders is shown.

    Not sure if that feature or bug. I'm quite sure it is a bug because new blocks that snapping to that grid creates every time new grid.
    If that would be feature those not connected aligned snapped grids should be same grid and there would be button or something to get rid of that alignment to build on that grid area something else that is not aligned to that grid.
  28. kangawroon Trainee Engineer

    I have the same problem on my brand new dedicated server. It seems to be quite random. Very annoying!
  29. Zhiila Tester Staff


    We finally found the issue and it's planned for next major update! (no promises :) )

    It's hard to say if it is same issue for everyone or more similar issues, so I hope it will work for most of you and we will see if the issue will persist for anyone even after the fix.

    Thanks for cooperation on this!
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  30. Mygira Trainee Engineer

    any news about this Bug ? We still have this problem on our dedicated server, and its frustrating if you have every 5min things like that.
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